Heads up: Edge Extended [$2.99] is now free for what we assume will be a limited time. The app is usually $2.99, so you'll be saving a few bucks if you jump on this sale.

Edge Extended, if you're not in the loop, is a re-mix of Edge, which is a block-based puzzle game that tasks you with rolling a cube through dynamic mazes. This version of the game uses a new engine and boasts other bits of unique content including 48 brand new levels and new mechanics to play around with.

Basically, if you like Edge you'll probably dig Extended. We've embedded a video below to give you an idea of what you're about to get into for zero bucks:

  • King hAPPy

    Beautiful, rich soundtrack, never thought moving blocks could look or play so well, well not since I had my seven year old world if wonder imagination and a bucket of Lego. A lot if fun and even if I had paid for it, it would of been worth every penny amplified.

  • Dueler

    Cool I've always wanted this but didn't want to spend money on it xD

    • PureRumble


  • Phoenix24

    After last weeks unnecessary criticism over the Dungelot sale its good to see an early weekend sale notification.

    If this is as good as the first game, I can't wait to try it.

  • garret44

    Definitely grab this while its free!! I paid the full price and don't mind supporting the devs. This and the original are such outstanding games, they should be way more popular

  • The Mad Mule

    I keep forgetting how wonky the controls schemes are.

    • swarmster

      Have to agree. I always loved the style and concept of the Edge games, but the controls were like a brick wall preventing me from enjoying any of it...at least until they added the D-pad option. That seems to be alright (if slightly less cool).

      The default swipe controls I don't think I'll ever understand. It could just be me but I'm pretty sure they're broken.

      • mguniverse

        You are supposed to swipe and hold.

      • swarmster

        Yeah, and it usually goes in the right direction, but then how do you balance on an edge? Stopping your swipe doesn't do it, and I could swear swiping back toward your 'starting point' makes you speed up half the time. Anyway, I'm sure there's some magic to it, but I could never get it to work in a way I would describe as fun. (But, again, with D-pad it's great!)

      • Tranceaholic

        The trick to getting hang time with the swipe controls is to stroke the screen over and over in the direction you want to balance. Swipe a little bit to get off the ground, let go, then swipe again before you touch the ground. It takes practice to get the timing right, but I've gotten up to around 10 seconds hang time so far.

  • homosaur

    This is one of the absolute classics of the App Store going back to nearly the beginning. Like a better version of Marble Madness...

    • Chester_Copperpot

      Sweet, that's the first thing that popped into my head when I watched the video. I had one hell of a love/hate relationship with that game.

    • blackbear219

      I had that same thought. I called it "marble madness for squares". pun intended.

  • andris12345

    I love the the design of this game soo much! The music is good , the graphic style is nice and different.... Wish more puzzle games was like this makes them not as boring...

  • http://pinoyteens.net/ PinoyTeens.Net

    Never played any Edge game thus far, yep, and I didn't wait for them to go on sale either so... but, no excuse for me not to try this one now!

    • http://twitter.com/Wolfcoyote_J James M Wallace

      The Edge games are great on Steam but I've always wondered about the iOS versions. Hopefully the controls won't be an issue once I'm able to purchase it.

  • iPad_2

    Another game Cross finger from same dev is also free till weekend .

  • svenskefan2

    Crashes randomly on My iPhone 4S.
    And yes, the controls are a bit weird.
    Otherwise nice.

  • REkzkaRZ

    This is a great use of 'quick sales' marketing. I'm not the 'target demographic' & wouldn't have paid for it, but when it went free & had so many great reviews, I dloaded. Haven't tried yet, probably not for me -- but the dev's are taking a chance to potentially expand their audience.
    Props for that! & Thanks!

  • demod1

    Audience expanded excavation point! This is a great puzzle game ! now the best thing I can do is to give them a five star rating to pay them back!