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Check Out the Incredible Teaser for ‘Lumino City’, the Sequel to Handcrafted Adventure Game ‘Lume’

Early last year State of Play Games released Lume (Free) on iOS, a touchscreen port of their critically acclaimed PC point-and-click adventure game. It was a brief experience, lasting only about an hour, but it was rewarding all the same and absolutely oozing with whimsy and charm. This was mostly due to the entire game being handcrafted from paper and cardboard and then filmed, a painstaking process I’m sure but one that really made the title stand out. You can check out our review of Lume on iOS for the full details.

However, nearly a year later and State of Play is full steam ahead with the sequel which is called Lumino City. Again, the talented team is dedicated to crafting the entire game from scratch, though with a few new techniques. In an interview with IndieGames, the developers detail how they used motors for some of the moving parts in Lumino City rather than stop-motion, and laser cutting rather than a scalpel which allows for much more precision. See the stunning results for yourself in the first teaser trailer for Lumino City.


Check out the full interview at IndieGames for more photos of the production process and insights from the team, as it really is quite interesting. Lumino City is slated for release this spring on Mac, PC and Linux with iOS versions planned for sometime after, and I absolutely can’t wait. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one and will bring you any more news as it becomes available.