So, the rumors were true; a new 128GB fourth generation iPad with Retina Display is coming. Apple officially announced the new iPad earlier this morning, revealing that it's heading to shelves this coming February 5. It'll come in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular flavors. Black and white will be color options.

“With more than 120 million iPads sold, it’s clear that customers around the world love their iPads, and everyday they are finding more great reasons to work, learn and play on their iPads rather than their old PCs,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

“With twice the storage capacity and an unparalleled selection of over 300,000 native iPad apps, enterprises, educators and artists have even more reasons to use iPad for all their business and personal needs.”

The Wi-Fi model will hit retail at $799 while the Wi-Fi + Cellular configuration will hit at $929.

[via MacRumors]

  • StepwisePilot

    Honestly now, isn't 128gb a bit much?

    • Himmat Singh

      Not when games are already hitting the 2GB threshold on a regular basis! I expect Apple to announce the max d/l size to increase to 4GB in the coming months.

      • cplr

        The 2GB file size limit is I believe due to legacy support for FAT file systems on Windows. The compressed application IPAs can only be as big as the max file size supported by the supported OSes.

      • Gamer_Kev

        FAT32 has a 4g file limit, but most computers these days don't use FAT or FAT32, but rather NTFS which doesn't have such a limit.

      • MidianGTX

        You don't need that many games installed at once, you just think you do. It's a common obsession in this day and age.

      • InfectiousRed

        If Apple had a better game save feature like consoles where you could easily delete your games independent of your saves, people would keep their idevices a lot cleaner. It's Apple's fault.

      • Grimm560

        Yeah cuz I'd rather walk around with 100 CD, DVD, or BLU-Ray games instead of 100 games on a solid state memory drive.

      • hizaira

        you dont NEED an ipad if u want togo down that road. Games r for fun.

    • blakedaking

      How can you complain about more Storage space? That is why they have different models, you think it is too much then you can buy an iPad with small hard drive.

    • jeffyg3

      I'm constantly running out of space on my 64 iPad mini, so hell f'ing no 128gb isn't a bit too much at all. More like a godsend, now I can keep some movies, big gig documents, and games on the device instead of deleting them to make room for other things.

      • xStatiCa

        Agreed. I have mine filled with apps. No music or movies. It would be great to have a few movies on the iPad just sitting there when I want them.

      • Wikilix

        My problem is with all that media (Games, Music & Movies) I forget I have them and they just take up space (the reason why I only have a 16GB iPhone 5)

      • Adams Immersive

        Same here. I could in theory delete some games (probably losing progress) but I'd rather not have to. (If only I could finish one game at a time all the way through this would all be a lot easier!)

    • Bool Zero

      I am maxed with a 64GB. Honestly, I am glad I waited and didn't buy an iPad 4 like I did when I rushed to upgrade to the iPad 3. This is what a lot of folks have been asking for, especially with Apples hardware locked storage capacity that is not present on other comparable devices. In any case, tax return goes to pay off little bills, savings and splurge... I have found my splurge just in time for return season! Well played Apple! Well played!

      Though I will say I am getting tired of this new trend with new hardware iterations every six months... To me it runs the risk of market saturation.

      • PlannedObsolescence

        i wouldn't compare this to an iPad 3 as this is a 4th gen with the extra space. iPad 3 is just an iPad 2 with a retina display so I just went from an iPad 2 to an iPad 4 as they finally got the specs up (iPad 3 actually slower than iPad 2 at some things), both 16GB models, and rarely run out of space. As long as I keep only the few games I'll actually play on it, keep lossless audio to a minimum, i have all kinds of book/comics/music and while i'd like more space, i don't need it enough to pay $100/16GB. i would still have bought the 16GB one even if this had been out (movies, etc, stream so easy from itunes), but it really depends on what you use it for. big games, most of which aren't that great imo, and hd video, eat all the space. nice they offer it for the folks with the money.

    • P Allen

      No I want 128gb and Micro SD I know apple won't do it but this is a good start, 64gb just wasn't enough for me perhaps one day I'll make the same complaint of 128gb.

    • B30


  • Himmat Singh

    So I guess the large iPad release cycles will now be set to the end of the year, and a 5th gen won't be forthcoming in April/May as many had anticipated.

  • Arch Deluxe

    Great, that extra storage will make this my device of choice for watching adult entertainment on the go.

    • Ingwersen

      Either that came out wrong or you have an insane need for high def porn...

      • Arch Deluxe

        Yeeeeaaahh.....right, it was mistake. Move along! Nothing to see here!

      • Bool Zero

        Well, if you are going to watch it and you have the space, why do so in grainy lower resolution? You would do so for a cinematic film, it makes no sense not to for "other" films as well. I'm just saying... HD "adult movies" are not a bad thing...

      • nini

        It's porn, if you need that much detail seek help.

      • LeeDot

        Who cares if someone wants HD porn or not? If you're not into porn or HD porn that's great for you but not everyone who doesn't have the same values as you is in need of professional help.

      • Cheeseball

        LOL what?

    • Huy Ngo

      I'll take porn any way I can get it. Though not sure I'd spend 800 bucks on a porn machine. I'll stick with my grainy resolution and watch it on the iphone instead.

    • Huy Ngo

      I'll take porn any way I can get it. Though not sure I'd spend 800 bucks on a porn machine. I'll stick with my grainy resolution and watch it on the iphone instead.

      • Mark Hammonds

        Can't be any worse the trying to was skinmax back in the 80's through the snow when you didn't pay for it "wait was that a nipple"

      • Shadowside

        I remember getting a copy of 'Sam Fox Strip Poker' as a teenager, and hoping I could see *something*. Of course, with a ZX Spectrum I was always going to be disappointed!


    That's an awful lot for an iPad. $1000 would buy you a nice gaming computer, decent laptop, redo your driveway, or put it in the bank for a rainy day. I'd never spend that much on a non-productivity device.

    • wshwe

      There are people that use their iPads for genuine productivity tasks.

      • JBRUU

        What can you do on an iPad that a laptop or PC wouldn't do better and more quickly?

      • Sergio Maduro

        A better question is, what do you think iPad can't do? (Btw am a programmer student, and I do NOT expect to be able to program on the iPad, but it's able to do anything else perfect.y)

      • Adams Immersive

        Don't try Textastic or you may rethink that... I programmed, tested and installed a web app using only my iPad, just to see how it would go, and it was surprisingly smooth! I found I was able to just focus on the task, not the challenge of using the app... and I didn't even have a physical keyboard. (Which would have been nice, but Textastic has neat "swipe keys" for the programming characters.)

      • tarasis

        I'd also recommend Texastic, nice little editor app and the swipe keys for symbols are very useful. I kind of wish apple would implement a feature like that myself.

      • Karzay

        I use Textastic too. Great app.

      • Karzay

        You can draw quickly with it and it's portable. I use mine like a Cintiq. I'm not stuck at a desk at home or in some office. I can go to my favorite coffee shop or the park and get some serious work done. I prefer the art apps on my iPad to the Adobe software on my PC. They are just as powerful, less buggy, they get updated with new features more often and for free. Everything I need is on my iPad.

      • Karzay

        You can draw quickly with it and it's portable. I use mine like a Cintiq. I'm not stuck at a desk at home or in some office. I can go to my favorite coffee shop or the park and get some serious work done. I prefer the art apps on my iPad to the Adobe software on my PC. They are just as powerful, less buggy, they get updated with new features more often and for free. Everything I need is on my iPad.

      • NeonGreenKermit

        I'm an academic, musician and a dad. I need my books and papers with me at all times, and running around for my kid, I rarely have time to sit down at my MBP any more. Add to that I record via GarageBand, write via Pages, and my iPad never leaves my side, relegating my beautiful laptop to the desk. I have a 32GB wifi current gen, would have bought a 128GB 3G version if finances allowed. Will certainly be doing so for future iPads.

      • NeonGreenKermit

        Also, taking photos of your kid and showing them off to family is far easier on an iPad!

      • Brian Boulnois

        I use my ipad out in the field when im visiting customers for the business i run. Its a lot lighter and easyer to handle then a laptop

      • Mekklesack

        Easy, you can use the ever growing library of powerful legacy app/software, unlike with most PC's and Macs, which would cost you thousands for upgrades. The tablet is out pacing the PC in usability and Apple iWork and Adobe Touch apps are proof of that, and they don't cost as much as a new driveway to get.

      • Marc Green

        well if you have an ipad with LTE like I do, access the internet without any extra hardware

    • Marc Green

      I use my iPad for work creating proposals, Creating artwork for customers and much more. I'm very happy, I just wish I had held out for the 128GB instead of the 64GB

  • ridiculocity

    iPad retina 64gb + LTE are already $1000 in Australia. $100 bucks more for double the memory ain't to bad. Ill be waiting for the slim design tho as I want all my devices to match.

  • dancj

    Yay! For financial reasons I'll have to struggle by with my 64gb iPad 3 for another year or so , but it's good to know that a 128 will be available for me when I upgrade. 64gb is very restrictive.

  • Steven Lewis

    That is great news. I will bite on the bigger storage when the iPad 5 gets released. Until then, my 64 gb iPad 3 will do fine.

  • araczynski

    fracking finally, looking forward to it, when the 5's roll out...

  • ExcaliburEdge

    How long until they phase out the 16GB models? I say 2 more Gens.

    • Adams Immersive

      Sounds about right. 16GB is plenty for many people, but at some point the cost difference vs. 32 just isn't going to matter enough to Apple.

      • ExcaliburEdge

        I anticipate it, just like the 8GB models of the 1-3 Gen years.

  • P Allen

    finally I've been wanting manufacturers to step up their storage for years first really positive thing I've seen apple do for a while and I'm also hoping it starts the other big players doing it as well.

  • SmugPugD

    Thank God! Apple devices have such stupidly low storage limitations. It's enough to make me wish another company would boot them from the top spot sometimes. No microSD is still annoying, but at least 128 gb will allow a few more games!

  • makots

    Is infinity blade dungeons ever going to be released? That should be the game that breaks the 2gb Apple file size cap.

  • Scary Guns

    They could have easily released something like this crap two years ago. I don't understand why people support this greedy company.

    • MarkyMarc

      Why are you even here?

      • bones boy

        He represents greedy consumers.

      • Scary Guns

        You hide in your basement all day and when a new apple product comes out you are seen first in line, get a life.

      • REkzkaRZ

        I think he/she is funny. Let him snark! 😀

      • MarkyMarc

        We don't even have a need for basements down here lol. Typically comments such as yours come from people who truly are in their basements trolling the Internet all day. Take care "Scary Guns", hope things begin turning up for you.

    • Adams Immersive

      Why didn't anyone else do so, then? No company was selling a 128GB tablet two years ago. I guess we could boycott all tech companies... but it's easier just to wait the two years....

  • ChiefBurningLog

    The Surface Pro was just released, which comes in 64gb and 128gb models.. Coincidence? Or is apple seeing Microsoft as a threat to their market share?

    • Wikilix

      I don't see Microsoft as a threat to Apple, Windows 8 sucks, it seems like Microsoft took a step back instead of forward...
      Windows 8, it's an awful OS even on the tablets it's meant for.

  • Jacob007

    Hopefully this is opening doors to 128GB iPhones and iPods!

  • drwifflesniffle

    Remember when everyone was flabbergasted at 256 mb?

    • ExcaliburEdge

      I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of floppy disks cried out in terror... and were suddenly silenced.

  • bones boy

    Apple put out that 250gb ipod Classic some of us are yammering for.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    There would be no need for so many different models if they would just put a sd slot on the idevices. I'm not holding my breath for that to happen, though.

  • MidianGTX

    16 GB iPad, download any app I want, play any game I want, never more than 50% full. Storage champion right here, or as I call it, common sense.

    • MidianGTX

      Actually meant 32 GB. Brain wasn't switched on. Now I don't appear as smart on the internet, curses!

      • classicrockme

        Don't worry, you never did.

      • MidianGTX

        Sure I did, I'm known webwide for my startlingly sharp intellect and quick, though dry, wit.

  • SmackDatButt

    Why doesn't Apple just top it off at 130?

    Wonder why they settled with only 128.

    • Loading3

      Why cant 8gb be 10? 16gb be 20? 32gb be 35?

      • MidianGTX

        One byte is 8 bits, so using multiples of 8 is the simplest way to compile memory.

      • Psiufoxx

        I have a feeling that SmackDatButt knew that and was being sarcastic, but then again, look at his name... 😛

  • Th3R3n3gad3

    Wow, next thing you know, they will have a 256 gb iPad for sale!

    • Boobi

      I want it!

  • Mekklesack

    128gigs? Thank The Lord!

  • REkzkaRZ

    What's next, a terabyte iPad? HA
    Waiting for a 'true' Mac OS on an iPad format. Clearly the old "keyboard/mouse/screen" laptop form is almost done. YAY
    But, regardless how much I like my rarely crashable iOS & small 'sandboxed' apps, iOS ain't Mac OS!!!

  • REkzkaRZ

    Hey, here's a crazy idea -- how about an iPad that allows swappable SD cards? Or mini-SD or whatever format? That'd cost a lot less than $1k!

    • Karzay

      It already does, but you need to buy an attachment for SD cards ($30) and only if you use it for photos. I freed up 12GB just by storing all the photos on the card. I use the cloud for backup and everything else.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Yeah - it's locked out by Apple. I guess you could access it all if you'd jailbroke, but it rarely seems worth it... IMO

      • Karzay

        What's locked out? You can still buy the camera connection kit directly from Apple for use with SD cards. I use it all the time and my iPad isn't jailbroken. I rarely use my laptop since I bought an iPad, so I find this attachment very useful and worth the addition cost.

      • REkzkaRZ

        You're locked out from using the SD card to copy files, apps, or anything you like ... EXCEPT for pics. But yes, I hear that you are able to copy the pics with the attachment. 🙂

  • tarasis

    Excellent, I look forward to a 128GB iPad 5 later in the year. I had hoped though that they'd have dropped the 16GB devices and have the 128GB be the same price as the current 64GB. Maybe later in the year.

  • kaibosh

    One comment here hit the nail on the head. The only reason a person needs more space on an ipad is because of the retarded way apple handles save files. Unless you conjure up witchcraft you can't just toss games on and off your devices without suffering total loss of save files. This is so ridiculous that I wonder how apple still gets away with this crap.

    • truplayr

      Agreed. It is annoying that the game file cannot just be saved either to icloud and/ or to the phone itself. Is this the case?

      Btw. The manufacturing for 128 SSD's for mobile interface was started just couple monthd back. Before they were not able to make the memory fast enough. 128 gb has considerably faster memory bandwith for both reading and writing, in order to be able to work efficiently with next gen mobile devices.

      Otherwise the storage wouldn't have been able to keep up in demanding tasks in next generation mobiles.