Into the Dead's [Free] latest update is a neat one, especially if you're looking to add some visual variety into the mix. Version 1.2 of the super physical endless runner sees the addition of football and WWII zombie "themes." Each cost 50K worth of in-game coins to activate from the main menu, and they can be swapped in and out anytime you want.

UPDATE: Initially, we thought this update also added Massacre Mode, a kill-based scoring mode with a "new" map layout. Apparently, it's been around for a bit (at least since December, but the patch notes aren't clear). Regardless, Massacre Mode is now a thing and it's pretty fun.

  • dylanmannen

    If only this game was not a free game. I hate that i have to be spammed by adds -.- it ruins the game a bit for me.

    • Darius

      It's not like the pop ads right in your face in the middle of a run, so it's not the end of the world. Since they made it free and wanted the currency gain balanced, they had to put in ads.

      • lewsheff

        It shouldn't happen

      • dylanmannen

        But it would be awesome if there was a iap to get rid of the damn ads. The zombie atmosphere is so amazing (one of the best for zombie games), then WOP pop up ads in tha face. Its only in the menus, but it still sucks hard.

  • Dillon Chalupsky

    Am I the only one that had Massacre Mode prior to the update?

    • soh

      No I had it too. Maybe they got it wrong.

    • daniel schroeder

      i had samesies. depending on the goals of the current mission, i would switch between the modes.

      • Dueler

        They renewed the layout of massasre mode, I think that'll be different spawning patterns for zombies or the worlds order is changed. P.S I always stuff up at 3,300-3,400 I have of course gotten further but that's the point I die at almost every time.

  • Paul Hopper

    To bad there isn't an option to bypass the ingame advertising. Even with the latest update I still can't play the game. Locks up within 10 seconds of launching the game and crashes 15 seconds after that. Only reason I know its the advertising is if I turn off the wifi completely for my ipad the game plays perfect.

    Ipad3, have tried wifi over 4g hotspot, lte hotspot and home cable wifi. Sigh.