Earlier this afternoon, Jared and I spent some time puzzling out a couple of the many mysteries of Kairo [$0.99], a first-person puzzle game. The name should kinda sound familiar; Kairo launched on PC and Mac back in October and made some noise in media circles. This version appears to be a straight port, but we're checking in on that to make sure.

In a lot of ways, Kairo is more of an experiential joint than a puzzle game. It just plops you into a weird world and you just ... go. Along the way, you generally get a feel for what you're supposed to be doing and how you're influencing the world.

It's a weird one, for sure, so check out this video to get a better handle on it:

  • garret44

    Hahahahaha nice!!

  • blackbear219

    Hmm, I've been thinking about picking up realMyst. Now I'm torn.

  • http://twitter.com/PrayForDeath Pray For Death

    This looks brilliant

  • ratsinheat

    I think it's the whole greeting to each other that people are talking about. We know you didn't JUST meet for the day. "Jared and Brad here" or "Hi everybody (audience), its Jared and Brad again". Those sound more normal. The other has the bizarre feel like you sleep in cocoon and wake in each others immediate presence ready to play games. Well, I don't know that you DON'T do that...

  • swarmster

    Please don't can your intros! I've stopped listening to all my other podcasts and YouTube videos solely because their intros are pathetic compared to yours, and if you guys stopped that would mean I'd have no more YouTubes to watch. Please, think of the YouTubes.