Imangi that: Temple Run 2 [Free] launched hot on the App Store. But how hot? Get this -- it hit over six million downloads within the first 24 hours of its existence and has grabbed 20 million downloads since its launch just last week. Chart-wise, it started sitting pretty as the number one "Top Free" app in under eight hours, and it's currently one of the top three in "Top Grossing." It's number three at the moment, to be specific.

When we asked Imangi's Keith Shepard to describe what this amount of success feels like he used the word "overwhelming," which seems totally fair. He also noted that the studio is "thrilled" that fans want more Temple Run and the new game will see some new content down the line. We're guessing people will be more than eager to update.

If you don't know, Temple Run 2 is pretty rad. We've been playing it like whoa over here as we rush to unlock characters and see all that the game has to offer. Here's a video of the game in action if you haven't seen it yet:

  • GaZ-OiD

    I wonder how many times its been deleted?? Very disappointing


      I'd love to hear why you think it's disappointing. I'm curious.

      • eXes0r

        I am curious what makes you so curious.

      • TheFrost

        Probably because of the "pay for gems to substitute your skill" sort of thing

      • blackbear219

        I deleted it. As much as I try, endless runners just aren't my thing, I guess. To each, their own.

      • MidianGTX

        I was disappointed because it isn't different enough to the first game. Its very nature is repetition, and when you've got dozens of apps throwing exactly the same concept at you, it takes something special to stand out. Temple Run has the branding, but it's nothing special.

      • blakedaking

        I was disappointed as well. Hear so much about temple run that I had to download part 2. I am more into puzzle games and find consistently running in a game boring

        I think the game being free had a lot to do with the download numbers. I only downloaded it because it was free and wouldn't pay for it

    • Illuminerdy

      Count me for one almost immediate delete. I found it tedious and a waste of time. Others may enjoy it for those reasons so my negativity about it shouldn't ruin the experience for those who like it, but the game doesn't offer anything soul-enriching and its success is indicative of the kind of pap that passes for games on the App Store. I am happy for the indie devs though. I sincerely hope they milk as much money as they can from people who do enjoy it.

      • amanitapencil

        oh please, you play iphone games for "soul enrichment"?

      • rpgmind

        LOL why, yes, I prefer apps that better me as a contributor to society.

      • Illuminerdy

        Yep. You don't?

    • blackharon

      Based on the numbers of the press release, the average player has played for ~45 minutes over the weekend. Of course, we're relying 100% on their honesty for that stat.



  • garret44

    I liked it as much as the first. The graphics are nice. There's some bugs but I'm sure they'll be fixed.

    And it's FREE. So why bother complaining about it

    • MidianGTX

      Who's complaining? We just don't like it. You're allowed to dislike free things as well.

      • garret44

        Well why waste time saying you don't like something.

      • Kotovsky

        Why waste time asking silly questions about someone's behaviour? This is a discussion board, right?

      • garret44

        Uhh what I wasn't asking questions. I just think its best to give positive feedback to games we like, and if we don't like a game then just move on

      • Romulus Steelfang

        well i think we should be able to give criticism to games we don't like so they can improve on future games

      • garret44

        Ya that's true, but there's a difference between playing a game 4 a minute and saying how much you hate it; and giving constructive criticism after seeing potential in a FULL game

      • Illuminerdy

        I don't like this game.

  • dancj

    I think it's a good game - and a definite step up from the original (except on my iPad 3 where it's too choppy).

    What I really don't understand though is why it's grossing so highly. Why would anyone pay money on IAPs for this game?

  • TheFrost

    This game has been downloaded 20 million times while games that really deserves it more (Punch Quest or Polara to hand pick them) struggle for sales. A sad day for iOS indeed.

    • amanitapencil

      implying that temple run 2 doesnt deserve the downloads...

      it's fun and free, idk what's so hard to understand

      And LOL "a sad day indeed"? Really? It's not like frickin imangi uses child labor.

      I mean what? A sad day? Go outside and get a life.

  • kinnth

    Imangi that: - I died a little.

  • GaZ-OiD

    Not a patch on the BRILLIANT first game so I'm not knocking it for the sake of it. It is tedious, graphically average and in my opinion if I never knew it was from Imangi I would never have guessed it was their follow up to the quality original

  • DotComCTO

    I downloaded it and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. As someone else posted, it is strangely choppy on my iPad 3, but it plays fine on my iPhone 4S. Other than that, it's good mindless fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Davide Pasca

    Awesome. How about news of some other game releases now ?
    Yoroshiku ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ReverseLive

    i deleted it after 20 minutes...i hate runners that make u twist ur fone left and right like an idiot .. at least give the player the option for all touch controls

  • al3x094

    I simply replaced the original TR I had on my iPad with this sequel. I enjoy it just about as much. Though I think they could have done a LOT more, like more characters and a variety of new temples to unlock. Maybe they'll still add these since the game runs on Unity.

  • Galsia

    Love it. Better than the original and I love the way that some of the obstacles which you could "cheat" in the first one have been removed (the narrow ledges which you could straight jump across, now you can't do that). IAP isn't forced down your throat (hi Square Enix) and the sense of accomplishment in trying to beat your high score is as great as ever.

  • GaZ-OiD

    It is free so fair enough, I would have sooner a paid much better version. Maybe it will improve with updates. Adding slopes and bends does nothing for the gameplay and its no better than many other clones already available. I still think the first game is better and that's what I still play now

  • Metal Jesus Rocks

    Having played Temple Run 2 and also Activision's new Pitfall take on the genre, I think Pitfall is better. I like how the perspective shifts, there are multiple paths through villages and I like the giant spiders and snakes.

    • Darius

      Yeah, I like PITFALL! a lot better than TR2. A lot of peeps on TA don't like it though.

  • TakenXXDeadly

    Y'know... I'd keep this on my ipad if it had icade support. Oh well. Deleted.

  • amanitapencil

    y'all are straight i-hipster f'real. this is a fun game, don't pretend you don't like it!

  • Nutrilica

    I don't really know why I even bothered downloading it. I'm not being negative to the dev, but no matter how many endless runners I try, none of them meet my standards. Temple Run doesn't deserve 20 million downloads, but it got them. I can say there are far better endless runners out there, and most of them were out before Temple Run. I want to know why people download this vs. the others and why I was suckered into getting it. I know it's free, but why should I waste my time and my phone's memory?

    I am MrsKeller.

  • mudd

    The mine carts drive me nuts. I also had the same problem in the Pitfall runner. I think it's because your leaning towards and against turns in the same sequence. And also, I suck.