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Punch Buildings as a Giant Dinosaur-thing in Upcoming ‘Roar Rampage’

I have to admit that I absolutely loved Rampage as a kid. There was something so satisfying about playing as a giant monster who is systematically punching the crap out of buildings to reduce them to rubble. I think FDG’s upcoming Roar Rampage could be a spiritual successor to that classic. A giant dinosaur/lizard/monster thing marches through the game and your job is to direct its fist to punch buildings and whatever else gets in your way. It’s a pretty straightforward premise as you can see from the trailer.

What is interesting is that Roar Rampage originally started as a free Flash game, and you would grab onto your monster’s fist and move it around using the mouse or trackpad. It worked but was pretty awkward, and I think the move to the touchscreen will be huge for making this an easier to play game. Which is good, because Roar Rampage seems to be chock full of silly fun and destruction. Look for Roar Rampage to hit the App Store as a Universal app on February 7th for 99¢.