Square Enix has unveiled yet another one of its countdown teaser sites for another Final Fantasy video game, but interestingly this one's going to be an original mobile game. At least, that's the word from several reports based on the site's URL and source code. The URL pegs it as FF ATB, or Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, an unknown title that Square trademarked back in December 2012. The site's source code apparently has an iTunes link baked into it.

As for the image, it seems to show some traditional Final Fantasy sprites getting rowdy with a bad monster thing. In our brains, this seems to position the game as more classical than new age Final Fantasy, but that's just our speculation.

As for when we'll know what this is and where it'll see a release, we'll probably get a heads up on 1.17. Naturally.

[via VG247, Gematsu]

  • robmerrell

    I'm hopeful that it is announcing Final Fantasy 5 and 6. The two monsters on the left are the behemoths from 6 and the Sprite in the far right column looks an awful lot like Locke from 6 as well. The sprites in the left column look like some of the different classes from 5. My fingers are crossed!

  • MEdwards0129

    ATB : Active Time Battle. Looking forward to some more retro FF love. Working my way through FF4 right now. Playing that brings back some fond memories

  • rodgerrodger

    I saw this earlier on PocketTactics as well. I just don't understand the point of these announcements of announcements. Why not just come out with the info now?

    • pauldavidmerritt

      The point of 'announcements of announcements' is to hook line and sink gamers into buying what will be another ugly In App Purchase, with the famous name "Final Fantasy". Coming up with a half-crud game and putting famous names on it, they can sell it to the weasels who buy IAP big names. MONEY MONEY MONEY!! It's like a sick drug these developers are taking.

  • chinito77

    I'm guessing that it's another FF based original game. Anything FF related has been crap with the exception of TheathRhythm. My guess it will be an All Star kind of game which allows you to choose FF characters from various games.

  • borismel

    Those looks like the ff5 sprites and jobs.. Not 6.

  • http://www.facebook.com/WingcommanderIV Andrew Geczy

    It's Final Fantasy Five. I can almost recognize those blotted out sprites, and FFV was all about dragons. Well people rode dragons at some point in it anyway. Lenna or whatever her name.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LimbBoY Jason Smelkinson

    I'd like to see some impressive 3D modeling/ FFXIV combat... This nostalgia style is stale

  • yokee

    I hate the way square plays with are emotions. they know we love final fantasy. so they keep feeding us these dinky games with final fantasy on it knowing we will buy it. instead the need to give us a real final fantasy game with some meat on it. or give us are final fantasy 7 part 2 . why don't the give us what we want . why why why

  • LethalX

    It's a game called Final Fantasy All of the Bravest. Coming out tomorrow. Old sprite art, up to 40 characters in battle at 1 time.