Ravenous Games is getting ready to unleash their newest title onto the App Store and they're sticking with a formula that they know best: pixely platforming. The game is called Infestor, and has you playing as a new biological weapon in the form of a tiny green blob who has the ability to take over human bodies. This is used as a puzzle element in addition to the normal running and jumping as you'll need to take over the proper host bodies in order to utilize their unique abilities at the right time to advance through the levels. Check out the trailer.

I've played around briefly with the free Flash version of Infestor, and it seems like it should be a good one. I can see it getting quite challenging later in the game as more host body types are introduced and levels get more complex. Of course, being a Ravenous game the pixel art is top notch and the music is fantastic too. Infestor is heading to the App Store with this week's batch of new releases, so keep an eye out for it and check the discussion in our forums.

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    Random Heroes 2 - Puzzle Platformer

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    Nice One. Promising

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    One of the levels is impossible so I can't play the rest. :/