Neat: Ubisoft finally got around to alerting people to Far Cry The Outpost [Free], an official Far Cry 3 companion app that's been kinda hiding on the App Store since the freeze. With the app, you can decode your weapon mods and swap your multiplayer load-outs on the fly. You also get access to the game's stat-tracking functionality, allowing you to see exactly how much time you've been piddling away in the game's competitive modes.

Basically, The Outpost is just like ever other multiplayer-focused companion app we've stumbled across so far. That's not necessarily a bad thing if you're rolling deep in the game's competitive modes and decoding mods like a demon.

The app is free and available now. There's also a Google Play version, too, if you've got an Android phone handy.

  • MrSpud

    Would have been nice to have a map app like Borderland 2.

    When I did a search on the app store I found a scam app called Far Cry Black I think it was called... people were shock that the 6Mbs download was not the full game!! Can't find it now, looks like the new screenshot policy rule is working after all.

    • arn


  • Friv

    Test now!