Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I gave Catch the Ark [Free] a spin. It's an endless runner of sorts that tasks you with racing downstream in a raft while avoiding rocks, dinosaurs, krakens, and sharks. The more distance you cover, the higher your score. Catch the Ark also has a connection to the whole Noah's Ark Thing, if you're wondering what the title of the game is all about.

As you play, you can also pick up coins. With these, you can buy new faster, much more agile water boats. You can also grab the usual power-ups. Nothing out of the ordinary on this front, though it seems the IAP is exceedingly generous. (You can grab the top boat for a buck, basically.)

The look of the game is pretty sharp and, for what it is, it plays pretty well. Check it out if you're curious:

  • Tatiana

    Looks really fun!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tamas.farkas.9081 Farkas Tamás

    looks great, downloadint it right now! thanks for the video! 🙂

  • Jerutix

    As a minister, I think this game looks pretty funny. I enjoy biblically themed games, which are usually mostly inaccurate.

    I was actually reading the story of Noah's Ark this morning! Noah, his three sons, and all their wives are tasked by God to take a pair of all unclean animals (which is defined later on in the Bible, has to do with dietary regulations) and seven pairs of all clean animals (same deal). People were super evil at the time, so God determined to wipe them out and start over. In other words, lots of people and animals would have died.

    I could go into a lot more detail about Babylonian mythology and other accounts of arks from the Ancient Near East, but this was mostly just to answer questions Eli asked during the video.

  • http://twitter.com/Micahsa Micah Peterson

    Speaking as a Christian myself, this games exists because "religious" people think that letting their children play a Noah's Arc themed endless runner is better for their souls than playing [insert any other endless runner title here]. So they'll gladly cough up for this and will be more likely to buy IAP as well to encourage their children to play a more Biblical themed game in the hopes that some of the Bible will rub off.

    Its the same as the Bible Adventure games that came out for the NES back in the day that were essentially a poorly done Mario port with horrible controls and sub-par graphics. But instead of playing as a plumber you were some character from the Bible. And that difference meant that my parents gladly paid for the game instead of me having to beg for the "secular" alternatives.

    While I do think there is potential for a well designed game that uses Biblical themes and hope someone makes one at some point, there isn't anything wrong with a gimick, which this seems to be.

  • NOEN

    I don't think the dev team was trying to get the "religious vote" or had some evil plan to get money out of religious people by making this game. I think it's more of just a "theme" for a game. I'm not religious at all and after playing this game for awhile, I don't think I know any more or less about the Noah's Ark story or anything religious pertaining to it. It's just a theme.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.bonnette Joe Bonnette

    The biblical flood story was likely based on an earlier flood myth, possibly the epic of Gilgamesh, or both of those were based on another. They are loosely based on a real flood that occurred in the region of Mesopotamia. There has never been a global flood in human history. So don't worry, Noah wasn't really a jerk.

  • MonkeyChunks

    Since one user mentioned he is a minister who enjoys this game, ill say I enjoy this game too and I am a relatively fundamentalist Christian.

  • MonkeyChunks

    I doubt the developers had any agenda when they used an Old Testament Noah's ark theme for a casual iPhone game. Neither to make fun of the the Bible based history of humanity in Noah's Ark nor to attract parents. I think they simply saw an opportunity to use this theme because it is recognizable and hasn't been recent used.

  • Illuminerdy

    What if God was IAP? Just sloppy like IAP?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Smith/100003406751826 Jon Smith

    "water boats" as opposed too what other kinda of boat? Gravy boat?

  • Derrythe

    And you cannot buy the top boat for a buck, it costs about 10.