TA Plays: ‘Catch the Ark’ – An Endless Rafting Game

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Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I gave Catch the Ark (Free) a spin. It’s an endless runner of sorts that tasks you with racing downstream in a raft while avoiding rocks, dinosaurs, krakens, and sharks. The more distance you cover, the higher your score. Catch the Ark also has a connection to the whole Noah’s Ark Thing, if you’re wondering what the title of the game is all about.

As you play, you can also pick up coins. With these, you can buy new faster, much more agile water boats. You can also grab the usual power-ups. Nothing out of the ordinary on this front, though it seems the IAP is exceedingly generous. (You can grab the top boat for a buck, basically.)

The look of the game is pretty sharp and, for what it is, it plays pretty well. Check it out if you’re curious:

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