Wow, this is awesome news. One Man Left's fantastic arcade title Tilt to Live [$2.99] and its iPad-only counterpart Tilt to Live HD [Free (HD)] are both receiving updates that will take their previously local-only cooperative multiplayer modes online using Game Center. If you're unfamiliar, Tilt to Live is an avoidance game that has you tilting your device to avoid a barrage of nasty red dots. It uses this base mechanic in several different modes, each having their own unique feel and style making for one of the best arcade games available on the App Store. We summarized the whole Tilt to Live experience pretty well when the game went free earlier this month (which it still is by the way).

The Viva La Turret paid expansion that hit Tilt to Live in late 2010 was updated a couple of months later with a really interesting co-op component, called Viva La Co-op. Connecting locally via Bluetooth, two players could work together with one controlling a mega-turret laying waste to all the incoming baddies and the other person nimbly moving around the play field collecting the spoils of the downed enemies. It was an incredibly fun mode, but required having another person physically there with you to play. With this new update, now you can get your co-op on using Game Center to team up with random players or invite friends from your friends list.

We're excited to dive in and try out the new "Viva La Co-op" online multiplayer, but as of this writing the update has yet to hit the US App Store, we've only gotten word of the update via an email from the developers. But, not one to want to waste time, I figured I'd let the cat out of the bag as soon as possible, so if the update isn't showing for you just yet it will soon, for both the iPhone and iPad versions of the game. Oh, and the iPhone version is also receiving widescreen support as part of this update, something that makes me very happy indeed. Get online and partner up for this new and improved Tilt to Live experience.

Update on the update: The update is now out!

  • Crex1111

    The update just hit the US store.

  • Matt F

    Time to get back in shape, been a while since my last game of this pure perfect arcade game.

  • Locanis

    For some awful reason, it requires ios6. I'm not upgrading to ios6 until a proper untethered jailbreak is released, so unfortunately I shall not be enjoying this update. Unsure the reason they had to make it ios6 only 🙁

    And for the preemptive jailbreak nay-sayer, I personally buy all my gams etc. It's the modifications and lifted restrictions I won't give up over a single game. Still a bummer.

    • objectiveC

      Bluetooth coop requires both devices to have Same iOS

  • jakewastaken

    Even worse than people who just want a proper jailbreak are the people who are left in the dust by apple. I have a 64gb iPad 1 with 3g that still works perfectly fine for most of my uses. There are almost no apps that I care about that I can't run, but now games are updating to require an operating system I'm never going to be allowed to run. What bullshit. I get that I don't have a camera on mine, but unless the game is actually beyond my iPad's capabilities, requiring 6.0 is really stupid.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Both is iOS6 only, so backup your ipa-s if you wont have the latest devices with latest OS.
    I really dont know why 5.0 not enough