Games Workshop has just announced a Space Hulk game for PC, Mac, and iPhone and iPad for release in 2013. The game's new web site has some super teaser-y images up, as well as a features list. The one that's catching our eye: cross-platform multiplayer across all of these listed platforms.

Space Hulk started out as a just a Warhammer 40K board game, but it's seen a couple of digital games releases across PC, PlayStation, and even on mobile phones in 2005. This latest version of Space Hulk is set to be a 3D, turn-based strategy game with a single-player campaign, as well as co-op content. You'll, of course, be playing as a terminator squad against the Genestealers on-board a corridor-filled space hulk.

If you're saying what right now, your best bet is to check out the game's riveting -- and boy do we mean riveting -- Wikipedia page. It explains what a space hulk is, what a Space Marine is, what Genestealers are, and touches on the history of the board game in addition to other fun facts.

  • MrSHakerEsq

    Totally pumped for this.

  • bradnicholson


    • Zendorphin


  • maniacfive

    Quite literally wet my kecks for this. Had hoped FFG would bring SH: Death Angel to iOS, but this is so much better!

    Those devs are good too, Tac Sol is solid.

    • NodtheThird

      While I agree, I would still like to see an iOS version of the FFG Death Angel. I think it would be a good fit on the platform.

      • maniacfive

        For sure, it does seem like it would be perfect. I hope that as they've got a different dev working on this, to the dev thats working on fantasy warhammer, the agreement GW have for their properoties doesnt preclude FFG putting out DA.

        I mean I enjoy laying out the SH:DA deck on the table and getting my ass beat by a board game, 😀 but to pick up and play on the iPad would be beyond cool. And if Elder Signs: Omen is an indication, FFG would do a good job on it too.

      • ianlogsdon

        There are 4 announced GW IP games with 4 different developers:

        -Warhammer Quest (RPG set in WFB) developed by Rodeo Games, who's only credits are Hunters and Hunters 2. (side note, this partnership happened when a dev was sitting on a flight next to a GW staffer playing Hunters 2, they started talking and boom, contract). For those that haven't played Hunters or its sequel, you basically control a squad of marines, top down view, with armor from light (scout), to medium (power armor), to heavy (tactical dreadnought armor), and weapons ranging from rifles and shotguns to plasma guns and missile launchers. It only really lacks a decent plot context to be out of this world.

        - Talisman (amazing board game, currently FFG makes the board version) which is being developed by Nomad Games, who created the Kill Team Xbox Live Arcade Game, as well as a bunch of other Xbox and PC stuff. Available now but iOS release in the near future.

        - Unknown Warhammer Fantasy game, The Creative Assembly and Sega have partnered with GW to produce an as-of-yet unnamed game. This will likely be some kind of total-war-esque strategy game.

        - Space Hulk, which is being developed by Full Control. Full control is probably best known for its excellent game Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising, which pits squads of soldiers against zombies in a turn based battle.

        So, that's the landscape currently.

        Oh, I almost forgot, Relic & THQ's Dark Millennium (previously Dark Millennium Online) is also due for release this year. Work is NOT currently ongoing for Dawn of War 3, but they have been kicking it around.

      • ianlogsdon

        Meant to include in my OP, since GW retained video game licensing for Talisman, its unlikely that FFG can license any GW property for a game of its own. GW would probably have to initiate.

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  • maniacfive

    I really hope down the line there's some customisation of the Terminator Squad beyond individual team members. I mean sure, Blood Angels are cool and all, but for me, Deathwing are THE 1st company of choice.

    • ianlogsdon

      Considering the fact that they are planning DLC, they would be stupid not to offer chapter customization, for a price of course. I'd love it if they'd add the option to play as a Chaos player, rolling through a space hulk with a squad of death guard terminators and a nurgle sorcerer is just too appealing.

  • Deamon34

    Is THIS going to be IOS 6 only?


  • oooooomonkey

    Omg omg omg *screams like little girl* can't wait for this. This was what got me into games workshop, still remember setting up the space ship board pieces. Omg! Bring it on.

  • Rex Sundstrom

    Wow no vs mode? That's an insane oversight. Bummer. At least I still have the board game for that.

    • Thomas Lund

      (Dev here)

      Who said no vs mode?

      From the feature list we disclosed on

      * Multiplayer head-to-head recreating the board game experience against a friend

      • ianlogsdon


  • Wootus

    Here's hoping for a speedy (but not rushed) and problem-free development.

  • tarasis

    This excites me a lot, just the sort of thing I want to play on my iPad (I have the board game but rarely get to play it) and what with Talisman also apparently coming next year I'll be over the moon.

    • ianlogsdon

      Yeah, this makes the game a lot more accessible. I can try to get friends to play space hulk on a table, but its so much easier to play together cooperatively on an ipad

  • ianlogsdon

    I can't express how exciting this is, I've been subsisting on the meager offering that is Alien Assault in VMWare for years now.

  • Ryan Bullard

    "Azrael...GET OUT OF MY WAY!" "I can SMELL them!"