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‘Space Hulk’ Announced for iOS

Games Workshop has just announced a Space Hulk game for PC, Mac, and iPhone and iPad for release in 2013. The game’s new web site has some super teaser-y images up, as well as a features list. The one that’s catching our eye: cross-platform multiplayer across all of these listed platforms.

Space Hulk started out as a just a Warhammer 40K board game, but it’s seen a couple of digital games releases across PC, PlayStation, and even on mobile phones in 2005. This latest version of Space Hulk is set to be a 3D, turn-based strategy game with a single-player campaign, as well as co-op content. You’ll, of course, be playing as a terminator squad against the Genestealers on-board a corridor-filled space hulk.

If you’re saying what right now, your best bet is to check out the game’s riveting — and boy do we mean riveting — Wikipedia page. It explains what a space hulk is, what a Space Marine is, what Genestealers are, and touches on the history of the board game in addition to other fun facts.