That Pokedex app we were talking about last month has appeared on worldwide on the App Store as a Universal app. With an initial purchase, you'll get access to every Pokemon available across the "Unova region" in the games. Additional $5.99 purchases unlock all the other regions. There's a total of four other regions, to be a little more specific.

Pokedex for iOS [$1.99], as its called, is a digital encyclopedia of Pokemon that tells you how to find a specific Pokemon, how a given Pokemon fights, dishes out details on evolution, and gives you the skinny on its ability tree. The app includes 3D models of every Pokemon and supports retina visuals. Here's some screens:

We're not sure what the actual use case for this is, but Pokedexes appear to be a thing people want, if the oodles of non-official apps can be taken as an indication of popularity and desire. In fact, there's so many of other Pokedex apps out there that The Pokemon Company's marketing effort actually includes the line: "search for 'Pokédex' on the Apple App Store and choose the following icon [picture of the app's icon]" just to make sure people grab the right one.

It'll be interesting to see how many third-party Pokemon Pokedexes disappear in the coming days since The Pokemon Company has its own. We'll see, eh?

  • Rirath

    The use case is just that, with so many Pokemon, many people enjoy having a guide. "Where to find", "Evolution", etc are all handy bits of info to have.

    While this is all available on GameFAQs, Bulbapedia, in a strategy guide, etc - many folks wouldn't mind leveraging the iOS device near them to make it easier and nicer.

    • DotComCTO

      I agree! I was about to mash the "buy" button so my son could use it on my wife's iPad 2, but the IAP pricing smacked me in the face! 🙂

  • DotComCTO

    This is exceedingly expensive if you buy the app ($1.99) and the other 4 regions (Kanto, Sinnoh, Hoenn & Johto) because EACH region is a $5.99 IAP; that's $25.95 + tax if you bought the app and all the IAP!

    I was about to buy the app since my son (he's 11) plays Pokemon on his 3DS; however, at those prices, I think he can just stick with the numerous Pokedex sites on the web (e.g., Serebii, Bulbapedia, etc).

    • Eli Hodapp

      "Exceedingly expensive" inside of the iOS pricing echo chamber, sure... Not in the real world though, which is where Nintendo sells the rest of their Pokemon swag. 🙂

      • DotComCTO

        I get your point, but the Pokedex 3D Pro app for the 3DS costs $14.99 and seemingly has more features and functionality.

      • Onikage725

        No Eli, that is expensive. They sell this on 3DS for much less. I'm all for supporting premium content (I just blasted someone for whining about FF Dimensions), but slapping an extra twelve bucks on the price "because" is ridiculous.

      • Michael Matzat

        But Eli realy likes pokemon so it´s ok. Don´t you get it? High prices are only not ok if they involve Square Enix.

      • Onikage725

        Actually Eli chewed me out when I mentioned (regarding TWEWY, which will run you $37 or so if you want "universal") that the thrifty DS owner could possibly find that version for $15 or so online or used game retailers. I believe the assertion was that it goes for $40 on Amazon, and I pointed that if you click one tab over it was being offered for much less. This was taken as price-whining. Ironic, as I typically defend premium pricing on here, and that particular game I bought before I even had a device that could play it.

      • Illuminerdy

        You're all talking about prices as if they are objective. Their highness or lowness or exceedingly highness depends on the consumer. Economics is a crapshoot, so don't start telling me its a science and the Law of Supply and Demand or something.

        Further, barely anyone cares about how much The Pokemon Company has price gouged you. If it is too high for the fast majority of customers, they will turn down the price dial. Your opinion about it will be of little consequence. This is how you "participate" in a free market. Shit gets real and no one cares what you think.

        It bothers me how many gamers want to participate in marketing discussions. There are artistic judgements to be made about games. Many of the games in the App Store suck before we even count IAP.

      • Guest

        The comments made seem, at their core, to be
        regarding consumer choice. Know your options. Premium pricing is not a
        bad thing, but the counter-argument justifying any price because we just
        have to is not how the market works.

        Blindly supporting any
        price point is as bad as the opposite extreme (ill wait until it goes
        free derp derp). If Walmart sells a game for $40, and GameStop has it
        new for $25, there is a mentality from
        some people that equates anyone saying "hey man, you can get this
        at GameStop for fifteen less...heck the company sells it digital for $30
        and you earn reward points," with people who say "I'll wait until it's
        in the $4.99 used bin," or "I'll just torrent it."

        judging price and value SUBJECTIVE? Not objective, as you accused me.
        That is why there are reviews, and why we participate in the discussion.
        I'm just pointing out that Nintendo sells this product for $15 on a
        competing service, and if it is just the info the customer wants they
        have other alternatives on the App Store (including simply wikipanion
        with bulbapedia loaded). People can judge for themselves if the value is
        worth it, but being knowledgeable on what a product offers and what
        your purchasing options are is a good thing. Stay thrifty, my friends.

    • Mike

      I agree, 3DS games or downloads don't cost that much. It's a hook! Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives.

    • Karzay

      Wow, I have to admit, that is a bit deceptive. They don't mention the IAP in the description. You have to spend $2 before you find out you have to pay for the full content. Shame on the Pokemon Company.

  • Felipe Vieira

    Later on, they will be selling the Herbs, Poke balls, TMs & HMs DLC. Hahah.
    It has use for all previous games, but I really would like to see those graphics in a iOS pokemon game.

    • Michael Matzat

      Not gonna happen. Big N has very little to offer besides it´s "own" original IPs. If they start releasing them all over the place they might just stop releasing hardware aswell.

  • steinhauershawn

    For once the 3DS has a cheaper version of the same App.

  • Onikage725

    Not for nothing, but for over twenty bucks is it too much to want EV points and maybe an IV calculator?