Last month, right before the release of True Skate [$1.99], Illusion Labs tweeted confirmation that a sequel to their classic iOS title Touchgrind [$4.99 / $7.99 (HD)] was in the works. The timing seemed deliberate, as we'd essentially fallen in love with True Skate from True Axis and had noted in our review how it improved on Touchgrind's shortcomings in just about every way. It looks like we'll have a good old fashioned skateboarding game showdown on our hands soon.

Touchgrind was an innovative, technically impressive game when it launched in late 2008, but that was a long time ago. Though it did see an excellent bike-themed semi-sequel with last year's Touchgrind BMX [$4.99], I always thought it was strange that Illusion Labs never pursued their skateboarding franchise further.

While it seems like Touchgrind Skate 2, the official name of the sequel, is still quite a ways out, a new website devoted to following the game's development did go live earlier this month. There isn't anything terribly substantial on their just yet, as the project is still in the extremely early stages, but they did post this awesome looking concept art for a planned stage in the new game.

That's exciting news for this Touchgrind fan as the limited skatepark location of the first game definitely got old after a while, so different locations seems like a must for the sequel. It also sounds like the team is really starting over from scratch rather than piling on to the existing Touchgrind, as they mention spending a lot of time making sure the physics feel right for the game, hopefully giving it a solid base to build upon.

I'm excited to see something more substantial from Touchgrind Skate 2, and if you're feeling the same then make sure you bookmark their site as well as keep your eyes on our main page and the game's forum thread for all the latest information.

  • fenderbendr

    I'm excited to see where they will take this game and how it will compare with true skate.

  • dylanmannen

    After about 10 hours in true skate I want a new skate game xD true skate is amazing, and one of my favorite ipad games. But one enviroment is really boring after awile...

    • d3misoz

      have to agree, but touchgrind is extremely limited in the trick department, for someone who also skates in the real world, true skate is a much better experience, imo.

  • JJE

    So over thanksgiving my iPad with true skate got passed around my extended family. Apt comparisons to skate decks abounded but one thing was clear; it was a huge hit with everyone. Players male and female sharing tips, ragging fails and generally having a blast together. Consensus opinion in popularity order: more parks, more boards and the inevitable MP.
    So here's to Touchgrind Skate 2. By all means lets have a competition between skate apps. It's clear to me that, on touch devices, skate parks are great.

  • fleshman

    How about updating the existing games with iCloud and Game Center multiplayer?
    (Labirynth 2-4 player VS, Blast-a-way co-op, Touchgrind VS)

    And Sway with universal update :))), its a brilliant forgotten game,,,

  • d3misoz

    when True Skate came out, i quickly deleted Touchgrind, which i had since its release. im really looking forward to this new release, and to see how they compare.