We're sure by now you're plugged in to our regular "Coming Tonight" post about all the big games that get released each week, but dang it, this is freaking Jet Set Radio [$2.99]. A Dreamcast classic and ultimate fan favorite. It totally deserves it's own spot, just in case you happened to miss it.

As I said, Jet Set Radio (or originally Jet Grind Radio in the US) was a game on the Sega Dreamcast more than a decade ago, and was landmark at the time for its novel visuals and "urban lifestyle" thematics that had you racing around on in-line skates and blasting graffiti all over the city. It's extremely well-loved for standing out from the crowd way back when, but it's also a heck of a fun game, too. Now you can take the experience with you anywhere on your iOS device.

This new iOS version of the game boasts some additional features over the original, like Retina Display visuals, Universal iPad support, and Game Center integration. Aside from those standard features it also includes the ability to spray graffiti right on the touchscreen using swipe gestures as well as the ability to take photos with your device and spray them into the game itself. Sounds pretty cool.

Of course the big question mark is how the virtual button setup works for an old-school game like this that was designed for a console controller, but rest assured we'll be putting Jet Set Radio through its paces in the coming days. You can also check out our forum thread where early impressions have been rolling in since the game hit international markets earlier today.

  • gNades

    Love it so far. Good graphics and the same gameplay from the dreamcast original. Including Graffiti creator. Hard with the touch screen controls but I'll get use to them. Good job Sega.

  • Gamer_Kev

    Looks very nice. I really enjoyed this game back when the Dreamcast came out. I might pick it up to drown my sorrows in over not being able to play Vectrex Regenerations. My wallet is kind of thin at this moment, so I think I'll wait and see what other options turn up tonight before I make a choice. Since I live in AZ, 10pm is the time they start coming out for me.

    • Doctorossi

      Am I missing something? Vectrex is free.

      • themostunclean

        Only comes with one title. The "Mega Pack" that comes with the rest of the titles, iCade support, and wifi multiplayer is $6.99. So basically if you want the real deal you have to she'll out some $$$$.

      • themostunclean

        I mean shell out. Stoopid auhtohcurrekt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Cacace/577628518 Gary Cacace

    Looks great, but I agree that the virtual joystick is sensitive, so the controls are pretty tough. I have not mastering accurate "steering" just yet. I will need to give that part more time.

  • http://twitter.com/BulkSlash BulkSlash

    Overall I think they've done a good job with this, my main peeve is they've put the boost button where I expect the jump button to be (from playing the DC version over the years). Most of the time I'm OK, but when I'm surrounded by cops and panicking I often end up charging straight into the pack of cops instead of jumping away.

    It would also be nice to move the virtual stick down, it's too far up the screen for my liking. I can see they've done it to avoid having it on top of the spray can counter, but as it's translucent I could still see that anyway. A stick that centres where I place my thumb would be even better.

    One thing I'm extremely grateful for is the ability to retry a level after completing it. This means I can do a slow run grabbing all the graffiti souls and then try again just doing the spraying to get the Jet rating for the level.

    It really does look absolutely stunning on my iPad 3. You just can't beat Sega's blue skies at retina resolutions.

    Daytona, Sega Rally, Shenmue, Scud Race, etc next please Sega!

    • deadfolk

      OMG! Shenmue...yes please!

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    oh my god.

    This game!

  • asiangamer

    WOOO! Been waiting for this game run super smooth on iPod 5th gen, haven't play this game on dreamcast but on my very first Xbox and man were those the good old times also one of my favorite arcade style game but yea it's pretty nice to play this on a mobile device when ever I wanted to

    • themostunclean

      You're thinking of the sequel "Jet Set Radio: Future". Only Dreamcast had the original until a few months ago when it came to XBLA. Very similar but JSRF was more open world and there were numerous objectives (other than tagging) to complete in each area with no time limits. You also had a home-base/skate park where you could practice. In general I liked it much better than the first. Maybe we'll see it on iOS eventually...

      • asiangamer

        Ohhhh no wonder it look different wow I didn't know that at all thnx for telling dude! so this wa the first huh pretty, well anyway I really like it so far on my iPod 5th gen that is what am using and it's sure run smoothie!