This afternoon, Eli and I spent some time with Pocket Climber [Free / Free (HD)]. It's an endless climbing game that plays pretty similarly to Temple Run. With swipe gestures, you can jump up and slide to the side of a massive building, dodging old women and falling junk. As you play you earn coins that can be cashed in for boosts, jetpacks, and customizable helmets.

Pocket Climber is a pretty standard endless sort of game. In fact, if you've played any over the last few years, this will be readily accessible. We're not so sure if it's on our Must Have list, but definitely check it out if you're into these sorts of games:

  • DwayneW

    Hopefully, you two should be able to play BLOPS2, together regardless of platform. I don't know if the 360 version works cross platform with the PC one. The last midnight launch I ever attended was for the original Wii at the Time Square Toys 'R' Us. That line wrapped around several blocks, I lived in Manhattan at the time, Nintendo was nice enough to give us white Wii winter caps, their reps rode around on segways, I kid you not.

  • AlexanderW

    Man.  I love your podcasts and these reviews but if the game you are reviewing is so derivative you start yawning mid-review and can't wait to start talking about something else, maybe you should be reviewing one of the many great apps out there instead, even if it isn't at the top of the app store sales chart.  Just a thought.

  • AlexanderW

    Also, on your last podcast you said that the publisher of the Borderlands app atrocity wanted a news embargo for a day or two, obviously because the app sucked.  Please tell me you didn't play ball.

  • Doug

    How on earth did the devs not think about the phallic implications of this game name??!

  • Trunks

    "I don't give a flying you know what" come on brad you're better than that just drop the F-Bomb.

  • Blodia

    Crazy Climber (Nichibutsu, 1980) was effing awesome. It's on android and I hope they make an iOS version someday.

  • Blodia

    Holy Sheboygan, this IS Crazy Climber. It's the Wii version (Japan only) but it's Crazy Climber, apes, shitting birds and all!

    Bootleg, or licensed port? Anyone?