Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent some time with Angry Birds Star Wars [Free / Free (HD)]. It's exactly what you think it is: Angry Birds, except with Star Wars imagery and characters. In fact it's drenched with Star Wars stuff. Every level, bird, and most of the game's mechanics, both old or new, are covered in a thick layer of Star Wars.

Red bird, for example, resembles Luke and has a secondary lightsaber attack that shears through hard surfaces and pigs. The blue bird is now a rebel pilot, able to fire spread shots from its pistol. Levels are set in classic Star Wars backdrops and every time the game introduces a "new" bird, you'll see a classic Star Wars scene starring the birds.

We're having a blast with the game so far, and really dig how Rovio is integrating all of its Angry Birds know-how into this title. Check it out for yourself below:

  • Nicholas Yu

    Best comment: "Han shot first in Angry Birds Star Wars."  Thanks for the play-through!  Although I'm not sure which franchise is "slumming it" at this point, this actually looks like a pretty fun adaptation of Angry Birds with Star Wars flair.

  • JesusBro

    I just bought this and its fun
    I have all angry birds and bad pigs and believe it or not I haven't even finish the first angry birds
    its going to take me centuries to beat all of them lol

  • Firetruck94

    Thought i wouldn't like it but i'm having a lot of fun with this one.

  • JesusBro

    What's the unlock code? lol

  • bramblett05

    When you launch them they move slower than before or is it me? Guess so you can trigger the moves. I believe this is the best angry birds with space in 2nd

  • bramblett05

    Off comment but what happen to the forms I hit it and now it looks like the web page.

  • mcorleonep

    If this game was universal, I would have been taking longer breaks at work today playing this on the iPhone.  As it is, I have to wait to get home to download the iPad version.  I refuse to by 2 versions of the same game.

  • WNxPegasus

    Great fantastic stuff love it guys

  • robbmx77

    Downloaded it this morning and I must say ... It's freaking awesome!!!! Great use of the starwars abilities with the birds .
    May the birds be with you

  • darksidedanger

    This Star Wars theme is the only thing that makes me want to play angry birds. Angry birds is still a garbage game but Star Wars will forever be gnar gnar so this angry birds game is hugely better because of it and how they incorporate the OG mechanics with space mechanics plus actions for the birds in flight make the mechanics less stale. Buy if you like sTar wars or bad tempered birds. .99 is worth anything Star Wars!

    • HelperMonkey

      Hmm... Not quite sure Episode 1 was worth $.99...

    • MidianGTX


  • http://www.facebook.com/caesaredouard Caesar-Édouard Perrin Esturco

    The Pork is strong in this one.

  • Adam Gibson

    Am I the only one that get bored of games like this after the first level or two?  I want to like it but in the end it looks like this is just a game type I just don't like I guess.

    • Respox

      It's not just you, because this isn't a game; it's a con job. Rovio doesn't care about giving consumers a fulfilling gameplay experience. They just want enough people to go, "Star Wars? I'll buy THAT for a dollar!" and by the time you realize you bought a piece of digital garbage, it's too late. They've already got your dollar.

      • Uberhamster

        That comment seems very unfair. All indications point to Rovio having put a lot of care into this product.

      • http://twitter.com/benbelden Ben Belden

        I have to say I disagree with Rovio not caring about consumers. They may have become less consumer friendly over the years with the addition of IAP power-ups and things, but I can't think of another company that continues to update and add more to their games and then gives it away for free. Look at the original Angry Birds. I think they added more levels to it just a month ago. The game has been out for years now and they are still supporting it and not charging anything for the new levels. The same thing with Seasons, it just got it's third Halloween level pack which means it's been continually updated for over two years. Besides all that, they also release free versions of every game so if you download it and try it and like you said, don't find the gameplay fulfilling, you haven't even spent a dollar on it.

  • Bankai Forty-four

    Friendly note: You can tap/destroy the TIE Fighters that fly-by on the menu screen...very fun!

  • toxiccheese

    Since Disney now owns the Star Wars brand and they also have Marvel, I would expect an Angry Birds Avengers sometime in the future?

    • Lisa Graham

      OMG... that would be amazing... Big green bird Hulk... A bird with Thor's Hammer... Hawkeye' arrows... Holy crap, it's perfect!

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.bloe1 Eric Kirkey

        Good Idea

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnnewton29 John Newton

    Amazing to think that not long ago the only movie franchise interested was RIO (anyone remember the film not just the Angry Birds game?)
    Star Wars is a surprisingly good fit, I just hope the Lego people dont get jealous.

  • daniel5457

    This is the last angry birds game I'm getting.

    • megaraygun

      Until Angry Birds × My Little Pony I suspect