Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube? [Free] is crowd-sourced pixel-poking. The app presents you with a gigantic cube. Think of it as a birthday gift: a cube comprised of layers and layers of smaller cubes. You kerplode the cubes by simply touching them. At the center of the cube is a secret, and there’s no telling how many licks it’ll take the world to get to its chewy, mysterious center.

According to Peter Molyneux, the famous -- or infamous, in some circles -- games designer behind Curiosity, the center of the cube is “life-changingly amazing by any definition.” Molyneux promises a lot features for his games that don’t pan out, so the question of whether Curiosity will ultimately deliver is a valid one. It’s also silly: does anyone really expect a free iPhone app to change anyone’s lives? Ladies and gentlemen, whatever awaits us is, essentially, just a global Rickroll.

So, no, the world hasn’t yet unwrapped Molyneux’s Pandora’s box supposedly brimming with infomercial-like life-changing abilities, but the core issue here isn’t what is being promised. It’s that the game flat-out ain’t fun. Heck, it isn’t even interesting.

Actually, Curiosity isn’t even a game: it’s a child’s toy, stripped of depth and without an ounce of respect for its audience’s intelligence. Though it still has come with the requisite Molyneux-style carnival-barker promises. When asked to elaborate elaborate on his claims for ‘Curiosity,’ Molyneux lifted up his dark cape from the forbidden land of Narhal and disappeared into the night.

Dernit! Complete world knowledge could have been ours! And all we asked for was a simple clarification on a basic fact about an iOS game!

We all, hopefully, know to take Molyneux's grandiose claims with an even grander grain of skeptical spices (salt or tarragon, for example), but that still doesn't stop him from making outlandish claims about what he's working on. It's commendable to be proud of what you're working on, but there's such a drastic difference between what Pete's describing and what this game is.

Each session starts with you returning to the game's current cube already in progress. You can zoom in, zoom out, flip around to a different side and get to work. Cooperating with all the other players, you work together to peel away the cube's sides, one side at a time. There's a "combo" meter of sorts that picks up steam as you chisel away quicker and quicker, which works much like the game Principal Skinner described in the episode of The Simpsons where he got trapped in his own garage and dribbled a basketball to stay sane: you set a record for yourself and then try to beat it.

The twist is everyone is mining to see what's inside the box, and that only one player will get to see its contents via a video link that individual is free to share or keep to themselves. We’ll all get there sooner with the more squares that are demolished: the more squares you decimate, the more coins you earn, which means the more powerful tools you can use to destroy the cubes. Lather, rinse, re-cube-peat.

You can check back to see how the world's doing in the age-old quest to murder all the cubes in existence. Either they've gotten rid of more cubes or they haven't. That's about it.

And yet, many will claim Curiosity is brilliant, which further cements gaming's awkward attempt to be perceived as art. If anything, Curiosity is iOS' 2001: A Space Oddysey because many will claim to "get it." What they have gotten, really, is a Cow Clicker on a Rubik’s Cube, except with a vague assurance it will somehow blow your ever-lovin’ mind.

[Edit: Note, this review should fall under "1 star" rating, but due to some technical errors, is appearing as a 2 star for the moment. Will be fixed shortly."]

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  • LootAsile

    Finally a review I agree with. There's nothing to see here folks. No one is going to claim this game is brilliant or claim they 'get it'. Peter Molyneux hasn't done anything worthwhile in over a decade.

    • Josh Morrison

      What an absolutely legitimate and not at all sock puppeted comment. Excellent comment Dav- fellow un-toucharcade affiliated user LootAsile.

    • jeffyg3

      I dunno about that, Fable II & III are definitely great games and he had a hand in making them. Curiosity is garbage thoug

    • JPhilipp

      It sparked my curiosity enough to a) download and try it, and b) go back to it a day later to see the progress (and I expect c) to check back in a couple of days too). You may find the world needs more Chillingo games, but I think the world actually needs more crazy experiments like these, whether or not they work.

      (And who claims it's meant as "get it or not" abstract art? It's disclaimed to be an experiment, and that's exactly what we're getting.)

      Either way, I think both the 1-star review, and this being an interesting experiment, are correct. Taken as a "normal game" it fails; taken as something totally else, it wins.

  • Oooooomonkey

    Omg if it was just a link to a rick roll on YouTube I would lol so hard that would be genius.

  • Taylor Calderone

    I disagree. While the actual gameplay is nothing more than Cow Clicker and could be improved or even scrapped and redone (at the cost of losing simplicity, probably), I think the larger mechanic of the entire world working together on a single common goal is fantastic.

    • Chris Carter

      That's been done before though, many times. See Noby Noby Boy, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and many others.

      I don't think the idea is novel, and "worldwide leaderboards" as a core feature is very gimmicky. In my opinion.

      • Taylor Calderone

        I forgot about those; never got around to playing them. Point taken then, but I still like the game 🙂

      • Niclas Åberg

        To me what's unique about this is playing/using the same toy, for free, seeing everyone's input at the same time, working towards one goal. I have never seen this before. I would love to hear  of other examples.

  • Sean Yuan

    Finally, a 1-star rating! Get excited.

  • Steven A. Carver

    You totally miss the point of the game. It isn't to provide a deep gameplay experience. It is an experiment on a global scale. It is to see how much money someone will pay when told that there is something great waiting for them. It is to see how much time someone will spend when their curiosity drives them. 

    All those things aside, it's mindless entertainment. Angry Birds barely requires more skill or thought than this. Like, is a freaking massively multiplayer bubble popping game. All it was ever going to do anyway was waste time. 

    I'll agree with you on Molyneux's claims. They are likely quite exaggerated. Some people don't care though. I don't think this game deserved a review like this though. I don't think this game needs a review at all. It simply needs someone who either wants to play a mindless game on the bus, or someone who seriously thinks that they'll be the one to find the prize. 

    • pheh

      "You totally miss the point of the game. It isn't to provide a deep
      gameplay experience. It is an experiment on a global scale. It is to see
      how much money someone will pay when told that there is something great
      waiting for them. It is to see how much time someone will spend when
      their curiosity drives them."

      So its a scam disguised in a crappy game.

      And Angry Birds, barely requires more skill?  This requires -0- skill.  Skill doesn't even enter into the equation.

      I agree with part of your post though.  It is mindless.

      • Karzay

        I agree with the zero skill. I'm going to put my iPad at the bottom of my hamster cage and let them tap away. I'll check back every few hours to see their progress.

      • Gnoupi

        Actually, the way you tap, or organize the areas you tap has an effect on the amount of coins you gain. You might of course say that such coins don't matter much, but there's that, still.

    • Jason Bourne

      It's not actually a game... especially since they can't keep their servers up!

  • Crunchewy

    I lasted all of 5 minutes with this app. Probably less than that. It wasn't even 5 minutes of entertainment, rather just 5 minutes of wasted time.


    You could pick a better example than 2001. 2001 may be obscure and open to interpretation, but it's also wonderfully crafted and legitimately one of the greatest films ever made. Being abstract and leaving things for the viewer to ponder doesn't make something pure B.S.

    I haven't played this game so I won't comment on whether it's "art" or not. It sounds like a high concept experiment that could be interesting to hear the results of, though I have no desire to actually throw any of my own money into it.

    • Jamie Churchman

      I agree with Yahoo-KHRM2IZU2SMZPXYAY5B7S3CPSA. Yahoo-KHRM2IZU2SMZPXYAY5B7S3CPSA is correct in that 2001 has a beauty and a complexity not found in Curiosity. Curiosity is actually a giant interactive lottery ticket with an unspecified prize. It doesn't actually say anything except 'if we all pull this slot machine handle together we will get to the result faster'.

      I just want to end with Yahoo-KHRM2IZU2SMZPXYAY5B7S3CPSA's name.

      • Ahiru Nakamura

        @google-86407722c6944b04ef9f2006b16ff949:disqus I'll have to admit I didn't read any post above (yours and yahoo-KHRM2IZU2SMZPXYAY5B7S3CPSA's), but your observation on yahoo-KHRM2IZU2SMZPXYAY5B7S3CPSA's name was too darn awesome to not like your coment!!

      • Niclas Åberg

        Guys, yahoo-KHRM2IZU2SMZPXYAY5B7S3CPSA is clearly onto something here. It may not be like 2001. Maybe more like Blair Witch Project. Thank you yahoo-KHRM2IZU2SMZPXYAY5B7S3CPSA, mostly for your name, but also your input.

    • KyleMac

      Clarke's 2001 is simple and easy to understand. The only reason people think Kubrick's film is difficult or strange is because he skipped most of the final chapters.

      As much as I love 2001, it's a typical book to film disaster. Kubrick was always about visuals and let the story slide, which isn't necessarily a bad thing when you're as good as him. But the end results are Michael Bay films.

      • Jake Friedman

        Look, this comment might be a bit film-buffy but...

        Look at Kubrick's other masterpiece, Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Learned to Stop Worring and Love the Bomb) visual masterpiece, no way. But trust me, after seeing the President of the US get into an argument with the leader of the USSR about who's most sorry is something your not going to forget

        But, never read the book. So your point may still be 85% valid!

      • Harun Trefry

        I might be a bit late to the party, but...
        The film was not written from the novel. Kubrick and Clarke co-wrote the screenplay, and Clarke also wrote the novel at the same time.

        I agree that the book is clearer towards the end, though. Since I read the book before seeing the movie, I had some idea what was going on.

      • Kyle MacFarlane

        I know it's not strictly a book to film transition but I think it has the same problem as book transitions in that basically only the skeleton of the story made it to the screen and half the plot details were lost.

        I don't think that the end could have been done with the special effects of the time anyway (same reason Jupiter/Saturn were swapped) but that's no reason for people to start putting extra meaning into the story or getting pretentious about it.

    • Fernando Jose Ibarra

      Guys, Curiostiy, is the best. Ill say Its like a expiriment, but this is one thing that ANYONE actually works together on. And I dont thinks its going to be a rick-n'-roll. Or a lame thing. It could actually be a life changing thing. And curiostiy drives us to see what it is. They are expirimenting to see how far our curiosity can go. Im pondering what could it be? Im chipping away at it. One cublet at a time.

  • Patrick Neef

    @ Reviewer: My thoughts exactly, thank you.

  • Schpank

    A life-changing punking maybe. I bet the final message has something to do with the cube being emblematic of the daunting challenges humanity faces (climate change, poverty...), and the power of collectively focusing our energies to solve them.

  • E_7

    The only way everybody would benefit from this would be if no one got to the end and the cube was left as a lifeless incomplete husk.

    Except Molyneux. It's curious how his "simple experiment" stands to gain him a whole lot of money.

  • zergslayer69

    The secret inside will be revealed in the sequel, curiosity 2, coming in spring 2013!

  • Frank Condello

    It's a game about drawing cocks - what's not to get?

    • Mai2k3

      Yeah, people are constantly destroying my cocks :/
      That's why I switched to swastikas - fast and simple

  • Guillaume Merle

    So you rate the game 1 out of 5.Then you make the analogy between Curiosity and 2001 a Space Odissey.
    Basically you're saying the movie is worth 1/5 too.
    Sorry sir but you just lost all credibility...
    Besides trying to review Curiosity just after it was launched is just plain stupid.

    • Guillaume Merle

      Did they just edit the rating to 2/5 ?

  • Pete Anderson

    2001? That's kind of a masterpiece. You sound like those people who say they could draw better than Picasso.

    But yeah, Curiosity is high concept and poor execution.

  • Rane Dalton

    Dropped 2 million coins because of lag, not to mention messing up that multiplier once the game FINALLY catches up to the server and it realized all the blocks in your region are actually gone already.

    Fun as hell and addictive, but these issues kill any motivation.

    • JPhilipp

      What are multipliers for? They multiply your next immediate score?

      • Guillaume Merle

        Yes. With a x15 multiplier, each block you destroy gives you 15 coins.
        Any additional bonus (like the cleared screen one) will also be x15.

  • Gnoupi

    As a regular game, it's indeed flat. 

    If you take it for the actual "curiosity" of seeing the thing being chipped away with time, by people worldwide, and what it reveals, it's interesting as experience.

    As something to spend time on, it is a great replacement, in my opinion, to popping bubble wrap. Much better than all the apps which are supposed to mimic said bubble popping. And honestly, if you like this, it's actually soothing, to just pop things without thinking, simply making a compulsive move. 

    A bit like mining aimlessly in Minecraft. Though at least you know you will find something else than bedrock or lava.

    • LCD Dreams

      Yeah, I think part of the problem here is the labeling of this as a game.  It's not really a game.  It's a social experiment wrapped up in a very minimal game mechanic.  I think the social element will become more and more apparent as the cube gets whittled away to nothing - people's interest will grow, tapping will become more frantic, app usage will become more frequent (which is opposite of normal retention rates), social commentary will become more wild and rampant.  I'm actually more curious about what will happen AFTER the center is revealed than what the center actually is (though I'm curious of course about that as well).

      • Stian French

        I agree. My chance of being the one to get the center is pretty slim, but it would be interesting to see if the name of the person who gets to the center is displayed or what they'll do with the knowledge of the center. Being obsessive compulsive makes this a perfect "game" for them/ me.

  • Metroview

    No BS... I actually fell asleep while tapping away at this game this morning, woke up a few minutes later, tapped again, and fell asleep again. That has never ever happened before.

    I understand that this is an experiment and all, but wow this was a very lame one.

    • Tropxe

      You might want to go to a doctor and see if you have narcolepsy.

    • Hipcat

      Well now we have learned that there is at least someone out there who will play this kind of game until they fall asleep, and then continue to play when they wake up. Also they will then complain about how boring the game is before returning to play it some more. Hahaha

      I use the words "play," and "game" loosely. I do really love this idea, but the bugs needs to get squished. A mechanic other than touching to remove block would be awesome: something like a turn based combat system to break the "enemy" would be sweet.

  • AlexsIpad

    I think this review and it's general feedback has been harsh, it's not supposed to be the sort of game you sit playing for hours on end, it's something you come back to every so often to see how it's coming along, destroy a few squares, and then leave it again for another few hours or so, it's actually quite exciting seeing it gradually demolished. Its more creative and unique than a lot of games. If they sort out a way of making it more up to date (rather than it refreshing every few minutes on the section your are working on), and it sorted out the statistics (estimated life of cube - 0 days?), than this would be even more of a cool little game that you can just keep on your device and watch it.

    I'd rate it:

    10/10 for uniqueness.
    8/10 for graphics.
    2/10 for Addictiveness.

    Overall I'd give it a 6/10.
    I think the middle will just be a prize of like £10000 or something like that

    • JPhilipp

      No, the center of the cube will be a "video link" sent to the winner "explaining what is at the centre of the cube", as the Curiosity help in the app reads. (And selling the video link info is frowned upon in the terms.)

      It's an interesting gamble for 22Cans to rely on the winner to spread the word or not (as I'm sure they want the virality), but perhaps they have a fallback plan if the user doesn't spread it. Though I suppose chances are super high for the winner to spread it, as they're likely a hardcore Curiosity addict by that time!

  • AlexsIpad

    Oh and let's not forget its free 😀

  • LazerTag


    That's that.

  • TheRealMarkusn

    Hmm. Aesthetics and sounds make for a nice atmosphere, controls for navigating around and into the cube are quite thought-through and make for some enjoyable exploration of what others do with the concept. The lag today is bad and that has quite a negative impact on the experience.
    Overall I had quite a lot of fun with it and find the premise fascinating. I watched what others were doing in the different stages of the first 24h, I crafted a bit and toyed with strategies for efficient tile destruction (you didn't even mention it is multi-touch). And I certainly will check back.
    So yeah, I'm curious, I find it fascinating to watch and play, love the atmosphere. Most of my Twitter feed seems to enjoy it for similar reasons. Tangible reasons if I may say. 1/5? TA's first 1 star review ever? Worst reviewed game ever? Only an esoteric elite will find it amazing? Not following your overall logic there.

    • Stian French

      I like it. I looks very nice and I'm excited or "curious" as to what is under the 2nd layer.

  • Firetruck94

    Another 2 star review? @TouchArePaid

  • Steve Jarman

    I don't understand why you guys are even reviewing this here, especially making dumb comments like "it's not even a game". The fact is, it's NOT A GAME. It's always been described as a social experiment, it's in the "Entertainment" section of the App Store (not the "Games" section)... your entire review is just a bit silly. I personally think it's a wonderful idea and I'm curious to see where it goes.

    • Guillaume Merle

      Yep that's pretty much what I think too.

  • Mai2k3

    I drew some swastikas and penises on the cube. Hope someone sees them and is shocked

    • Tranceaholic

      Any of those I see will be wiped out!

      • Mai2k3

        of course, but by then you will be shocked and my goal will be achieved.
        I'm jewish by the way if it helps you.

      • Josh Morrison

        So edgy /b/ro! Are you turning 15 soon?

  • ducksFANjason

    Let's get this straight people: this is less of a game, and more of an experiment, so it's hardly fair to judge it as a game. You just can't use the same barometer with this. It'd be like saying, "the brush strokes in The Mona Lisa are fantastic and make the artwork fantastic, but there's no audio so I give it a 5/10."

    As for what the "experiment" itself is, there are numerous possibilities- how many people will work on this? How long will it take? How many people will give up? How many people will PAY to work faster? What will the winner do with the knowledge (spread the word or keep it to themself)? I'm sure there are more but you get the point.

    If you think this isn't entertaining, that's fine, don't work on the cube anymore and move on. Leave the rest of us to ponder what will happen in the end with this "experiment". And for the record, I'm not saying this is awesome. I find the act of destroying these cubes tedious and plain and simple: I don't have enough spare time in my life to chip away at it. But at the bare minimum, I'm intrigued by what Molyneaux has done here.

    • Hipcat

      Right on, so many angles. If I get the vudeo I may set up a donation site and only release the video once I rack up enough cash. Maybe I will set up an unveiling time on youtube to get a million quick views. So many things could happen along the way. Maybe anything new will be stupid, but maybe not. I think it is entertaining, and i like to see creative ideas in the app store instead of more and more freemium/IAP nonsense.

      • Fernando Jose Ibarra

        If I get it. Im going to let people ponder it forever, Until word of mouth reaches them. But then the youtube idea seems good.

  • Tropxe

    Molyneux should've bribed TA like the He-Man game devs did.

    • Tranceaholic

      I don't think they were bribed...IGN liked the He-Man game, as did CGRundertow.

  • Superatomic

    The player that reaches the middle gets 50k. Not "life altering" but a nice chunk of change.

    • Fernando Jose Ibarra

      Nope, its a video explaining whats in the center. Not money, a life changing video that you can keep a secret or share it with the world.

  • AceWizard

    TA reviewed this because? You gonna review the new currency exchange app next?

  • Chris Hawkins

    be sure to drink... your.. Ovaltine?

  • Chris Hawkins

    I gotta agree with Ace.

    Why did you guys review this? You say it yourself: "Actually, Curiosity isn’t even a game"

  • Anonymous

    Had been looking for a reason to stop coming to this site ridden with extremely obvious paid reviews and nonstop coverage of the latest Angry Birds: [insert fad here], and you gave me one, David! Thanks, glad I can finally stop wasting my bandwidth.

  • Mark Told

    This IS a game, because it's an 1) entertainment and 2) interactive application.. so a GAME for definition.

    • ducksFANjason

      Movies are entertainment - they're bot considered games. The youtube app is both entertainment and an interactive application as well. Is that a game then?

      This isn't a game! Molyneux has even been talking it up as an experiment. The fact that it's been covered on TA doesn't in and of itself make this a game. The review was misguided because it set out to judge this as something it's not.

    • Noah

      It's not a game. The reviewer has it wrong.

  • wizard96

    I find this to be a bit insulting to the creators. They were simply trying something new , an experiment, and while it failed, it just wanted to try something new. So just keep that in mind.

    • Stian French

      Failed? It just came out today... And there are obviously enough people curious out there that the work on the cube is continuing.

    • Noah

      Over 100 million blocks have been destroyed. I hardly call that a failure. Onward to Layer 3!

  • Mark Told

    Movies aren't interactive. Youtube video neither. The interaction you have with youtube it's only a request to a web page to ask for certain contenent. Yes, you can build a game with only html requests, it's still a form of interaction. In any case it's not important the distinction between movies and videogame, the problem is that this is not a video: it is a 3D software that needs user interaction. Call it experimental video game, but do not hide this simple truth.

    • Chris Hawkins

      A game is an experience, but it is important to understand that an experience is not always a game. You even go as far as to use the phrase "video game," but how is "video" involved? 

      Bottom line is, this should not have been a review, but an explanation of what it is or could be. If you didn't think it was worth of your time, why give it any press? The end hasn't even been defined, so how can you actually review it anyway? 

  • Chefbot

    Does the game have that crazy $50,000 IAP?

    I remember it being mentioned in previous articles, and I was wondering if it's still there or it was axed due to a limit on how much IAPs are.

    • Gnoupi

      The thing is, there no IAP for now, but when there will be, it will most likely to buy coins. 

      Currently, the most expensive item to buy for coins is the diamond pickaxe, which costs 3 billion coins. The 50,000 mark is simply the amount of money it would cost to actually buy 3 billion coins.

      • Chefbot

        I see.

    • JPhilipp

      In an odd way, I would probably buy an IAP if it brings lots of destructive power... just for the silly fun of it.

  • Th3R3n3gad3

    Oh wow, a one star. This should be good!

  • grits

    I think this review misses the point. And just for the record, getting a high combo actually does take some skill. The game is a performance piece. It's meant to cause mixed reactions and get you to think about why you play games in the first place. I think he's trying to make some commentary on the state of iOS gaming And how you choose to spend your time. Anyway I think it's worthwhile experiment. It's cool to see what people do in this game. Like I wonder who spent their time creating a perfectly straight line all the way across cube or someone who spelled out the cryptic message. Picture all the players tapping furiously on their little screens altogether but all separate. Some people are randomly tapping while watching TV, others are supremely focused on their task.

    The game is well-made and interesting. There are some glitches but barring that it's pretty great.

    • CaptSuperguy

       Well-made?  After having more than 100k in gold disappear for the 3rd time, the game locking up when trying to login to Facebook, and many, many attempts to purchase 'stats' but having the server error out on me, I deleted the 'game'.

      • Josh Morrison

        The server infrastructure is not directly related to the build quality of the game. The only reason they're having server hiccups is because the game is way more successful then they had planned for.

        Another disturbing dissonance I've found; remember Diablo III? The $60 full retail game with always-online DRM and a money grubbing real world auction house? You couldn't even play that game single player for 3 days after launch because their servers were so awful. Single player. A game you paid $60 for. Because the servers were too stressed. Yet there are still Blizzard apologists that defend Diablo III's launch as a simple lighthearted error.

        A multi-million dollar corporation is afforded an insane amount of cushion and recourse after knowing full well that customers would be denied access to their game they paid $60 for for days. An independant start-up of 22 people are being verbally crucified because it's taking a % of people multiple tries to log into a free game. And guess which game got fantastic scores across the board from all major gaming 'journalists'! This industry makes me fucking sick.

  • grits

    Oh, and just add my two cents, this is definitely a game. Try getting a 30x multiplier… You will find a game.

  • grits

    It also says right in the game that there will be more than just tapping. Once people get through the initial levels I guess. Maybe more game like mechanics will be added?

  • JJE

    Curiosity is as ephemeral as tissue paper. It's not a game, neither is True Skate but both will get a portion of my "playing" time at least for the near future.
    I'll hang around, knock out a few blocks by drumming my fingers, and anticipate the pictures and the things people will do. That, for me, will be enough.
    It's different, that's what's important to me. It's why I enjoy taking time and playing Topia. It's not another Temple Run clone or Angry Birds iteration. It's not Yet Another Shooter using the latest sexiest engine though I love all those and love chatting about them.
    It's just something different that takes the oh too coolness of mobile and gives it a good shake. Arty, pretentious, navel-gazing. Yea that's Curiosity too. You can stress relief by mowing down hoards or jumping endless platforms; match three, slingshot pigs or doodle leap into space, it's all good. Curiosity is just another thing. There no rule that says I have to enjoy one genre to the exclusion of all others.
    If its not for you, I do understand. Wednesday is coming. Who knows what neat things might appear.

  • Decaf Table

    I feel bad for all the people wasting their life mindlessly tapping to reveal a message that ONE person will get to uncover. Did I mention ONE person will really win the entire event? Don't get me started on how important this lesson will be. There's plenty of self help articles and free blogs to make your life more happy and positive. I'd much uch rather play a well deserved game like Need for Speed Most Wanted that looks great, handles well, and is a joy to play.

    • Josh Morrison

      It's about the journey, not the destination.

      But fellow gamer, I too enjoy Electronic Arts™'s blockbuster game, Need for Speed™ Most Wanted®, now only $6.99 USD! Available now for Android and iOS. Sate your Need for Speed™!

    • Fernando Jose Ibarra


  • PonyFeathers

    From earlier today:

    "but we'll stay on it because we're finding it hard to pull away from the app for some weird reason."

    Sound like SOME people find it unique an interesting, and that's the point. Sure, it has it's bugs and glitches, but it just came out and is being beaten to death by tens of thousands of people at once. Give the team some time to iron out the bugs and then we can see we're this is going.

  • Josh Morrison

    Hahaha, TA removed all the comments accusing them of paid reviews. Touched a nerve? Little too close to home, maybe?

    • Karzay

      Well, technically, yes. Writers are paid to play a game and write a review about it. What are you suggesting and where's your proof?

      • Josh Morrison

        I can't tell if you're too stupid to see my point or just too stupid to use hyperbole right.

      • Karzay

        I'm sorry, did I touch a nerve?

        Anyone can throw around accusations. Show us how smart you are, and that you did your homework by providing some reasonable facts that support your initial statement. Otherwise, you're just another paranoid, ranting idiot on the Internet.

        Which is it?

  • SporadicMovement

    Looks like Molyneux's bitter ex girlfriend wrote the first part of the review.

  • Octopus Erectus

    This is just not a game to be reviewed. It’s an experiment AFAICS. And it is pretty interesting for me how would it turn out. 

    But I really wish there to be more TA reviews with 5 stars and a lot of present reviews to be turned to 1-star ones.

  • SporadicMovement

    Update the gameplay so the cube endlessly runs while card battling on a match 3 tower defense board and - POW - instant 5 stars!

  • Hipcat

    "And yet, many will claim Curiosity is brilliant, which further cements gaming's awkward attempt to be perceived as art"

    The above quote is near the end of the review. Is this stating that TA believes games in general are not capable of being artwork?

    This review confuses me; it seems like this app would have scored better according to TA of it was just another freemium paywall IAP shopping environment. Why not give this a chance? Different doesn't necessarily mean bad, and I strongly disagree with the above quote; I believe games are indeed an art form (IAP/Freemium excluded). Also, I am not sure if Curiosity should really be considered a game. Whatever it is, I am giving it a chance.

    • Gnoupi

      If anything, if they absolutely want to review it, they could have done the right way: no score. And just write about what they think of it.

      But I guess that writing the 1 star review is much more attractive, you canalize all the "oh yeah, I agree, it sucks" attention on you, and it makes traffic.

  • Bliquid

    I think that the number of comments is some kind of evidence that, good or bad, this "social gizmo" experiment is indeed working, at least for now.

    • Josiah Munsey


  • Josh Morrison

    Uh, is there even a way to buy IAP? I've searched up and down and found absolutely nothing. I'm 99% sure the whole thing was just a stupid rumor.

    • Gnoupi

      Not yet, but I believe Molyneux said there would be a way to buy the in-game currency, later.

  • Lewis Denby

    Hang on, I'm confused. What if I genuinely like the premise and think the actual mechanics of the game are just a delivery mechanism for an interesting and intriguing experiment? What if I don't think it's anything to do with games-as-art or anything overwrought like that? Does that mean I don't exist? Or does it make me a liar? I'm not sure your review was clear enough on that point, but it certainly suggests I'm a big stupid wrong-face for holding those views.

    You're a critic. Tell me what YOU think of the game, not what I should think, or what you've decided the developers were thinking when they made it.

    • Guillaume Merle

      Don't worry dude, read that again : 

      "And yet, many will claim Curiosity is brilliant, which further cements gaming's awkward attempt to be perceived as art. If anything, Curiosity is iOS' 2001: A Space Oddysey because many will claim to "get it." What they have gotten, really, is a Cow Clicker on a Rubik’s Cube, except with a vague assurance it will somehow blow your ever-lovin’ mind."

      Whoever wrote that doesn't even deserve to be a gaming journalist.

  • GaZ-OiD

    This is a social experiment that basically turns human into ants/bees all working for the collective. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this title as only those interested will give it the time of day, yes I have bashed some cubes. It will be very interesting to see how this goes and the conclusion. Hopefully there is something worthwhile at the end and who knows what surprises might be waiting after a layer is cleared. How would I describe this title, certainly not rubbish, certainly not great but different yes!

  • GaZ-OiD

    Not sure I have ever seen a title more misunderstood by the reviewer, sorry reviewer. If this was simply a game then yes one star would be one star too many but it's not a game and should not be reviewed as a game. I would like to see ANOTHER review by someone at TA that actually understands what is going on here 🙂

  • David Campbell

    I don't agee.. 2001: A Space Oddysey is brilliant.

    However I do agree on the review. 'Curiosity' is a gift. This 'experiment' is a piece of shit, and mystery is its wrapping paper.

    The difference between those who see that and those who stand for it, is that those of us who see it is shit can clearly smell that through the wrapping paper.

  • presto77

    I just can't wait till we find out what the smoke monster is and what the Others are up to on the island. Wait I'm confused what we're talking about here....

  • conix games

    It's called 'curiosity' and is about, well being driven to do something BY curiosity. So isn't the "BAH THIS IS LAME! 1 STAR! MEH!!" just a tad early when the VERY FIRST LAYER hasn't even yet been stripped away?!

    I mean if the lava-lamp blobs are just another layer and everything works exactly as the first then I'll jump right on that "THIS THING SUCKS" bandwagon (if there's room - it's filling up fast!)

    But surely, AT LEAST until we see what happens after the first layer comes off it's too early to condem it?

    Unless of course the condemnation is a knee-jerk reactionary response to other people's 'arty farty' interest in what it might all be about...

    Incidentally my quick maths gives each face length at roughly 4080 squares, so if each layer was literally just 2 less squares and worked the same, it would accounting for dwindling user interest take about 11 years to get all the way down! SURELY that suggests SOMETHING is going to happen?!

    • Noah

      If you read the "about" section inside the app, you'll notice that they state that at some point the "final" layer will be revealed, and the person who destroys the very last block on that final layer will be deemed the winner.

      That means it won't take 11 years to determine a winner because at some point the revealing of new layers will stop.

  • Dan McIntosh

    A lot of people here have missed the point.

    A: It was always an 'experiment' and not a game. By the very fact so many people are talking about it and so many people have signed up to play it, I'd say it's working.

    B: Molyneux has said a few times that simply clicking blocks won't be the only thing that this experiment involves. Whether that proves to be true or not we will have to wait and see.

    C: This is just 1 of 22 experiments 22 Cans and Molyneux are going to release. Each of which will apparently be increasingly complex and mystifying.

    Also, I have to say guys - it's completely free, and you're under no obligation to get involved. That having been said, at this moment in time it is plagued with server issues, and I keep losing my coins just like everyone else, so there are still a few creases to be ironed out.

  • Charles Albert

    As i was reading this text, i felt like i was talking to a upset 13yo.
    Just saying.

  • mcx

    Curiosity killed the cat. I would like to form my own opinion but this thing doesn't even work, most likely due to poor server load balance. Yesterday i've managed to connect once, briefly. Since then i see only timeouts and futile suggestions to retry. Too bad, first impressions are strongest no matter what's hiding inside the cube.

  • Rubicon Development

    I am sooo pleased to see this review. One Star indeed, probably because there isn't a zero stars option. Kudos, David.

    Molyneux has been over promising and under delivering since the bullfrog days and it's nice to see it ain't just me that's tired of his bullshit. This latest cynical "masterpiece" does nothing other than show pure cynicism and disdain for the mobile audience, and I hope it backfires on him as badly as it should.

    • Himmat Singh

       Nice talking there Rubicon. Watch what you'd come back to haunt you in the future. Like many people say, this isn't a freaking game...its an experiment!!

      • Rubicon Development

        Oh really? When I was at school, the first part of conducting an experiment was to state the goals and expectations (ie the point) of the experiment. I'd love to know what you think those are.

        I think it is "How many gullible people can I con in to giving me some free publicity". And the experiment is a resounding success.

        And just to get our bonafides straight, the last time I met Mr Molyneux in person was when I held a game of the year trophy under his nose that he'd expected to win. You've heard of him and not me because I make games and he makes PR.

      • Superwese

        No, the experiment is:
        How can/do I handle x million events on the server, keeping online and local status in an acceptable balance.
        How to have a GUI that doesn't need to be explained.
        How to make users learn the rewarding system without explaining it, what leads to a game with no expressed rules, what leads to a game where the rules may change at any given moment.
        How much can I change the rules in game without embarrassing users.

        We're not in school here.

      • Rubicon Development

        Whatever. Enjoy your part in the "experiment".

      • Hipcat

        @rubicon development

        Did the developer of this game run over your puppy or something?

      • Hipcat

        @rubicon development

        Incorrect: in an experiment you do not tell the the subjects the exact point of the experiment. That would degrade the authenticity of the results.

  • Hipcat

    Am I the only one who thinks it sounds like many people are judging Molyneux instead of the app?

    • Rubicon Development

      Nope, it's him being judged. He's lived his life in the press and this thing is just a press stunt. Publicity is always a double-edged sword.

      • Hipcat

        Maybe you guys should have titled the review accordingly. I don't know of the guy, but just by reading the review and trying curiosity for what it is it really seems like you guys hate this person. The review kind of seems more like an attack disguised as a review. If that is true, Ta is bleeding legitimacy as we speak.
        Maybe the developer deserves it, I don't know.

  • grits

    I actually think this lives up more to his hype then the fable games. The game is exactly what he said it would be. Actually the mechanics of the game, the graphics and sound all exceeded my expectations.

  • Paul Toderas

    My honest opinion is that the middle will bring the "lucky" person its 15 minutes of fame and maybe a prize of money.

    Imagine : You're the winner! Your name, picture, video or whatever, it gets to the internet, a promo video from 22 Cans, they come with a camera, film you, you get to morning shows, the whole internet is full of you. Then comes the dark side, people will make memes of you.

    What if that person is from a country that forbids any of the above? What if you're a shy person who would hate this? 
    Even if the money is somewhere around 1 Million Dollars, that indeed would be a life changing thing, indeed... but who knows?

    • JPhilipp

      FWIW the terms inside the app say you will get sent a video link, which you then may or may not share, but selling the info in it is frowned upon.

  • vanalau

    Gave it a go, was clicking away for like 3h total since it started, was drawing pictures, trying some bombs for coins, wanted to be there when first layer was finished, fell asleep when cube counter from first layer was like 60K, woke up in a while still counter still 1 K and like thousands of cube on my screen. Layer gone nothing have changed. Same amount of cubes to uncover on the other level - lost interest. This thing is half baked, not working properly even therr is not that many people playing it (this morning 8K at a time) - my opinion. They have no idea what comes next but they have time to figure it out it can take weeks to clean it.... Deleted it will read opinions when it is finished if ever

  • Noah

    The developers even say it's not a game... it's instead a social experiment. The artwork some of these guys are making on new layers is REALLY COOL!

  • thesidewaystable

    First one star? That's harsh its not everyone's cup of tea but for a 'exeriment' one star is harsh

  • cofunguy

    Now the app really isn't playable. Can connect to server but alas the app does random crashes now. Contacted the demand got an email back they are a small company and working on the missing money issues.

    Here's a thought : put the app back to beta and fix all the issues with it - can't connect to server when buying items, crashing, missing money and items. Even if they are a s mall company, there is NOTHING worse than an application that doesn't even work properly. And all the bad PR associated with it.

    Namely for an app that is a "social experience"

  • David Campbell

    Also, it's not a game, it's an 'experiment'.

    ....The developers are aware that the 99% of 'experiments' fail, right?

    That's why their called experiments.

  • Kevin Collins

    Honestly, curiosity is a better "game" than most of the crap that toucharcade puts on their site. Used to be a site with integrity, now they just schill reviews.

    • Hipcat

      I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking TA is starting to suck.

  • conix games

    Now, the app constantly crashing and loosing 80% of coins collected might be worthy of a 1 star review... 🙁

    • grits

      I agree w that. Too bad, hopefully they fix it soon. That's just unacceptable.

  • Advancedcaveman

    This is a game where you basically remove tiles. You know what other game involves removing tiles? Dungeon Keeper. Remember when Molyneux didn't fucking suck? 

    • Maniacfive

      What i wouldnt give for DK on ipad. Not DK2 though. Replacing the scavenger room with a casino? Lame.

  • Maniacfive

    I've already found the cube. And saved the world. I have the badge to prove it.

    (Anyone else play the perplexcity ARG card game? Man how great would that have been now with some iphone integration.)

  • jonathan paradis

    Does anyone know how to get passed the joining session part because I can't get passed it.

  • johvmac

    I completely disagree with this review. I think more important than anything is that there is a cube here, which takes substantial effort to create art on or deface, and yet I have seen things like " Help me, Obi Wan" and "Green is the new Red". This isn't a game, it's just a creative person magnet which anybody can effect. I will attempt to write ode to joy on it later tonight. It's one of the best things I've ever seen. And it's not only me, all of my friends from school are using it too, and they enjoy it as much as I do, even if all they are doing is defacing it.

  • B30

    Most of the time it keeps crashing or can't connect, occasionally it even works. But I have solved the problemfor me: I deleted this crap ... uh app.

  • Radu Vasilescu

    Awesome game. I love it! However, there seem to be issues connecting to the servers as of lately. Does anyone know of a fix? Thank you. Great game. I give it a 9/10.

  • DannyTheElite

    Keep giving it bad reviews that way I'll be the only one left and I will find out what's inside the cube:D 😀 lol

  • P.d. Holloman

    It is a thought experiment and a little bit a game.... What a stupid article. Go play Call of Duty and shut up!

  • matt

    And what was the prize? You got to have the most important role in another game he was making, which he then never made.

    Even if he had, it wouldn't have been life-changing

  • Open_Doors

    idk... i think it was a good pastime... but that's just me... there were 3 million people playing it... so someone knows how to draw a crowd. xP

Curiosity – what’s inside the cube Reviewed by David Wolinsky on . Rating: 1