The 1983 Atari classic Boulder Dash, which has seen ports and various versions on practically every platform imaginable, is coming to iOS by way of Boulder Dash XL, Joystiq has learned. Originally released on Xbox Live Arcade last year, Boulder Dash XL is a modern take on the original game that saw you digging your way through caves and avoiding being crushed by boulders, but with a fancy coat of graphical paint applied.

If you were keen on the original back in the day or you've enjoyed the XBLA release, you can look forward to Boulder Dash XL coming equipped with 5 game modes and 100 levels across 4 worlds. There are two playable characters, including the original Rockford, and if the XBLA version is anything to go by it should be quite a looker on iOS. Expect Boulder Dash XL to hit "soon" at a price of $2.99.


  • mguniverse

    Nice, looking forward to this.

  • monsieurfreeze

    Played to this game a billion years ago on my parent's Apple II C
    Added to my watch list by now 🙂

  • runliketurtles

    Hopefully this will be better than the iOS incarnations of Boulder Dash and Boulder Dash Rocks a few years ago.

  • Dams

    Ugly ! Skip !

  • Gamer_Kev

    Boulder dash was a lot of fun back in the 80's, so I'll be looking forward to this. I hope they add iCade controls since Boulderdash would be perfect for it. It would also be really cool if they gave you the option to play the original like Mine 2049er and Spy vs Spy did. (though it would also be great if those two games also added iCade controls)