So you just blew anywhere from $329 to $499 or potentially way more than that on an iPad and/or iPad mini, don't have a lot of money left over for games, and don't want to go trudging through the top free charts? The good news is, there's always an insane number of deals to be found on the App Store. Every day there's more stuff on sale than you'll ever be able to buy or play, and the values to be had right now in the mobile gaming scene are seriously just out of this world. The games you can get for less than a dollar now? Crazy. The even better news is finding these deals isn't hard at all.

First off, you could stop by our Price Drops, Must-Have Freebies, and Deals Forum where we've got an army of dudes combing the App Store to find cool games on the cheap (or free). If you want to get a little more proactive, you can go scoping for deals yourself. How we do this when we post about sales is by utilizing our sister site, AppShopper.

Here are some handy links:

Watching the previous two freebie links can yield some particularly great results, as you can often find games that go free before whatever freebie promotions those particular games might be doing even technically start. Similarly, I've heard tales of some people being able to snag great games that were accidentally marked to free.

As far as the differences between "all" games and "popular" games, that all has to do with a top secret algorithm that attempts to determine what kind of games people are interested in. Personally, I tend to lean towards just wading through all games as sometimes you find some really crazy stuff in there.

Alternatively, you could just download the AppShopper App [Free] which also is pretty great for finding deals.

  • araczynski

    appshopper is a great site, but would be 10 times better if it included the ability to filter out developers.  just a simple checkbox on the user side: "Ignore developer's releases". heck, why not also include a 'Highlight releases from this developer' option, so the ones we like can be in a bigger/bolder font in some other color so we don't miss them.

    i think its fair to say every ios gamer out there has a list of their own that they wish they could filter out.  whether its due to the genre of games they put out, or the amount of IAP they always include, etc.

  • iGamersBox

    What you are looking for, is in appzap you can put artist or developer under a watch list so you won't miss any updates from that developer.

  • iGamersBox

    I use follow the protocols what eli had mention, and i use Appzap with Appshopper for maximum and best result. I even downloaded TA app so i won't miss any news or forum updates.

    • Greyskull

      To cover ALL bases though, you need Appshopper, AppZap Pro, AND Appticker Push. The n you have to check the store manually under new releases on an iDevice, not through iTunes; there are releases that don't show up as new in the appshopper apps and often show up much later in iTunes. I've heard, though, that ios6 dropped the release date column, which would be a shame.

      Of course I'm massively OCD.

  • JJE

    AppShopper is the second best iOS gaming related app out there. Number one is, of course, TA itself. Ah-Hehh! Put games in my wish list, wait for a sale, then pounce!

    Now it's not Ike I'm not OCD enough but I'd like to hear what folks think is the best app for tracking iOS sales figures. Because there would be nothing better than playing all the best games during the first half of the day, reading TA for the best industry gossip and reviews during the second half and then getting meta sales info to pour over during the last half.
    Ya, that'll work. The OFAP is willing to learn how to play DDS with his toes if necessary.

    • JJE

      That's DSS to the cognoscenti.

    • kendahlj

      That would be three

      • JJE

        In the future we will have no more need for Maths
        Nor will we need a controller for our iPad.

    • REkzkaRZ

      Butt-kiss much?

      Sorry, AppShopper wins *any day*!

  • Sigil

    Hey Guys, is there a website or app that lists apps that are retina enabled?

  • HTWGames

    Yes, because paying for something is absolutely a horrible thing, also a dollar is way too much to ask for when a developer spends 10s of thousands if not more, plus at least 6+ months worth of time on a product. You do realize that these apps are murdering developers chances of making more games right? Just some food for thought...the entitlement to cheap software is really making it impossible for anyone to want to bother anymore...

    • JJE

      Respectfully, I disagree. FTP games larded with IAP that buy power are almost universally hated. $1 games that lead you along for an hour only to hit a paywall that's the only alternative to endless grinding are also a bad idea.
      What if a Dev released a game at a reasonable price, say $5, but one where progression came from playing not paying? I wouldn't complain so much about IAP if it were going for things like additional levels, maps and cosmetics. No one is saying that, as a Dev, you aren't entitled to both the initial income from the sale nor additional income throughout the life of the IP. What's the point of spending endless hours coding and refining your product only to allow a $20 IAP of a BFG that ruins the experience you spent so much time on? That was the vision you had when you started designing?
      iOS gaming is very much like the Wild West. There are a lot of hucksters only trying to cash in on the new latest thing. They have no respect for the user and will be gone like smoke as soon as the cash flow stops. It's apps/sites like TA that are trying to help consumers make rational decisions with their entertainment dollars. Look at the top five Anticipated Games List. Despite all our mewling about having to wait, there are few users of this app who aren't rooting for these devs to take their time, come up with a compelling game experience and give us something we can enjoy, not just for a few minutes while waiting for a bus, but one that will occupy us for days. Design something like that and folks round these parts will clamor to buy more content.
      The OFAP hung around lots of coin-ops back in the day. iOS is not an arcade full of an endless pile of quarters.

  • GooooA

    They r sponsor.