So, what is Borderlands Legends? It's a top-down, squad-based shooter that features the cast of the original Borderlands. In fact, you'll be tasked with controlling all four of that game's heroes at the same time in Legends, as you mutilate Bandits, Skags, and even the Crimson Lance across randomly generated scenarios.

As you play, you'll earn experience points and find and buy guns just like you've been doing in Borderlands 2, except you'll be using your skills and powers from cover.

This is all according to Entertainment Weekly's early look at the title, which sheds a lot more light on Legends. Previously, all we knew was that Legends had a cover system, random missions, and guns thanks to an ad embedded in a digital strategy guide. Now, we have an idea at least what kind of game Legends is trying to be.

We'll have to see if this all pans out, though. It's such a different creative direction.

Give EW's preview a read if you're interested in learning some more about Legends. The write-up certainly makes Legends sound like a more ... exciting game than we thought it was going to be, and that's cool. Legends hits on October 30th, and we'll certainly dig in and give you the full skinny as soon as possible.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

  • Fawks

    If this doesn't have multiplayer...

    • Simzen

      I doubt it will.

      • Fawks

        The fact that the co-op is such a big part of the pitch I'm thinking they will include it.

    • dariusjr98

      I know right. This not having multiplayer will be UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

      • Benegesserit

        Sarcasm? Myself and many others enjoy BL fully solo. The outdated shared loot mechanic remains and really hurts the public multiplayer experience. As far as co-op with friends, I prefer couch co-op but a WiFi option would be cool for this.

      • Ben Maleh

        Dude shared loot is awesome. Love ditching my friends in the middle of a firefight to go check out that shiny chest behind the hut.

  • Rusothil

    If I could spill the entire pirate alphabet I would. This looks awesome!!

  • NeonVoidJP

    This looks really good actually! I love these kinda games!

  • lcn666


  • BJorn_LuLszic

    ...omg this looks awesome! Added to to watch list.

  • Benegesserit

    Warhammer Dawn of War squad combat? Cool

    • Bool Zero

      Man I would pay in kitten souls for a version of Dawn of War on my now obsolete iPad 3, hehe!

      • Benegesserit

        Off-topic but the best thing about the new iPad is a cheaper iPad 3.

      • Bool Zero

        Actually if you read, the iPad 3 is NOT dropping in price... Go figure!

      • Laszlo Tuss

        Are you retarded? They stop selling 3.gen iPad, so in second hand market it will be cheaper.

  • Bool Zero

    Funny all the naysaying on the previous comments of the announcement if this, and now here folks seem optimistic! Gamers are a funny, fickle bunch! In any case I was onboard for this with the announcement and this is looking great from the screenies!

    • Ben Maleh

      To be honest, this was totally unexpected from a console published. Kudos to them for actually putting some real effort into an iOS title (assuming its good.)

  • JohnnyJ301

    I'm a little skeptical about the top down perspective. It doesn't seem like Borderlands without the first person view... but it does look polished and it could be good?? Wait and see on this one.

  • OldBearEric

    I'm actually quite disappointed, but hear me out.

    I'm a big BL fan, I love the idea of a version for mobile but I didn't have expectations that this would full BL with no concessions. I was only hoping for a FPS game that was shrunk down to just arena battles like in the first and second game had in certain spots.

    Can you imagine? Small arenas, loot, leveling. Nothing complex just good fun arena/wave based action. Or a "horde mode" if you will.

    Instead it's a top down. My heart broke a little...

    • runliketurtles

      Sounds like fun, just not on a touch screen. I for one am glad it's not a FPS. In my experience those don't play too well on iOS (be it modern combat or trigger fist or any others I've tried).

    • Benegesserit

      Give it a chance. If this was how the console game was you might have always loved it. It could be another awesome game type but just skinned with a theme you know you like.

  • agentblank

    Not an fps? I'll pass.

    • Tyler Piderit

      Hmmmmm. Seems like you could play the FPS version on any console/PC you want. Hell, I even heard they made a sequel that is also an FPS.

      Maybe give this a chance?

  • Bliquid

    Honestly, BL 1 and 2 surely don't lack in content, so if ppl want that kind of experience they got plenty to dig in.
    I'm curious and optimistic about this, mostly because IT IS a different take on the brand.
    That, and the fact that i'm not really into FPS genre on my iPhone.

  • Goose

    Looks like battleheart.

  • Eric Higgins-Freese

    The most disapointing thing for me is that it seem to have lost the beauty of the cell shaded graphics.  I wish that would have carried over.

  • osvd

    Kinda cool is not a fps... Fps for ios sucks... Well at least on ipods....... Hope is not a point and click game :S

    • JohnnyJ301

      Sorry you feel that way because I own an ipod and fps games play really well. Games like Modern combat 3, Nova 3, Trigger fist, Cod zombies are a blast to play.

      In all honesty I was hoping Borderlands 2 mobile would have been an fps but you never know this could be a good game.

      • Jo.

        You probably don't play FPS' on consoles or PC then because if you did, you would realize how terrible the FPS controls on iOS are and that's why FPS games aren't successful on iOS.

      • JohnnyJ301

        Ha ha dude, I actually play many games on PC using my Keyboard/mouse and a wireless controller and I love playing FPS games on iOS. I'm a big fan of touch controls also. K/M is very precise but I've learned to use controls for FPS on iOS and it's adaptable. You just have to play and practice. Games like Modern combat 2,3, Nova 3, Trigger Fist, Cod zombies/BO zombies are a blast to play with touch controls.

        FPS games aren't successful on iOS???? Please don't make ignorant statements. The modern combat series, Cod zombies, Nova series are some of the highest grossing and successful games on iOS. I guarantee you that Modern combat 4 could be one of the biggest games ever on iOS.

        This is coming from a huge fan of console and PC gaming !

      • B3nlok

        Im sure you will get a lot followers and positive feedback from the "hardcore gaming" crowd with these old catchy baseless arguments about traditional games on touchscreen devices. Perhaps you are visiting the wrong pages. Forums like IGN or Neogaf would have more use for you.

  • Saqerbeast

    This looks terriable this isn't borderlands! This is some cut rate rts that I can download of tr AppStore. Come on 2k give us a real Borderlands game like the moxxi underdome.

  • Anonymous

    Should have released The Border Lands retro remake

  • araczynski

    i've been disappointed (at best) with absolutely every FPS i've touched on iOS, except for the ones that had some form of auto-aim built in.  the virtual controls just suck otherwise (for me). leave the twitch/precision gaming where they belong; on a system that supports a mouse/keyboard.

    anyway, like where this is going, its a good fit for the device.

  • Fawks

    This is a really strange move... When Randy Pitchford was talking with Greg Miller they were speaking of the Vita and that they wanted something to play on it. I would think he'd mention "Borderland Legends".

  • the fish

    This looks somehow like X-Com gameplay. That would be awesome!

  • ImJPaul

    This. Looks. Epic. Just wish it was coming out tmrw and not a week from now on a random Tuesday? Considering that's my only complaint I'd say I'm golden!

  • Shadowking2214

    Usually I hate top down shooters but it's borderlands,what the hell,I'll give it a try 😀 also I'll probably be playing mordecai the whole time instead of switching to other characters

  • Nicholas Yu

    Squad-based tactical game?  Yes, please.  XCOM: Enemy Unknown has reawakened my love for the genre, and iOS currently doesn't have a great game in this vein yet.

  • B3nlok

    Yeah, i saw it coming. Looks nothing like the real Borderlands.
    Still, its a shame to see great game companies living in pre iphone/ ipad era , ignoring the huge gaming potential these little machines have.

  • dasker

    Esperaba algo mejor viendo las imágenes siento que perdí el tiempo haciendole seguimiento a la noticia que basura pero mucha basura insultan a ios y a los 2 títulos de sobremesa 🙁

  • Hipcat

    Instant buy for me (unless there is a freemium IAP angle that ruins it).

  • SporadicMovement

    If the new mechanics are solid, I'm down. Whoever says this game doesn't have the art style / grapical look as BL needs to look at the article from Ent Weekly. Right down to the menus, same look. And Trigger Fist is a 3rd Person Shooter btw

  • jamarohn

    Squad based tactical... As in turn based strategy? Kinda like Hunters, except with turrets and stuff? Also I haven't had a whole lot of good experiences with procedurally generated maps...

  • BIG.E.

    LET'S GET HYPED SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SporadicMovement

    I'm gonna play this at Tiny Tina's next tea party.

  • Slender Man

    Well.....This is just disappointing..

  • Fireman4200

    I really don't care how it turns out..... It's Borderlands on iPhone and iPad you guys!! Its going to be amazing!!! This is one of the games I've always dreamed of having on iPhone and iPad but never would have thought it would actually come true and have such a soon release date, that make it even better that we don't have to sit and wait months. Now I just can't wait, just a few more days. I have never been so inpatient over a iPhone game, I just want to play it right now... It's killing me! Lol