On the verge of the release of a Star Wars-themed Angry Birds, even crazier news has come out regarding cross promotion deals Rovio is up to. According to PSFK, the Finnish mobile gaming giant has just executed a fist pound of epic international proportions with the McDonalds corporation, starting in China to create a new fast food-centric game. Check out the Chinese commercial:

If you find yourself saying, "No... Surely this can't be a thing... This can't be real." Well, check the McDonalds China web site which is loaded to the brim with Angry Birds branding. Apparently, the whole promotion is going to revolve around Angry Birds going location aware, with some power ups that are only available when playing the game inside of a McDonalds.


No word yet on whether or not this is going to cross the Pacific to infect American McDonalds, but it seems reasonable to think that if the promotion goes well in Asia that we'd also see it here. After all, I know at least one person who both loves Angry Birds and McDonalds that's going to be totally stoked to hear this news and I doubt she's alone. America, fast food, and Angry Birds goes together like peas and carrots (...and carrots?) after all.

  • riggysmalls

    This scares the hell out of me. I really hope this doesn't make it to the states. We don't need another excuse to plop down at McDonald's.

    • http://profiles.google.com/bryanrrollins Bryan Rollins

      if you weren't eating at McDonalds already, i dont think this would lure you in.

  • monsieurfreeze

    Not a big surprise ... After all the way rovio went through ... Now we just have to wait for the animated series .. Horrible thing: This is called selling its own ass.

    • monsieurfreeze

      Gaming prostitution ....

  • ducksFANjason

    This sounds like a terrible idea. Isn't this just going to crowd the store with people playing Angry Birds? (Assuming this takes off) It just seems like a huge hassle that'll just make it difficult to run a business if you have 200 Chinese people playing Angry Birds instead of leaving after they've finished eating.

  • Firetruck94

    Did I just read that correctly? Rovio signed a deal with McDonald's?

  • araczynski

    that's just sad rovio, if that was me, i'd just cash out now (filthy rich) since i couldn't look myself in the mirror.

    • gjgustav

      It's a mobile phone game. There's no purity or principle here. Why should there be?

  • Chumbake

    I'm all for it. It's what building a business is all about. It's not selling out, it's combining two successful entities to become more successful. It's just like getting a Disney toy in your Happymeal.

    • Benegesserit

      If this isn't selling out to you, then what is? This is the quintessential textbook example of selling out.

      • runliketurtles

        No, it's not. Selling out is going against your beliefs or principles to make a quick buck. Unless Rovio had something against McDonalds or fast food, there's nothing wrong here. It doesn't affect you in the least and you can easily ignore it.

        Now if you were to go to McDonalds or play An

      • runliketurtles

        To continue... If after you complained about this you were to go to McDonalds or play Angry Birds, that would be selling out:)

      • Chumbake

        Definition from Urban Dictionary.

        Sell Out: Anyone who sacrifices artistic integrity in an effort to become more successful or popular (generally in music); someone who forgets their roots.

        I don't believe they are sacrificing artistic integrity at all. Yes they are attempting to become more popular & successful but they are definitely not forgetting their roots.

        Their roots were making mobile games for the most profitable computer company in the world. They are still doing that and adding to it. This isn't some independent band that forgot where they came from. It's a company that took an already existing concept and built a cute/successful game and now they are expanding on that. There's nothing wrong with that. It's how Disney started. A mouse in a cartoon, then grew into a huge corporation. It's called being successful!

      • http://twitter.com/RubiconDevelop Rubicon Development

         It's quite public that Rovio's stated intention was to build a global brand. This is not "selling out", it's what they had in mind since the start.

        However, not a fan in any case

  • vic_viper_001

    Geez, how much more could they possibly whore out angry birds? Maybe while the Angry Birds are there, they'll catch the bird flu or something and die.

    • Firetruck94


    • Chefbot

      Calm down bro, it's just a game. It's not like Rovio killed your parents or something.

      And with how successful Angry Birds is, is it really surprising?

    • Tranceaholic

      Too bad there's no "Dislike" button for comments so I can thumbs down this comment and others I disagree with. Judging by your user name, though, I do agree with you about one thing: I would also love to see the Gradius series come to iOS someday!

      • Tranceaholic

        I was referring to vic_viper_001.

      • vic_viper_001

        Say what you will, but someday people will get tired of seeing cranked out versions of Angry Birds, and seeing Angry Birds plastered everywhere.

  • Eegah

    Good for them -- always nice to see a local boy do good, as it were.

    One hopes it would be for an exceptionally spicy chicken sandwich but given that this is McDonald's we're talking about it'll probably be awfully bland. Maybe they'll offer some Sriracha with it.

  • DCver3

    Didn't they already do this...I think it was called Angry Birds Rio? I may be mistaken...

  • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

    This makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Chumbake

      The news? Or McDonalds?

  • mudd

    Is this a scratch off game? Or do you have to throw some mcnuggets at a McRib to win a prize?

  • B30

    Piggy (avid)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benteknol-Segers/100001525126777 Benteknol Segers

    wow... my eye is twitching right now... And the left side of my face is feeling numb.

  • Scott Rogers

    First Star Wars, now McDonalds... Rovio is not screwing around with their corporate alliances.

  • Blodia

    "Burger Time: Tiannenman Square".

  • http://twitter.com/RubiconDevelop Rubicon Development

    Sick of hearing about this hackneyed old crap now. Is it only me that thinks this brand is tired and should be dragged into a field and shot?

    I'll certainly be avoiding any McDonalds here if this turns up.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YBLIAVPTCMHM7CBOVKLNMVFH4U HShin

    Angry Birds. Not fun as a game. Not funny as a franchise.