Another Unholy Alliance Forged: Rovio Joins Forces with McDonalds

On the verge of the release of a Star Wars-themed Angry Birds, even crazier news has come out regarding cross promotion deals Rovio is up to. According to PSFK, the Finnish mobile gaming giant has just executed a fist pound of epic international proportions with the McDonalds corporation, starting in China to create a new fast food-centric game. Check out the Chinese commercial:

If you find yourself saying, “No… Surely this can’t be a thing… This can’t be real." Well, check the McDonalds China web site which is loaded to the brim with Angry Birds branding. Apparently, the whole promotion is going to revolve around Angry Birds going location aware, with some power ups that are only available when playing the game inside of a McDonalds.


No word yet on whether or not this is going to cross the Pacific to infect American McDonalds, but it seems reasonable to think that if the promotion goes well in Asia that we’d also see it here. After all, I know at least one person who both loves Angry Birds and McDonalds that’s going to be totally stoked to hear this news and I doubt she’s alone. America, fast food, and Angry Birds goes together like peas and carrots (…and carrots?) after all.