Back at WWDC in June, we got to check out an early build of iMech Online, and upcoming mech-based online multiplayer shooter from developer Mobula Games. If the name iMech rings a bell, that's because it was a game originally released back in 2009 by Flying Dino Games and was one of the very first iOS games to feature up to 8-player online combat.

That original iMech has since been decommissioned, but former Flying Dino employees snatched up the IP and banded together as Mobula to rework and rerelease an improved version of the game, now known as iMech Online. They've just released a new gameplay video showing quite a bit of progress in the game since we last saw it in June.

iMech Online is just about ready to leave its alpha phase and begin with beta testing. As you can see in the trailer, it has a much more vibrant and stylish look than the early builds we have seen, and it seems to be coming along really well. If they can nail down a solid online experience then iMech Online could be one to look out for if you crave some online competitive mech battling (don't we all?).

Look for more on it as development continues and check in on our forums as we wait to hear more on when iMech Online will hit the App Store.

  • Schuyler

    Looking good! Added to watchlist.

  • tjgeneva

    After the disappoint of MechWarrior Tactical Command, this leaves me with hope of a good Mech game on iOS. 

  • Goose

    Gimme swipe screen aiming with a fire button and I'm sold.

  • shieldser99

    Is mech pilot any good? There no reviews on the app or on YouTube, and the reviews on this site mainly complain about ios6. Btw this look awesome. And there's environment damage too

  • chinito77

    Looks a little like Armored Core style which would be a good thing.  If it has a ton of upgrades and a variety of mechs, it should be good.

  • Chao Wang

    Looks awesome, I'm really excited about trying different weapons in this game but the video didn't show any missiles, will there be missiles or is the whole game all energy weapons?

  • Hbn46

    I remember playing the original imech with my neighbors, it was actually a pretty kick ass game, other games came out so I didn't play it as much, but excited that they're going to revamp it and rerelease. Should be awesome!