We first reviewed Com2us's Tiny Farm [Free] over a year ago now (Wow, really?) and while outfits like ngmoco seem to be constantly cutting support for their free to play library, Tiny Farm is getting constant content injections- The most recent of which being focused entirely around a tie in with Sanrio's Hello Kitty. Check it out:

Hello Kitty-izing isn't just limited to weird hats and purses for your animals, as you can now go all out with pink fencing, hearts everywhere, and even what looks like some sort of Hello Kitty party bus:

So, if you're still all about Tiny Farm, make sure you grab the latest update and start going to town with all this Hello Kitty stuff. Alternatively, if you've never heard of Tiny Farm before and you're not entirely cold on free to play farming games, it's really worth a shot. As we mention in our review, some of the game's mechanics (specifically how breeding works) gives the game a lot more depth than your typical free to play timer game.