We posted a similar roundup earlier this month, and people seemed to like it, so here we are turning the top ten most anticipated upcoming games feature into a regular thing. There seemed to be a lot of confusion with this last time so please read how this works before commenting: The TouchArcade App [Free] has the ability to add upcoming games to a watch list, you accomplish this by reading articles like this one inside of the app and sliding over the little binocular switch. (This will all make sense inside the app, I promise.)

This list is composed of the upcoming games that the most app users have added to their watch list. If you want to see a game listed here that isn't, dig into the app, add it to your watch list, and encourage your friends and other fans of the game to do the same. This list is 100% user generated.

10. Oceanhorn - Originally intended for a 2012 release, talk of a release date has since gone by the wayside as we watch the developers slowly dribble out increasingly impressive assets of this action RPG. We don't know a whole lot about the game, and the mystery likely only adds to the allure.

9. Carmageddon - This 1997 classic is finally making its way to iOS devices. We've yet to get a more specific release date as a nebulous "summer" release has since turned into "soon". Regardless, we can't wait for the full version to relive our Carmageddon nostalgia.

8. The Other Brothers - A really slick-looking pixel-art-packed platformer that we've had our eyes on for quite some time now. Unfortunately, following a failed Kickstarter it's unclear what the future of The Other Brothers holds. It was #8 earlier in the month too, and as far as we can tell, it's not any closer to release.

7. Ultima Forever - I know it's foolish of me to think that this free to play online reboot of the Ultima series will be anything like my beloved Ultima Online... But, until I'm proven wrong on that I'm going to remain incredibly hopeful. This game was #7 earlier too, and I'm still just as hopeful.

6. Bladeslinger - Dubbed "that western-themed Infinity Blade" on our forums, Bladeslinger seems to have been "coming soon" for eternity. The last release date estimate was sometime in May, which, obviously, has passed by quite a while. A month later, Bladeslinger has slipped to #6 from #5.

5. Drifter - A space game of epic proportions, and the guys behind it have been teasing me for far too long with the potential of a preview build. Their Kickstarter went off without a hitch, and last I heard they're sending out the swag now. Regardless, Drifter drifted up to #6 this month from #5.

4. Real Racing 3 - Firemint joined forces with Iron Monkey and Real Racing 3 is the first announced title for the new studio. They've got a lot to live up to between Real Racing [$2.99 / $4.99 (HD)] and Real Racing 2 [$4.99 / $6.99 (HD)], so hopefully Real Racing 3 completes the trilogy of really great racing games. Also, is anyone out there surprised that this game jumped from #10 to #4? I'm not.

3. Star Command - Originally pitched as something along the lines of Game Dev Story meets Star Trek, Star Command has the wealth of not one but two Kickstarters behind it. Hopefully that means it'll be released soon. The curve of the number of people who are watching these last three games are likely going to cement them in this position until they're released, so Star Command stays at #3.

2. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - If you never got around to playing the original (and fantastic, I might add) Baldur's Gate when it was first released many moons ago, you're in luck. Everything we've seen so far regarding the iOS "enhanced" remake looks absolutely incredible. It was pushed back a bit, but trust me, it's a good thing. This game will be worth the wait, and stays at #2.

1. Infinity Blade: Dungeons - Is anyone surprised that this game would be number one in this list? Infinity Blade [$5.99] and/or Infinity Blade II [$5.99] would be on anyone's short list of the best games of the App Store, so, naturally, folks are pretty excited for Dungeons. There are so many people that have this game watch listed it's basically going to be #1 until it's released. It's crazy, really.

  • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

    how could  u leave off ravenswrod 2 man TA has realy lost it's way

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MGKMDABPUEAIAYIL5RC6WGE3AY Schuyler

       Don't worry, Jared- it'll come out soon and then Brad Nicholson will immediately give it 5 stars.

      • ImJPaul

        In all seriousness though. Is there any news on it?

      • http://twitter.com/Sanuku Sanuku

         Brad won`t be able to rate it since he won`t be able to stop playing it...

  • http://twitter.com/mguniverse Danny Perski

    I'm more excited for Super Meat Boy: The Game than I am The Other Brothers, because it is starting to seem like The Other Brothers developers are spending more time on Kickstarter and Indiegogo than actually making a video game.

  • GSJ1977

    LOL@Jared 😀

  • paulkane

    Where is Wimp in all this upcoming excitement? Must be locked in at # 11...

  • scdude

    Mc 4 should be here

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It's actually #11.

      • LOLavi

        Should be higher...

  • TheGrimCreeper

    I don't see New York Zombies 2.

  • UnleashthePower

    I'm waiting for the walking dead episode 3

    • ImJPaul

      Get an Xbox or ps3. I've already played it. Just get ready. That's all ill say.

  • Andy C83

    No love for 'Year Walk'? I am disappoint.

  • http://twitter.com/crunchewy Crunchewy

    Inifinity Blade Dungeons looks promising, but Infinity Blade 1 & 2 are two of the most overrated games on the app store. Repetitive and dull. Dungeons seems to not be Infinity Blade except in name, so that's good.

  • mrriv

    Infinity blade dungeon all the way!:D

  • ahamling27

    Looks like you might have to expand the list to the top 15, it seems many people are waiting for some games that rival the ones in the top 10...

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Then they should go in and watchlist those games to get them on the list. 🙂

  • KenGriffeyIII

    I think this is the only website I've seen that kinda works better as an app than a website (the website's not bad its just a really good app). This is a cool feature though I'm glad to see it's sticking around. Also Star Command is a myth. 

  • ChiefBurningLog

    If anyone is impatient for Star Command, go play FTL: Faster than Light, it's a PC game that IMO has set the bar for what Star Command has to do. It's a roguelike with permadeath and the most addicting game I've played in a LONG time, and only 10 bucks!

  • ImJPaul

    I don't understand everyone's excitement for carmageddon. I played it back in the day and was like "cool" for 10 minutes, then immediately moved on with my life. Yet, here we are with it at number 9. Otherwise a great list. Yearwalk, AW:Korea, Shardlands, PVZ2, Ravensword 2 and Republique have all got my attention as well. Just like everyone else I am really just eagerly waiting on IB:D. Or an update on it at least. I'll take whatever I can get.

  • Gabriel.Voyager

    Star Command is a Vaporware, i'm sick reading the same 'coming soon' mounth after mounth after mounth...
    I've to wait 12 years like Duke Nukem Forever?

  • Gamer_Kev

    I'm really looking forward to Oceanhorn. If it turns out I can't play it on my 1st gen iPad, I'm hoping to at least be able to play it on my new iPod Touch which should be in my hands next month.

    I'm also looking forward to a number of other games on that list, but Oceanhorn's resemblance to my favorite Zelda game has me really anticipating it. I've played all the console versions of Zelda except for Skyword Sword (because I don't have a motion plus controller for my Wii) and I have to say Windwaker is my favorite by far.

  • http://twitter.com/Sanuku Sanuku

    So far The Other Brothers failed on Kickstarter & Indiegogo totally. It will be interesting to see how the Game will actually do on the iTunes Store when the current Interest seem to be pretty much close to Zero outside of the TouchArcade Microcosmos.

    Calling Star Command a Vaporware is kinda unfair since those Guys just had done nothing wrong so far...

    They wanted to create an "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - Video Game while at the same time had simple not realise that there is a reason why nobody had gone that far before 😀

    Take it as it is - The Development of Star Commands is doing fine. I can`t tell you if it will be done this Year with all the Features that were announced Months ago when the first News showed up in our Universe about it but so far I don`t see a reason why I should not make sure I`m ready for take off as soon as I hear it`s call of duty from the iTunes Store.

    Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition was a mess if it comes to the Control System. Im glad that the Developer had postponed the Launch to make sure they fix it.

    So far I have heared only good News about Bladeslinger about the current Beta Build. It will be interesting to see how far the Team behind it can push the hole Concept to make it shine besides the other Games later this Year if it comes to it`s Storytelling.

    Drifter, Ultima Forever, Carmageddon are far from being able to shown to the Public so we will see how they will do in the upcoming Months or probably next Year 😉

    Oceanhorn, Real Racing 3 look so far like System Seller and I will bit myself in my ass if those two don`t raise straight up into the Top Ten of the iTunes Store.

    Infinity Blade: Dungeons - I`m glad that Epic Games new Studio is taking care of it after Chair wasn`t able to deliver twice an Build for the Launch that was out of Major Bugs in the last Years while at the same time bragging about how fast they had finished it.

    • Gabriel.Voyager

      Not respect any deadline for me is wrong.
      The guys promised Star Command this summer, and summer goes away.
      Then maybe this year... Yes of course... Then maybe they make another kickstart to grab another money for Star Command on PS Vita, then maybe will be released in the 2013... or maybe in the summer of 2014 for the iPad 5 😉

      • http://twitter.com/Sanuku Sanuku

        About Star Commands:

        It`s not that Dark on the Star Commands Skyline as you make it look like...

        They did indeed had two seperate Kickstarter Projects One for the iOS/Android Build and one for the PC/MAC Build.

        Don`t forget that many other Kickstarter Projects had done something similar in the past just with different Level of Goals they want to reach to be able to port their upcoming Games on different Plattforms.

        Nothing shabby about that in my Eyes and I hope you realise that your argument seems kinda a bit over the top.

        About the Playstation Vita:

        A few Months ago I would have asked you if you are joking because everyone was believing that the Playstation Vita was a dying swan after the E3. Well thinks changed since the Sony Gamescon Presentation and now the Vita seem to be on the right Road again so if you would ask me if they should do a third Kickstarter for an Vita Build when the iOS/Android/PC/MAC Build is finished I would asnwer you...

        Hell Yes, let`s just do it since the Playstation Vita probably won`t see anything similar like Star Commands from the Major Brands, at least not till Zynga create a Clone of it.

  • Lamar Taylor

    Where is MC4? Most of these kiddie games look boring.

  • kingrocknlr

    Star Command had me at "we will release sometime in July or August". And then I went to their website everyday for 3 months looking for release info. And now...I'm just kind of not as interested.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/rekzkarz#a0df5 REkzkaRZ

      For those who've lost hype on Star Command -- too bad.  The game will still be good.  Bottom line -- people who can't be patient & let dev's do a good job should not follow the development: wait for the game to be ready & then get all psyched one the pre-release hype.

      Game Dev really isn't a spectator sport.  It's a time where you give dev's peace & quiet to make something awesome.
      They missed their release date?  Oh no!  They are a brand-spanking new startup funded 100% on user interest?  
      Amazing!   They made an ambitious project and are delayed a bit on releasing b/c they are fine tuning & want it to be really great, not all buggy?  Good!
      Questions I'd ask those dis-ing Star Command:
      a) Did you fund a kickstarter project?
      b) Do you have any skin in the game?
      c) Have you ever made anything (Question C part 2 -- on the same scale?)

      This will be a great game.  Keep the faith & beam me up!

  • regkilla

    Oceanhorn looks like a cool game. Graphics are sweet

  • lr1919

    Prevail 🙂

  • klouud

    I only care about #1 and #10

  • The#1

    Anybody know when joe danger comes out?

  • Tom Melbourne

    I just want Raven Sword 2 it looks like the iPads Skyrim

  • https://me.yahoo.com/rekzkarz#a0df5 REkzkaRZ

    How about Dungeon Raid #2  (Or IAP expansion)?  

    (Wish we could get the dev motivated!!!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134582760 Nicole Hunter

    IB 1 & 2 are not on my list of best games on ios, simply because they are the beautified archetype of the repetitive mobile game.