So, we've been thinking about Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour since its "leak" and subsequent actual reveal. And we've go some new details. Most notably, it will support iPhone 5 and its taller screen at launch. Presumably, the extra real estate will make a difference in a control sense, as the added width will give the virtual buttons more breathing room.

But if you don't have The Big New Thing, don't worry. Gameloft tells us that Modern Combat 4 is also going to support other stuff. The game, which launches this fall, will be a Universal app. Also, it's going to carry a premium price tag.

As with most super anticipated release like this one, meaningful game details are going to come in chunks. Multiplayer, for example, has seen some enhancements, but Gameloft isn't quite ready to talk about what specifically is being tweaked.

That's all we've got for now outside of the new screens you're seeing above, but we'll keep you up to date as the marketing campaign continues to plug along and, hopefully, eventually get our hands on this thing.

  • scdude

    This awesome

  • scdude

    Can't wait

  • Mark

    Guys... are these articles REALLY necessary? I mean, come on, did anyone ever doubt that MC4 would support the iPhone 5s resolution? How is this stuff even news? Obviously one of the biggest iOS devs will support that new screen resolution in the newest entry to probably their biggest game series that is most likely still a month away from release.

    • Jacob Reese

      It's news to me! I'm glad to hear that it's not a cheap ass free game that pushes IAP!

    • Eli Hodapp


      • Mark

        Well since you seem to need more news, guess what:

        You know EA, the publisher that releases a lot of freemium games on iOS? Well, unbelievably one of their most anticipated upcomming titles, Real Racing 3 will  not be a freemium game!! I know! I find it hard to believe myself! And who would have guessed that they will support the resolution of the new iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5? That is just simply incredible! 

      • Eli Hodapp


      • Wikilix

        In all honesty, the two points in this article (Premium and iPhone 5 support) are pretty Redundant, Who wouldn't of guessed The game Would have these features?

      • Eli Hodapp

        People get very excited for these Modern Combat games. If they don't interest you, don't read them? I don't know. We've got tons of other stories to read today that aren't Modern Combat related including two (and potentially soon to be three) five star game reviews.

      • Jared Nelson

        I would not have guessed that Gamelofts NFL title that just came out would be freemium, so I'm actually glad to find out that MC4 won't be. *shrug*

      • lr1919

        Don't you have anything better to do?

      • Jared Nelson

        It's so crazy how technology has advanced to the point where you're able to freely scroll past things on the internet that don't interest you. Incredible.

      • Firetruck94

        You just blew my freakin mind

      • Mark Myers

         Rovio just released Bad Piggies.  Who would have thought that WOULDN'T support the iPhone 5 screen?  Huh.  Amazing what is news and what isn't.

    • Brian Keith

      It's news to just about everyone dumbass.

      • Zver Bre

         Wow, who sh1t in your fruit loops this morning?

    • lr1919

      Since when is there an iPhone 5s? Now that's news to me!

      • Mark

        It'd be the iPhone 5S if it existed, iPhone 5s is the plural of an iPhone 5. They were selling an iPhone 5 => They were selling a lods of iPhone 5s.

      • lr1919

        iPhone 5's

      • farnsworth_pro

        the iPhone 5's what?

      • lr1919

        Plural vs possessive.

      • Karzay

        Apostrophe "s" ('s) is used for the plurals for capital letters and numbers when the meaning would be unclear otherwise.

  • Scape3d

    Why is this game being a paid app news? Why wouldn't it cost money? I'm confused.

    • Jacob Reese

      because Gameloft is known for releasing free games that push IAP. I, for one, am glad to hear that this will be a premium paid game and not a cheap ass freemimum game.

      • Firetruck94

        +1 to you sir

      • tim240

        Didn't modern combat 3 have IAP's?

      • Justin Faull

        They don't force them down your throat like other games do...

  • SpacePenguinBot

    Looks good, but I'm still unwilling to spend more than $0.99 on a game with virtual joystick controls. And even then they have to be really well done. This will be added to my AppShopper 'wish list', but there's no guarantee that I'll pay for it.

    Also: Your "subsequent actual reveal" link is broken.

    • Mike Lata

      Then why are you even using Apple hardware to game on? It isn't the software's fault or developer's faults that they have to rely on hardware with only virtual sticks.

  • John McCollum

    Have they announced if this is going to be powered by the unreal engine? I would hope it will be since this is one of Gameloft's most popular franchises. Plus it will be coming out around the same time as Black Ops 2, so it would be wise to release a shiny game to compete in the war genre. I understand mobile games will never compete on the same playing field as a PS3, but still a handheld unreal powered first person shooter would be nice.

    • Firetruck94

      They'll probably use their own engine, like the other modern combat games

    • AlexsIpad

      It would have had the unreal engine logo at the start of the new tailed, so probably not

  • Griffiniox

    I am ready for MC4 😀

  • LOLavi

    I've always enjoyed the multiplayer experience more, but I am loving the more series tone in this trailer! So excited! MC series are my most played games of all time on iOS!

    • JohnnyJ301

      Have to agree, one thing that modern combat does right is fps games. The modern combat series is the fps series on iOS ( too bad about the hacking problem though)

  • JohnnyJ301

    Well I'm ready for the next onslaught of Modern Hackers 4... I mean Modern Combat 4.

    • regkilla

      Hacker Fest

  • makots

    When is Infinity Blade Dungeons being released?

  • WeMeet

    No IAP pushed game
    It would hv been a horror for me if this turned into a freemium game

  • JCat_NY

    I wouldn't be surprised if the bucket load of ass called Dungeon Hunter 3 convinced Gameloft that a pay up front premium price was a smarter route.

  • Mummycook101

    Yay mc4 can't wait hackers freaking stop I hate HACKERS you guys reck the games no hackers In this game

  • Mummycook101

    Hopefully mc4 has zombies that would be so awesome

  • GSJ1977

    Umm, guys, just because the game isn't free doesn't mean it won't push IAPs.

  • Shadowking2214

    Great,noobs buying gold and bombers when they lose matches...what fun

  • Pccapso

    I wonder if gameloft will make is as easy to exploit as they did the 3rd. There are not many games in which you can cheat in online mode. I was rather surprised at gameloft. It's fun to be the one running the mods but not so much to be on the receiving end of unlimited ammo from a grenade launcher.

  • xepiczx

    MC4 is already out check on the AppStore
    I've got it its great

  • ferdysan360

    This is going to be awesome