Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour has been announced courtesy one of those shaky cam video game trailer "leaks" that people on YouTube seem to like so much. Earlier this morning, a bad version of Zero Hour's upcoming reveal trailer hit the web, revealing a premise that'll have players keeping their heads on a swivel, staying frosty, and killing bad dudes in an attempt to save a kidnapped president.

We don't have a ton of meaningful details to share since the trailer doesn't dive into the game's mechanics or game modes, but it appears plain that this is going to be a video game with modern vehicles, places, and guns in it. You've played one of these before, right?

Zero Hour is expected to hit across iPhone, iPad, and Android this coming fall, according to the trailer.

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  • dmdcutter

    this just in.....Two hours after the leak, hackers were already spotted ruining the game as what is now recognized as the great tradition of the  Modern Combat game series.

  • Meghan Fox

    I think the question we should all be asking ourselves now, is, are we bad enough dudes to save the president?

  • pylos

    I went to watch the trailer, but of course I couldn't because if connection problems....

  • ImJPaul

    Just like Gameloft. No gameplay in the trailer. Will probably skip out on this one. Always say te last game is the last one I'm gonna buy of theirs and they won't trick me into buying another game....and then I buy another one of their games just to be disappointed.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    lame.... same crap quality like MC3

  • CkX82

    I gotta boner with your name on it.

  • Gatada

    The Male VO tries to sound like Clint Eastwood?

  • ConceptNormal

    Lets not hop scotch a skip and a jump to conclusion here... O wait, we did. Back to Borderlands 2

  • dariusjr98

    There is always at least one troll in any post about Gameloft or their games. Stop wasting your time trolls! I, for one, am really excited for this, I've been waiting forever!!! I'll have to clear up A LOT of space though, but no surprise there. I hope it is better than MC3, which I was disappointed in. The campaign delivered, but I never particularly enjoyed it. It was very forgettable. The multiplayer was awesome, but it had major setbacks that ruined it for me: The hackers, the spawn points, and the currency. MC4 needs to remove the stupid currency, and have better spawn points. I will say that all the weapons were brilliantly balanced. MC3 of course is supposed to be "better," but i enjoyed NOVA 2 a lot more, campaign and multiplayer. Give me an ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN and much more polished multiplayer, and I'm in.

  • Klas Segeljakt

    These games just keep getting better and better imo.

  • regkilla

    MC4 FTW!

  • zachattack165

    Looks legit

  • zombiefidh

    When is it coming out

  • jcash285

    Yessss new game coming out.PLEASE BE FREE so I don't need to buy it

    • Toyota974

      Nope, if it were free it would have to e a free play game, AND THEY ARE THE NOST HORRIFIC INSULT TO EVERYTHING EVER.

  • Lamar Taylor

    Count me in on this when this game drops. MC3 was fun to play and had some nice graphics. I'm not picky or a harsh game critic so I don't bash Gameloft for copying Call of Duty.

  • Tom Melbourne

    go on the website down the bottom for proper full trailer

  • jwareagle10

    I hope the multiplayer is more balanced for cross platform mobile gameplay.