Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy [$2.99] pops because it knows what it is: a super fast, over-the-top action game that plays it loose with physics and reality. That was our big takeaway from earlier this year when we went hands-on extensively with it following its surprise debut at the new iPad event where it helped show off that device's power and actual HD screen.

Air Supremacy has just been updated with iPhone 5 screen support, which turns out, is a great thing for the smaller version of the game. Functionally, the increased screen real estate let's you really chew on the game's environments. Also, the game feels easier to control in certain modes of play, courtesy wider virtual button placements.

More importantly, maybe, is the fact that we've been getting the same sense of speed out of this version that we got from the iPad version. It could just be in our heads, but it seems to be drawing us in more into its speed and scale on iPhone 5 than it ever did on iPhone 4S, courtesy being able to see more whizzing by us.

If you're looking for a cool flight game for iPhone 5, you can't really do better than Air Supremacy at the moment. It was already a hip game, but the smaller version sings on iPhone 5.