Earlier this morning, Eli and I dug into VS Racing 2 [Free]. It's a sleek top-down racer that, naturally, tasks you with racing fast cars around increasingly convoluted tracks. One of its most notable features is its accessibility: smashing into dude and shredding corners is a breeze, courtesy its one-button steering interface. It's also a looker, and appears as if its slated to get a lot of new, game-changing car content down the line.

The original VS Racing was a pretty big deal, and VS Racing 2 picks up right where that game left off, as it sees the return of a lot of that game's systems and features. Fans of VS Racing 2's predecessor won't be disappointed with this one, in other words. Go figure, right?

Anyway, check it out below. We recommend it. As long as you don't stare into the game's Matrix for too long, it's easy to get swallowed up by its simplicity and action.

  • webman2k

    This is fantastic.  I'm in the middle of Reckless Racing 2, which I'm loving, but this is a nice distraction from that.  It's exactly as if a new version of Super Sprint was released - updated for today's machines.  Even has similar sounds too.

  • ImJPaul

    I'll stick with Death Rally. It can't get more solid then that with the top down twisted metal style racer except for a game called combat cars for sega genesis. That would make a SERIOUSLY awesome iOS transition. TA, u should make it happen. I can't be the only one with fond memories of that game.

  • Robert DiNicolas

    This game has the spirit of the 80's arcade game Super Sprint.  I'm finding the difficulty balance to be superb, the AI cheating seems to be minimal.  It looks spectacular on a retina display, and there's a huge selection of levels (even if they are just variations of the 2 available themes).  The career mode is really light, but I'm finding that I don't mind much- they nailed the important stuff.

  • ducksFANjason

    I suspect it's not "scripted" at all, though I could be wrong, I'd hazard a guess that your consistency in passing cars on that turn is a function of each car having the same speed and and acceleration and what determines how fast you complete the race is based solely upon your steering (IE cutting corners will net faster times as opposed to taking the corners wide). That would make far more sense than having to program a whole scripted sequence in which each car does exactly A, and A only.

    • ConceptNormal

      And BINGO was his name... My exact thoughts watching. I guess you'd have to play a lot of racing games to maybe figure that out, but like you, I'm just thinking that's common sense? Anyways good calib. Brad and Eli. I like the unbiased opinion of, even though your not big into the top-down racing genre, you found enough good stuff to recommend it. Solid 😉

  • futuresgreen

    This looks very dull - so much better games out there even at this price. Move on !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Hopper/1238691947 Paul Hopper

    Solid top down racer, no forced iap. Only thing I do differently than in the video is I use arrow keys for controlling my car, I've never been comfortable with the wheel mode in these games.

  • pirres

    Amazing graphics, perfect handling. I use the joystick and it tool me 2-3 races to get used to it, and it is great. Drifting is fun...

    Can't wait for the new update!

  • Coldar1

    Yep, what everybody says. Liking it more than I thought. Have a folder full of top down racers too but the controls (using the arrows) is what keeps me into the play. This one they did right.