Gameprom is one of the developers that really saw the potential of iOS devices as digital pinball havens. The elongated screens, the intuitive touch screen controls, the accelerometer that let you “shake” a table to give it a proper nudge. It just seems a perfect fit.

Since their iOS debut of Wild West Pinball [Free] all the way back in April of 2009, Gameprom have gone on to release a number of different pinball games, each typically being more elaborate and technically advanced than the last. It’s up for debate whether you can jive with Gameprom’s brand of ball physics compared to real life tables, but the bottom line is they perform well, look spectacular, and are lots of fun.

Over the weekend, Gameprom released their latest table simply title Arcade Pinball. The theme this time around is classic arcade games. There’s a huge display screen in the middle of the table that plays various mini-games that have passing resemblances to ones you might have grown up with in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. There’s also a mini-table in the upper corner that looks like it’s modeled after Q-Bert but plays more like a little pachinko machine. Check out the dubstep-laden trailer below.

The new Arcade Pinball is pretty cool, and should feel right in line with Gameprom’s other offerings if you’re into them. Here’s where things get tricky though: due to some weird licensing issues, there are several ways you can actually buy the different Gameprom games. Let me see if I can break it down for you in the least complicated way possible.

Their original 3 pinball games, Wild West [Free], Jungle Style [$1.99], and The Deep [$1.99], are all currently free in their iPhone standalone versions. A good way to gauge if you’ll like Gameprom’s brand of silver ball is to download any or all 3 of them and check them out, since you know, they’re free and everything.

However, a better and cleaner alternative is to buy one of their pinball collection apps. There’s Pinball HD [$1.99 / $1.99] which includes the 3 previously mentioned tables plus has access to most of their other collection by way of in-app purchase: AC/DC Pinball, Da Vinci Pinball, Snow Pinball, Slayer Pinball, and the new Arcade Pinball.

Then there’s yet another collection, aptly named Pinball HD Collection [Free / Free], which includes all the previous tables mentioned for purchase as well as the 3 licensed ‘80s movie tables from the standalone War Pinball [$1.99 / $1.99 (HD)] app (those 3 tables are based on the movies Platoon, Navy Seals, and Missing in Action, and are all pretty sweet). Pinball HD Collection is the way to go if you want all of Gameprom’s pinball games in one single app (or theoretically 2 apps, since none of their pinball games are Universal). Also, none of your purchases transfer between apps, which is kind of unfortunate.

Aside from a confusing amount of ways to buy their tables, I love Gameprom’s pinball games and will continue to buy and re-buy them if I have to, though I seriously hope there’s not yet another collection on the horizon. At least their prices are pretty cheap, with all tables running beweeen 99¢ and $2.99, and the new Arcade Pinball clocking in at $1.99. For sake of simplicity I’ll just list the links to the Pinball HD Collections below, since they're currently the most definitive collections, but definitely check out their free offerings if you haven't yet and at the very least there are enough different options for buying these games that something is bound to suit you.

  • bones boy

    What a piece of crap! Bought the Arcade Pinball game and on the first ball of the first play the ball got "stuck"  on the upper right side spinner. WTF?

    • Mrwubbs

      Just shake it loose.

  • Michael B

    Just curious since this is a pinball thread, has anything been mentioned about the Pro Pinball kickstarter? While I love the Gameprom guys and have been a massive fanboy since the beginning, I would sell someone's testicle if it would get timeshock (and a new Pat Lawlor table) funded.

    Heck, contact them - I'm sure they wouldn't mind doing an interview with TA.

    • Greyskull

      I'm not paying a company to develop an update designed to make them more money. They have a major, cross-platform pinball game. If they can't get the licensing rights through offering revenue sharing with the IP holders; by purchasing the rights with the revenue they've earned; or through a loan, well...whatever.

      If they have difficulty obtaining capital (tougher standards post credit-crunch, etc...) on credit, they should look into applying for a loan from an asset-based lender.

  • R Skse

    Gameprom likes Slayer m/

  • Jeff Strong

    Farsight's The Pinball Arcade is so much better than this. Just look at the crazy flipper angles.

    • icurafu

      I'm always suspicious of games that go so far as to rearrange the word order when cloning a game.

      • Lakeshore

        Well, just think of what Arcades where and you know that both tables use it properly.

  • Renato Ferraz

    I honestly cannot understand why anyone would prefer Gameprom's tables over Farsight's Pinball Arcade. They are in a completely different league... And their choice of name must be intended to create confusion (Arcade Pinball vs. Pinball Arcade?). It is a shame.

    Granted Farsight's tables are a bit more expensive, but they are the real deal, true licensed classics.

    • Lakeshore

      Pinball Arcade recreates real world pinball games, while the Arcade table from Gameprom is a table, which could not be created in reality. The difference seems to be very obvious. And none of the both is better. They are different.

      • subshell001

        if you remove all themes, all you are left with are the pinball mechanics. and in that case, Pinball Arcade wins hands-down.

      • Renato Ferraz

        Lakeshore, I respect your opinion but I am not changing mine.

        Exactly because Pinbal Arcade is based on real tables they are much better designed (in terms of rules/gameplay). The original developers had to sell these for considerable amounts of money and a lot of thought went into making sure they were succesfull.

        I could be wrong, but I don't think quite as much planning goes into the design of a 0.69p app. And to me this clearly shows on how entertaining I find each.

      • Norbert Cardinal

        please replace "gameprom" with "ZEN" and you are right. gameprom is a "Money making machine".

      • Greyskull

        ...and frankly, there are better arcade pinball options available. Gameprom's apps have been removed and reinstalled on my device many times, but Zen Pinball will never be deleted.

  • Sergey Volskiy

    Hi Renato, I'm totally agree with you, seems 5M users who likes Gameprom's pinballs can't understand Farsight's pinball is better :)))))  

    • Renato Ferraz

      @Sergey: I am not sure if you are trying to be ironic or not... I have no idea how many people play Gameprom's tables vs Farsight's nor do I believe you would know. In any case comparing user numbers isn't necessarilly a good indication of how good each one is. As I pointed out on my original post Farsight does charge a premium in order to cover the licensing costs of the original tables.

      • GordLacey

        I'm pretty sure he's one of the Gameprom developers.

  • Frank Jonen

    It's an arcade filled with pinball tables, which makes it a pinball arcade. What's not to understand?

  • drelbs

    STILL waiting for universal support, which Gameprom has talked about including (on the TA forums) before but appears to be something they are uninterested in actually doing. 🙁

  • nickmorgs

    What would have been really cool is when you fire up the app and it asks if you wish to restore purchases, it recognised that you bought three of tables already as individual games.....

  • Gauthier Malou

    there is no other pinball apps than Farsight Pinball Arcade

  • Andrew Hajjiri

    Slayer Pinball LOL