Minecraft proper is still the best way to experience the survival slash building game, but the mobile version is quickly catching up feature-wise. Once again, another update to Minecraft - Pocket Edition [$6.99 / Free] has added more elements from the core game. Chests, beds, and food are included in the latest "major release," as well as farming, new dyes and new recipes, and everyone's favorite enemy, creepers.

Around 20 bugs have been addressed, too, and some tweaks have been made, according to the patch notes, which are available here. This update's details were first released a little while back, if you remember.

Thing we're thinking as we watch this game grow: it'll be interesting to see if Pocket Edition will become something more than just the mobile version of the game once it reaches parity with Minecraft proper. We're guessing it won't actually see a new creative direction, but that'd be neat, right?

[image via minecraftforum.net]

  • CkX82

    I has a boner

    • ducksFANjason

      I can haz boner?

  • ducksFANjason

    It's improving. Honestly, I feel like the next updates it needs most are an update to the crafting system (so it's like the original) and bigger worlds (if that's possible, not sure if the iphone is still too underpowered to handle). Also, increased draw distance would go a long way in this!

  • MisterOwl

    The crafting system is fine. The seeds and dungeons are what need to be fixed now.

  • goome126

    Yeah! Creepers!

  • Gamer_Kev

    I just bought it this morning. I've been waiting for them to add chests to the game before I got it, so I was glad they finely did. I'm really enjoying the survival mode. I've built myself an underground stone bunker where I can work in safety while I'm building and stockpiling the supplies needed to build a nice home.

    I've never played the pc version, so I was wondering if it's normal in this game for trees to stay up like that after chopping down their trunks or is that just an issue in the pocket version? Mind you it's not interfering with my enjoyment of the game, I was just wondering.

    • V!3T

      From what I remember from the PC Version, yes it is normal that the trees stay in mid air when we're cutting then 🙂 I think it's only sand and a few other blocks that have gravity (including water and lava).

    • ducksFANjason

      If you chop the entire tree trunk down, the rest of the leaves will remain floating in midair but will slowly disappear. They'llbe gone before a half-day cycle in-game. That's from BOTH versions by the way.

  • exosyn

    The addition of chests and beds are a huge plus, would love to be able to play with someone that's not in the same room, really feel like some non-local multiplayer would set this off nicely. Mobile minecraft players can only hope.

  • agutierrez

    I think TNT needs a bigger explosion. Its not much.

  • tim240

    Maybe add the good ol' minecraft music by c418?

  • JJE

    It's been a blast having this game on my iPad. Every update I'll drop into a world, play with the new features for a while, then sit back and wait for the next update. Chests were at the top of my want list. Beds are nice but fixing day spawning monsters is better. Creepers make it Minecraft for realzies.
    The biggest need now is larger world size. Finding enough of a needed crafting material on any particular world can be literally impossible. Alternatively we could carry personal inventory between worlds a'la JunkJack, but that might be contrary to the underlying spirit of Minecraft.
    If you're serious about iOS games you should have this app. Not because it works perfectly; it doesn't. But because, like Minimon, Minecraft PE is an actively updated work in progress and it's a blast to watch it all slowly come together.

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      still I'd rather wait for the final version or at least close enough final version to even bother. Why would I want to play a gimped minecraft, when the real thing is available to me just as often.

  • kuly113114

    I dont know to find plant seeds 🙁

    • killerdog

      Use your hoe then dig 1 block down u ment find seed I did that and it works

  • http://awmyhr.tumblr.com/ awmyhr

    So how does one actually *use* the bed?

  • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

    When we can get an OPTIONAL endless map?

    Becouse not everyone have 8Gb iPod Touch or 3Gs...