The World Ends With You is coming to iPhone and iPad, apparently.

Blogs have been going nuts over a leak this morning on the Square Enix Japanese e-store indicating the Nintendo DS title is being ported to touch devices. Meanwhile, The World Ends With You's official web site is counting down to something.

The World Ends With You is a hip, musically-gifted DS RPG, acclaimed for its quirk and combat mechanics, which have players controlling two different characters against enemies. Critics seemed to really dig it, and it's got quite the Internet following.

Chances are we'll know a lot more about this port when that countdown clock hits zero, so buckle up. Or prepare to be disappointed. One of these two things.

[via Siliconera]

  • Armaan Khan

    The problem I see is that the original battle system was designed so that you controlled one character with the dpad and a second character simultaneously with the touchscreen/stylus.

    If this turns out to be true, I really hope they rework it and don't just tack on a virtual dpad in the corner or something.

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      exactly, with at least a physical pad it made it somewhat less chaotic, because anyone who's played that game knows how crazy it can get simultaneously controlling two characters at once. 

      Really I'm hoping they redid the combat system for the fact that it'll be a pure touchscreen experience, but at the same time, I don't want them too. Somehow I feel like the small screen/touch controls will probably be the reason why it won't be worthwhile. Might be a lot better on an ipad, but...meh.

  • Robert Tuan-Minh Du

    Could be TWEWY 2 though...

  • Neal L Ensor

    now THIS I will be willing to pay good money for.  One of the very best games on the DS platform in my opinion, and the touch mechanics should be much better on a device more suitable for such.

    • thesporkwithin

      I don't see how the iPhone is more suited to precision swipes and taps (best executed with a stylus) than is the DS which has a touchscreen and a stylus... But okay!

      • Onikage725

        Thinking about it, a dpad would work fine. That's exactly how it is on DS. Screen real estate is an issue, but if they used a shantae or metal slug style border it could work well on iPad. I worry about price...they could charge $20+ easy, and you can get it on DS used for $12 if you shop around.

      • Jaime Coston

        Actually the DS screen and stylus system was not very precise or accurate at all, quite the contrary it was very broad in its detection area because it didn't have the same level of sensitivity or accuracy as the iPhone, itouch or iPad. This largely due to the screen lower count of touch sensitive nodes and the type of touch technology used. It used a much larger degree of gesture range detection (kind of like auto aim) because it wasn't a piece of hardware that was capable of detecting very precise or accurate swipes and gestures, being that it used a Resistive screen.

        So I can see this working very well on iPhone in contrast in fact. The DS Screen was a much cheaper and different type of touch screen (of the many types being Resistive, Capacitive, Surface Wave, Infrared, Dispersive signal, Strain Gauge and I know I am forgetting one or two more). Simply put, the DS used as less accurate, lower end type of touch screen technology. iPhone's and iTouch's use a Capacitive screen where as the DS used a Resistive screen and one with far less detection nodes to boot, because lets be truthful, Nintendo makes it a point to never use high end components in its systems much less sell that at selling them at any consideable loss per unit. They are one of the most frugal console developers.

      • Ryan Gill

         I agree that Neku would control wonderfully. The challenge is his d-pad controlled partner. Granted, the game has an auto mechanic...but being locked to that would suck. I'd imagine they'd have to have you hold it in portrait mode a la Phoenix Wright, but then screen size is a huge issue. And how do you work in the dpad without obstructing Neku's space? The game's design utilized two screens as much as the touch interface.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        but during battle, you had to look at two different screens, while drawing shapes/lines on the touchscreen, Imagine trying to make sure your thumb is also on some imaginary D-pad. If anything it would be stressfully annoying instead of stressfully challenging.

    • Lisa Schneider

      Except that a good deal of TWEWY's mechanics centered around using physical controls in conjunction with touch inputs.  Touch inputs which, incidentally, worked as perfectly on the DS as they're likely to on iOS.

      So at best, you're getting a game where only half of it translates really well to a touch-exclusive device.

  • vic_viper_001

    Allright! Maybe I wont have to scratch the hell out of my DS screen to play this game!

  • Jason Urbaniec

    This is the most amazing news I've read on this site so far! This is by FAR my favorite game of all time. I just hope, Armaan Kaan pointed out, that they figure out a way to make it play legitimately well. It would be tough but I'm willing to give them some wiggle room as this game is honestly the closest thing to perfect I've ever played. FANTASTIC NEWS!

    And as an aside, if the countdown is to announce TWEWY 2 for 3DS, I'll be super bummed... I'm literally in the process of selling my whole 3DS collection on ebay right now and it would be a shame to have to buy a brand new 3DS in the future just to play TWEWY 2 lol 😛

  • thesporkwithin

    I'm glad that SE is exposing a new market to my favorite game of all time, but I worry that the translation from DS to iOS will leave it feeling a bit crippled. The two-screen simultaneous combat is a very large part of the gameplay, and there's no real good way to emulate it without having two distinct touch areas with their own separate commands, which seems like it would be exceedingly messy. My money is on them making the "top screen" automated, which will work and allow people to play through and experience the story, setting and music (which are all excellent), but it won't convey the thing that made the gameplay of the original so insanely compelling and chaotic.

  • trevhero

    Square Enix needs to make an iPhone/iPad Kingdom Hearts game. 

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      and nintendo needs to join in with some badass mario/pokeman games.

      Super smash bros? come on, who wouldn't buy that for an iphone.

  • Supagoat

    I wanted so badly to like this game on the DS, but it fell flat.  not sure how it got picked as something to port, but have at it, I guess....

  • Stro


  • Dingo

    I will buy it both because I love TWEWY and because I want a sequel. So yeah, day 1 buy. Hoping for an Ipad version.

  • Tondog

    I will buy the hell out of this!

  • Isaac Coyote

    Come on guys, the time on the website isn't an announcement. That's the time limit. Complete the mission before the timer hits zero, or face erasure.

  • ImJPaul

    Back up from the final fantasy dimensions news. Hopefully this is under $10. Then I'll totally buy it. Always wanted to try this out.

  • ratsinheat

    This is barely news to some of us. We know who we are ;). Sometimes it's great to have "seer sense". Lol

  • Alex

    Awesome this is one of my favorite DS game !! Can't wait to see how they port it!

  • wingz

    Damn i hope this isnt expensive!!!!!!!!

  • 01000101 Brad

    Mmm... If it's coming to iOS, I'll pick it up to support the series and show Square that I, like many others, want a sequel -- 3DS, Wii U, I don't care but a sequel nonetheless. Hopefully, there'll be something about a sequel instead of just a(nother) DS to iOS port. 

  • Plynx

    They could easily do pro swipe (a tiny anywhere analog stick with a small dead zone that you can drag by the circumference) for the dpad. A fixed dpad would be awful.

  • WarMachine

    They should just port the best of the DS's third party games to ios. Most of them are RPGs and don't require precision from physical controls. Only problem is most people on iOS don't believe in spending over $0.99 over a game.

  • jegmaranan

    square enix needs to make xenogears for the ios :))

  • ramon31

    This was the best Square game in my opinion.
    I will pay any money for this on my iPhone.

  • MrNagasaki

    I don't think it's confirmed yet do don't get your hopes up...

  • MrNagasaki

    I don't think it's confirmed yet so don't get your hopes up...

  • Broli95

    Sequel or not, it's TWEWY we're talking about so it'll be something AMAZING.

  • Beat

    Even if it is nothing but a iOS port, it means the game might get more popularity which means more games? I'm definitely going to get the port, but I will still rage over it. Action games just don't work very well on iOS. Chrono Trigger is ok I guess, Marvel vs Capcom is really hard to control, and I don't even see how you could control the partner on the top screen on iOS.

  • J6U

    Or Maybe You switch between the two? Like Beat Boss for a bit, then switch? Or maybe the auto is much better.

  • Alfa78

    I'm currently living in Japan and can see it being released for iOS, it has a number of tweaks that will make it a good match for the iPad atleast... a little skeptical about the small screen of the iPhone. Any body know when it'll be out on the UK store?