So, Chair Entertainment has been making a new brawler. It's called Vote, and it'll be available a little later tonight, as international releases make their way across the world. If you've been playing Infinity Blade over the years, you'll be comfortable with this, as it plops the same gesture-based fighting mechanics into a much slower, goofier, and simple shell.

In the game, you'll be able play as Barack Obama or Mitt Romney and take part in one-on-one "brawls" where hits are called "debates" and parries "rebuttals." Each hit is scored and boosted by a bonus meter. The goal of a fight is, simply, to score a ton of points.

Attacks are gesture-based and 1:1. Swipe left, and you'll attack to the left. Swipe to the right, and you'll swing your weapon to the right. When your opponent attacks, you can either dodge or block the maneuver. Time these perfectly, and you'll put him in a daze, which opens him up to a flurry of attacks and points to be scored.

At the end of every round, you'll be graded with "votes," which feed into a larger pool of data. There's a graph in the opening menu that keeps a record of the overall tally of who has more votes: Romney or Obama. That's kinda neat. Kinda.

Like Infinity Blade, Vote has a combo system. Combine the right attacks together and you can pull off a much more lucrative flurry -- points-wise. Vote has coins, too, which you earn by tapping on your opponent's joints during cut-scenes and for finishing rounds. With these, you can buy optional costumes, weapons, and even one-use power-up items, including one that expands the amount of time you can spend in a single match and one that doubles your points.

One thing we've noticed about Vote is that it's really slow. You can see attacks coming from a mile away, which makes them pretty easy to avoid. Imagine Infinity Blade running at half-speed, and you're picturing what Vote's pacing feels like.

It's pacing, and well, goofy premise makes Vote hard to enjoy on a raw, nuts and bolts kind of level. It's clearly a novelty, just a thing that has been made to celebrate the election season. So, lower your expectations based on the Chair's chops as designers. This isn't the game you've been looking forward to, you know?

Anyway, Vote should be out tonight. Check out our video, and hey, if you like it, check it out. Video games, huh?

  • Himmat Singh

    I played it, and it eerily felt similar to Dark Meadow in terms of the controls and mechanics. It's just for fun really, once the novelty wears off there nothing to the game. 

  • ImJPaul

    Seriously?! Dumb. I'll download it purely for research. But no money will be shelled into this abomination.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez


  • B3nlok

    Why i get the feeling this game is destined to be App Store GOTW? I guess we'll see  in a few hours.

  • Deixa

    This is out already in UK AppStore. Downloading now!

  • roddgreen

    This game makes me sad to be a game developer. What a tragic contribution to the Mobile gaming platform. 

    Exploitative, redundant shovelware will make you money but it devalues the whole store not just the name of your studio. 

    Thankyou ChAIR for really showing us how it's done.

    • HelperMonkey

      It's a free, topical novelty meant to be silly. Shrug it off, man.
      And really, THIS is what devalues the app store? Might I recommend one of a dozen fart-noise apps?

      • roddgreen

        Right it's not just this app it's all apps that are similar - junky.
        What makes me sad is because it came from a company that's made a lot of money creating legit quality apps - they've done a lot for helping people to view the platform as a legit gaming platform.

        However for some reason they felt it necessary to release a class of app that typically is released by studios who have a lower quality standard (fart apps)- eroding the good work they've done in the past. 

        It's like if David Fincher decided to make the new 'Garfield 3D' movie - 😐

        Anyway you're right though, if it's intention was to be silly/popular - they succeeded, nuff said.

  • ConceptNormal

    Isn't the first 5 seconds kind of like the depth of every game you choose to do a video play on?

  • Alex

    "this game gives me to douce chills"?  Really?  A lot of younger readers view these videos and they border offensive and you two curse A LOT.  I like these videos and have been entertained enough, but your choice of words are getting more and more vulgar.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Douche chill induced hypothermia is a real thing.

      • Alex

        So is schlong cheddar, but I'm not throwing that verbiage into any videos that may be seen by a younger audience.

      • Eli Hodapp

        You probably shouldn't listen to our podcast.

      • ducksFANjason

        Lol that's precisely why I like the podcast!

        In all seriousness, the podcast is great, don't change a thing! And I wouldn't change the commentary on the TA plays videos either...

      • REkzkaRZ

        I generally don't, mostly b/c I find the commentary *AWFUL*, but I don't find cursing offensive.  I do find the reviews which are completely misleading to be annoying, and often wonder WTF are people thinking on this site.

        I actually responded b/c I was surprised at the response, "You probably shouldn't listen to our podcast."

        Why not just say, "You probably should tell people our website sucks" or "tell folks our podcast sucks".

        Who do you think your site is for if not for the viewers/readers/listeners?  Get a clue!   (Gee, this was fun to post on your site!  heh)

        Perhaps considering this feedback when making your videos/podcasts/reviews is another option?  Or is that too sensible?

      • Alex

        I think when you cater to an audience of adults and children alike, you have a responsibility to watch what you say.  Personally, I curse, a lot, but when I'm in front of children, I watch what I say.  My nephew listened to this podcast and he is 10.  Imagine how wonderful it was then when at the dinner table he told my brother that the pot roast gave him douche chills.  I have no doubt in my mind he will be using that at school as well.  It's quite simply vulgar.  I might has fuck as in fuck Obama in front of my parents as an adult, but I wouldn't say douche chills.  I'm just saying your response is irresponsible and I'm a bit disappointed in that type of reaction.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Our podcast, and to a lesser extent, these videos have a -massive- fan base. We get tons of emails each week from people telling us how much they like what we're doing. I can count on one hand the number of people who have complained about swearing. We're providing content our audience wants instead of tailoring them to what four people find offensive.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        Honestly censorship is a thing of the past. Has anyone seen kids these days? It's abnormal in today's society to see a child who is that sheltered. Whether or not it's bad parenting, it's not gonna stop kids from doing what they please. And if you think your child isn't like that, better check again. Cause statistically it'd be an anomaly.

      • DecafTable

        I totally agree with you Eli. Don't change a thing. I listen and watch your shows because it's relaxed and just fun. This is the internet, any parent should realize that letting your kid surf the web presents a risk. This is a free country and you guys can do what you want. With that said, rock on!

  • Alex


  • Eli Hodapp

    This isn't a child-focused web site, maybe that's where your confusion comes from? I don't know, I guess I've always believed that as a parent you should... parent. I'm not really interested in watering down our content for unsupervised children browsing the internet, especially when our podcast and videos have such a massive fan base of people who love what we're doing.

  • ConceptNormal

    It's not a website for children? That's funny because I've never heard so many "adults" complain about spending 99 cents.