‘Supermagical’ from ‘Pro Zombie Soccer’ Developers Finally Launches Worldwide

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You might recall that in early May we got word of a new game coming down the pipe from Pro Zombie Soccer ($0.99) developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team (amazing name). The game is called Supermagical (Free), and it’s a bubble matching game similar to Bust-A-Move but turned on its side. It also comes with a host of over-the-top special moves which you can see demonstrated in the trailer below.

Supermagical actually launched in Spain’s App Store back in June, with a planned cooperative multiplayer mode planned to coincide with the worldwide launch a few weeks later. It looks like that mode still isn’t quite ready, but will be coming in a future update along with a Versus multiplayer mode. So instead of waiting any longer, the Super Mega Team has launched Supermagical worldwide as of today.

Impressions in our forums going all the way back to the Spanish release have been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re stoked to finally give Supermagical a go ourselves. You can check it out now for 99¢.

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