Skeletons and spiders won't be the last enemies added to Minecraft - Pocket Edition [$6.99 / Free]. In a new post on the official Mojang blog, it's been revealed that the game's next update will pack an explosive surprise: the introduction of Creepers.

Version 0.40 isn't just about a new enemy, though -- several other key feature additions are being introduced alongside Creepers. New consumables, for instance, like apples and beef are slated to be added, as well as new crafting recipes.

And there will be bug fixes, though most of the ones noted on Mojang's massive change log appears to be for the Android versions of the game.

Pocket Edition lacks the sizzle of the PC version of the game, and the continued march to parity via updates should end up giving it the pop it needs. This update is due out within a month or so, Mojang says.

[image via hiddendiamondblog]

  • FakeName

    There is something else creeping in the picture, and it ain't the green thing.

    • tim240

      Herobrine!? I'm never coming out of my dirt house!

    • whorriskey

      I think herobrine is actually in the game now believe me or not but I have seen a Steve looking figure behind trees sometimes and I have my skin changed to a skin that looks nothin like Steve and I was playing single player but if I was in multyplayer my skin would be in the other players to I also made a statue of Steve and I checked it and it had white eyes instead of the blue the way I had it I might check the files for him

  • Firetruck94

    OMG are they going to add herobrine?

  • Doris

    please no herobrine

  • Anonymous

    7$ and no creepers? Get fucked notch

    • MidianGTX

      So the article you chose to announce your love for Notch on just happened to be the one announcing an update involving creepers?

  • Wikilix

    This Game lacks the exploration of the PC version.. I only walk a small distance and I hit the end of the map. It would be fantastic if the added the infinitely generating maps. I can't play this game with out it.

    • drwifflesniffle

      Then each world will take so much storage!

      • Wikilix

        If by storage you mean memory, then I'd gladly give a few hundred megabytes just to play the REAL Minecraft. But I doubt that's going to happen any time soon.

      • ducksFANjason

        I completely agree. Walking to the end of the map (which happens inevitably in this version) is jarring and one of the many flaws of the mobile version. And although my iPhone is literally stuffed to the brim (with tons more apps to add when I finish my current batch) I would gladly trade some memory for a fully fleshed out mobile version...

      • Laszlo Tuss

        I bought the 64 GB for a reason, so make an OPTION to turn off map reduction.
        Simple task

      • wingz

        The size of the map isnt based on the amount of gb u have its based on the amout of RAM and ios devices just dont have enough

      • Laszlo Tuss

        No, its dont about the ram....
        The ram only matters when you set the seeing range.
        If i could choose low seeing range for infinite map, i would.

        And of course the map size is about have many gigabytes i have...

  • russiankid300

    Need chests not more things to kill

  • D3ath the kid

    Ahh herobrine

  • tuxedokid


  • yocdub

    Like this comment if you found herobrine

  • BIG.E.

    Wtf needs beds, chests, and bigger worlds. I don't care if the file size is big, just give me bigger worlds

    • Wikilix

      It's not about file size, it's about RAM. From my experience of playing Minecraft for the PC, Minecraft Eats ram like a far kid eats Oreos, and iPhones (or any mobile tablet for that matter) have enough RAM to support Infinite maps.

  • epikninja

    I don't care about creepers. I want beds and chests!

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Yes, they have enought, but with reduced seeing range.
    Becouse how far you see os depends on memory, not how big the map is.

  • killerdog

    Is there going to be TNT

    • D3ath the kid


  • kuly113114

    I only need chest bed and bigger map

  • killerdog

    Add Endermans I want to kill on man I killed 200 monsters and I m not stoping now n add TNT

  • Redslayer50

    There are comments in here with +1s. Are you guys liking your own comments? Tsk tsk. xD

    • killerdog


    • yocdub


  • D3ath the kid

    Like this post I you have the new update