This afternoon, Bradley and I decided to get our toes wet and “hang ten” with the upcoming chillax-to-the max surfing game Infinite Surf. As you’ll see from the video, “hang ten” is basically the only surfing term we are aware of. We don’t get out a whole lot.

You also might remember that Infinite Surf is a game we posted about last week, and is the follow-up title from Cubed Rally Racer [$0.99 / $1.99 (HD)] developer Jared Bailey. It is quite a departure from that first title, too. Whereas Cubed Rally Racer is an often extremely difficult and frantic race to get to the finish line as quickly as possible over a series of randomly generated courses, Infinite Surf is a laid back ride on the perfect endless wave.

There’s a game here to be sure, but it’s really only ever as difficult as you want it to be, thanks to the clever use of optional score multipliers you can pick up during play to increase the speed of the game. Since recording this video, Jared has informed me that the various surfboards you can choose in the game will also let you start the game from different speeds right off the bat, which is a minor complaint that I had with the build that I’ve been playing.

But really, Infinite Surf is meant as a casual experience that aims to give people a surfing game from a perspective that you don’t typically see, and I think it succeeds at that goal quite well. It’s already submitted to Apple, so we should be seeing it hit the App Store within the next couple of weeks, and we’ll let you know when it does.

  • subshell001

    This would be 10x better if the landscape on the left moved, with a neat parallax-like effect.

    • Jared Bailey

      yeah, I've had a couple people mention this to me. I'm going to work on something for the first release. 

      • subshell001

        Cool! That's one of those little details that could add a whole lot to the experience

      • Jared Bailey

        I put the scrolling in and it looks much better. The review process has to restart so it's going to push back the release a day or two, but that's ok. Better to have it right. Thanks to everyone that pointed it out! If you stare at something for a long time you start to become blind to the obvious.

  • oooooomonkey

    This looks pretty cool. Would have been sweet if you could do moves and tricks like touch grind style though.

  • 1Fcm

    Looks absolutely beautiful in a minimalist sort of way. But it definitely needs more in terms of gameplay. This could just as well be a car going down a straight road, or a guy running forward or anything else. It's going to need a lot more than just collecting orbs. Why can't it have a trick system or even a rider and maybe other surfers to compete with on the wave? I get the 'simplistic' nature of the design and gameplay, but it just seems a bit too 'simplistic'. Or am I missing something that they didn't show in the video?

    • ducksFANjason

      I agree. This could be any other game if it were given a new coat of paint. I was hoping for a surfing game from a different perspective where you have to actually try to catch the wave first, then jump into a more fleshed-out gaming experience. I get that's not what the dev was going for, so that's fine, I'm just not interested in a "collect the orbs for eternity" game just because it had a surfing theme attached to it...

      • bigrand1

        I totally agree with you. And as a former surfer, I'd love to have a new game that gives you the real feel of the experience! Not these collect-the-orb fests, or avoid Mr. Shark, trash, toilet bowls, etc., or endless runners with a different skin-type games! The search goes on...

      • Jared Bailey

        ah the orb fest! 🙂 In defense of them, because you can't miss orbs, otherwise you become unstable, it forces the player to make movements similar to surfing. You have to carve up and down the face of the wave and make a pumping like action when you're in the barrel. 

        I think you have to try it with the tilt controls to accurately judge it. I've tried really hard to get something that's as close to surfing as any surfing game I've seen. No game is ever going to replicate surfing because surfing, IMHO is one of the coolest experiences out there. If you can look past the orbs I think you actually might like it and it's only 99 cents. You won't be risking too much. 🙂

      • bigrand1

        I understand and appreciate your opinion!

      • Jared Bailey

        I think with the tilt controls it feel more like surfing than the video might present, but I'm biased 🙂

    • Jared Bailey

      yeah, it is very simplistic, but I think the other Jared might have made it look too easy. Of all the play testing I did no one ever got to the x8 multiplier. It's one of the reasons I didn't put in more tricks.

      There are only two right now, getting barreled and hitting the power turn. I had a floater and air system in, but I took it out because I thought it might make things too complicated. I could always bring them back in an update. 

      I've tried to make it really accessible, so anyone who's interested in surfing can pick it up, but maybe that'll turn off the more seasoned gamers.

  • ImJPaul

    Hmm. Maybe. Still undecided.

    • Jared Bailey

      only 99 cents. 🙂

  • Danny Perski

    Looks like the interface doesn't match the gameplay graphics very well, but I really dig the look of this game.

    • 1Fcm

      I think the UI is not too far off... in fact the font choice is pretty good. Overall, it lends a bit of an art deco flair to the game, which combined with the art direction and color palette is very similar to the Miami beach vibe.

  • Jay

    So... um, where's the surfer?  That's kind of like having a snowboard game without the snowboarder - a roller skate game with *just* rollerskates. 

    Hehe, seems very zen, regardless.  🙂

    • Jared Bailey

      no character. Surfers will see a photo of a wave and talk about mind surfing it. That's what I was trying to go for and I thought a character would distract. Yes, very zen! 🙂

      • Brandon

        I'm glad there's not an actual person on the board. That would kind of ruin it for me. Also, I've never surfed before, so I don't know how close this game is to surfing. 

      • DaQuieTruth

        When will it release Jared I really want this Relaxing (Huge Sigh) game. It reminds me of flower on Psn. Also do you have like a cool relaxing acoustic guitar soundtrack for this game that helps eases you in to the experience and cool and sound effects like wave splashing against the shore or seagulls screaming over the sea. Also a great idea would be for each speed boost there should be a cool wind 3d effect and some sea gulls above you and for each speed boost more seagulls would appear to tell you what level of speed your going. How about that?

      • Jared Bailey

        it's with Apple so assuming the review process goes smooth it should be out sometime in the next 2 weeks. It's cool you mention Flower. Jenova Chen's thesis on flow in games was a big inspiration for some of the design decisions. I hope you like the sounds, there are pickup sounds, but you can also hear the waves. As you increase in speed you hear the wind rushing by get louder and louder. I've thought about putting wild life and water drops on the camera as the board moves by. Hopefully I can get them into some updates! 

      • DaQuieTruth

        As far as wildlife goes you should put down like a huge turtle that would instantly bring forth a whirl pool that it would have you dive into right behind it and this would be like an extra zone for crazy amount of pick up points. Then he would lead the way with little turtles following behind him and you would pick the other little turtles that would be behind him to get extra points and every ten turtles they change colors, size, and you increase in speed. The reason i said make them bigger and make you go faster is to allow to just have fun getting them and not feel like a failure. Imagine trying to collect from large to small it would be a pain huh? This is kind of like the turtles from finding nemo when they were in that current underwater but the catch is that you must keep up with the turtle or the whirlpool underwater current would catchup to you and then you would float right back up to the surface going right back to what you do best just surfing. But, if you do complete collecting all the turtles the turtle would turn around and wave at you then a huge hump back whale would just swim upwards swallow you and spit you at at the surface through his blowhole yes yes yes just like Finding Nemo Lol. I thought of this because the early sonic the hedgehog games had this kind of never ending loops to it but they only lasted 60 seconds. Cool idea huh! Also another concern is the 3 strikes your out you should have like a safety system to counter act this to help with longevity for players like some game do. Maybe every 10,000 points a starfish could appear with a special animation of it jumping over the red sun strike on the screen then sliding down with a slow slimy watery effect if you can imagine what i'm talking about . The star fish would be the tip of the iceberg cuz with this system in place you would have the one that takes away just on be like a normal orange star fish. Then at like 50,000 points you would get a lime green almost yellow starfish that would take away two strikes against you. The cherry on top would be a starfish you would call a "Sunkiss Starfish" that would allow you to wipe your whole slate clean but this would be like a glowing, just radiant and Glowing with cool light effects to it. But, when you get this one the effects for the screen would be it swiping across the screen horizontally and your three strikes would be glowing just like it because for just 30 seconds even if you miss a star the strike won't go against you and this effect "Should be" Upgradable so for each upgrade it would multiply by 1 extra. Like level two would be 60 secs of freedom and level 3 would be 90 secs of freedom Cool?

      • DaQuieTruth

        Jared can you contact me personally i got a few more ideas for you my email is i got a some great innovative ideas.

  • Chuck Anton

    i love the look of this and will be picking it up probably

  • farnsworth_pro

    Id like to see more videos of this. I like the style but long for some more aggressive surfing sim goodness

  • Jared Bailey

    just wanted to post that it's out now! 🙂