This morning Bradley and I sat down with Jack Lumber [Free], a really slick Fruit Ninja-style game from the dudes behind Smuggle Truck and published by Sega. I say Fruit Ninja-like in that logs get thrown up on the screen and you need to chop them, the mechanic is just similar enough to feel familiar, but thanks to a bullet time-ish time slowing thing it almost feels totally fresh. Sort of like switching from tube socks to ankle socks. Wait.

Anyway, unlike Fruit Ninja there's a definite feeling of progression as you tweak out your cabin with paintings and various random wildlife and you need to chop things in specific ways instead of just randomly swiping across everything. You'll see all this and more in the video:

  • ducksFANjason

    I had zero interest in this when I saw it listed in the releases yesterday, but this actually pretty decent now. I enjoy the "progression" aspect you guys pointed out. Maybe I'll pick it up

  • EvilUrgency

    I'm always ready to Jack It but I don't need a game just some lube...

    • whitewine

      Gross/not funny

      • kendahlj

        Actually a little funny

  • Simon Edis

    The art style is great, but the gameplay looks a bit too easy. Does it get more challenging as you progress?

    • Michael Carriere

      Yup, the gameplay scales in difficulty as it progresses. The beards also act as difficulty modifiers that you can stack and make the game even more challenging.

  • ImJPaul

    Can't wait to get paid in a few hours so I can splurge on the AppStore. This one in particular. Already bought mad skills bmx and horn and I'm loving both. Hopefully this ones just as good.

  • DecafTable

    This video totally peaked my interest!

    • kendahlj