There are so many painfully similar endless running games on the App Store, it’s always nice when someone tries to do something a little different with the genre. Empty Flask Games is trying a different approach with their first iOS title Infinite Warrior. It’s technically and endless high score game, but instead of running and jumping and sliding you’re beating the crap out of guys using different touch screen gestures.

Infinite Warrior looks like a much slower game than most similar titles, and on the surface it doesn’t seem terribly deep. I’d love to be pleasantly surprised after getting my hands on it, though. However, the big thing that caught my eye about it are its incredible visuals. According to the developer the character animations are motion captured by a professional Hollywood fight coordinator. Well, whatever it is it definitely looks convincing.

The big question for me is how the actual gesture combat will be. If it’s complex and dynamic like Infinity Blade… er, ok maybe that’s asking a bit too much. But as long as it’s not ultra dumbed down and just a set of pretty visuals, it seems like it could be cool. At the very least the character upgrading options look pretty neat, and hey, you get to play as buff shirtless dudes with huge weapons. It’s about as close to “Brad Nicholson: The Video Game” as we’re likely to ever get. Look for Infinite Warrior to drop in early September.

  • Ben Gray

    It would be more amusingly ironic if it were called Infinite Sword.

  • RunnyGnome

    Oh come on! Brad Nicholson: The Video Game would be way more epic than this!

    • ImJPaul

      Agreed. Also I hope this is more then just walking while countless waves of idiots throw themselves at you.

  • GSJ1977

    Weird concept, but at least it's a bit different.

  • hvianna

    I hope we get the option to choose of a hot female warrior

  • hvianna

    I hope we get the option of a hot female warrior 🙂

  • Vince

    Looks like a basic rhythm game !
    /looks at the poor textures 
    where are the 'incredible visuals' ?! 

    • GSJ1977

      Rhythm game? Isn't that a bit of a leap? What are you basing that on?

  • Arnold Floeck

    Two Ouroboros are pretty stupid in my opinion!