Back in the day, say like in the ‘80s, people use to gather at each other’s houses to hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Oftentimes a fun game to play would be Pictionary, the game where you draw pictures of something on a big white tablet of paper and other players try to guess what it is. It’s a fun game, an absolute classic, and it was one of my favorites as a kid when my parents had their social gatherings.

But nowadays, we’re living in the Internet Age. Hanging out together in real life? Please, I connect with people over a series of magical internet tubes. I can still get my Pictionary fix using mobile games like Draw Something [$2.99 / Free], as one example. But connecting with people through technology like that doesn’t capture the same magic as it did back in the day, where people gathered in real life to play games and socialize.

The aim of SketchParty TV [$4.99], an iPad app from Magnate Interactive that dropped last month, is to merge the digital age of gaming with the old-school real life hangout. It’s a Pictionary-esque drawing game that takes advantage of Apple’s AirPlay so you can gather with up to 8 of your friends like you used to, and use your HD TV as a modern tablet of paper by drawing right on your iPad.

It’s a pretty cool idea, though that’s assuming you have an HD TV, an Apple TV, an iPad and $5 to spend on the app. Last I checked a giant pad of drawing paper clocks in at much less than that setup, but still it’s neat when we can use our high tech devices to gather socially and have some good old fashioned fun. Plus, I heard it’s a good idea to log off and get out of the house once in a while. If you've got all the required devices just lying around, and like to socialize over fun drawing games, give SketchParty TV a look.

  • Justin Rawcliffe

    I love drawing games but I do wonder how many people will buy this app considering you need apple tv and an ipad etc, why didn't they make it universal and use an ipad as the tv. millions more people would be able to play then. We have two ipads two ipod touchs and 2 iphones here..still cant play:(

    • Gray C.

      You can play this without an AppleTV, in which case everyone will be staring at the iPad instead.  Transmitting the image from your iPad to an AppleTV via AirPlay will make for a more pleasurable gaming experience.   

    • Jason Linscott

      If you don't want to use appletv you can also use both the tv cables for the ipad. There's an HDMI connector and an RCA style. Both work great with this app. Love this game

  • Walied Ali

    I have all the required devices and it definitely sounds like something fun.. will check it out!