Electronic Arts is a publisher with some serious means, so we never fully bought into the reasoning behind it pulling The Simpsons: Tapped Out. If EA needed a couple of servers, it could get its hands on a couple of servers, you know? That's a phone call, done. But anyway, Tapped Out is making a glorious return. At an event in Europe this morning, EA's Peter Moore announced that the social building simulation thing will reappear on the App Store at some point this month, maybe as early as next week.

Reports from the event are all over the place regarding what new content it will have, but it seems plain that Tapped Out will launch with something new. Kotaku says it'll be packing new stuff from the latest season of the Simpsons TV show. Other outlets say it'll have some new visuals as well as mechanics.

That's cool, we guess.

[via Kotaku]

  • http://twitter.com/L_A_Gutierrez Luis A. Gutierrez

    I've never understood why this game was out of commission for so long. As this article points out, EA's official reason was the crush of users overloaded the servers but this is an easily remedied problem.

    The problem with this app occurred around the same time they launched the ill-fated "Battlefield 3: Aftershock" released in conjunction with the Act of Valor movie. I suspect there is more to the Tapped Out story than EA revealed (licensing issues?) but whatever the problem, hopefully they've ironed out problems associated their app related releases.

  • Blodia

    Anyone with the client software still on their device has still been able to play this whole time.

    • islesfan

      If by "play" you mean sit and wait for it to log in, and having your game reset to start every couple of times you play, then I agree.

      • Blodia

        Not true. It started out that way, but it's stabilized considerably. I'm up to level 14, and I've not had to restart the game in months (high praise indeed, I know). So yes, it's very playable now compared to what it was.

        The only wrinkle: it seems to want a strong wifi connection at the outset or it won't even bother trying to connect. Why you HAVE to play while connected remains a mystery.

  • SimpleDoom

    Just because it has "The Simpsons" in the game, doesn't mean I'm going to get it... moving on...

    • DTruth316


  • NastiestCadet

    I don't think you understand how server based games work.

  • http://twitter.com/bully_thelsb Bully

    It's actually a clever game and I've enjoyed playing it, but EA's hesitation on support has resulted in a lot of bugs (including the complete trashing of everyone's built-up, sometimes paid-for-with-real-money Springfields), continual crashes, features not working properly (Milhouse and Hank Scorpio still don't speak), and a dead stop at level 20 with no impetus to keep playing the game. Decent sim, lousy support, but a recent update has fixed most of the crashes, and I'll be interested to see if EA step up and actually give us new content. 

    • Blodia

      Yeah, a mute Milhouse is very striking considering everyone else has voice samples BUT him. Even Comic Book Guy has that crappy (and truncated, which makes no sense) "loneliness and cheeseburgers" line.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000041029382 facebook-100000041029382

    Peter Moore - the guy that used to work for Sega and killed off the Dreamcast.

  • Blodia

    Wtf? The update was available earlier this evening, but when I try to dl it I get "The item is no longer available".