Today secret agent Brad "Chicken Grease" Nicholson and I chewed on Full Fat Game's (See what I did there?) Agent Dash [Free]. It's a Temple Run [Free] derivative, which seems weirdly appropriate to post about given Temple Run's one year anniversary today.

It's got a slick spy theme which I'm totally eating up, a non-offensive IAP model, and, well, everything else a good Temple Run-spinoff should have. In particular, it has a Subway Surfers [Free] "lane" system which I'm waffling on whether or not I like more or less than Temple Run-style swipe turning. I wish I was a little better at the game, as I'm dying to see what (if anything) comes after the "secret base" section of the game. Either way, I really like it.

Anyway, you'll see what I'm talking about in the video:

  • Nuno Lourenço

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  • Adams Immersive

    Some TR clones are just way too blatant—little more than reskins. But this plays (not just looks) differently enough not to offend me! It’s more like Subway Surfers (which I like) but not quite the same as that either. The real Temple Run still has something that keeps me coming back more than Subway Surfers, but I’m glad to have Agent Dash in my library now too!

    What they all need, though, is iCade support! Temple Run has it, and it’s my favorite way to play.

    • haihakko

      ya i think u are right guys:)

  • HelperMonkey

    Eli, you're apparently doing it wrong. You should *stop dying* to see what comes later...

  • Flare_TM

    To get those Jetpacks you would jump then swipe in mid air to strafe the gap 🙂

  • Jags

    The End is better. This is a bit too difficult, and some of the obstacles are hard to see.

  • gospvg

    Really needs tilt controls to move the character

  • Birdie31

    I saw "TA" and "Agent" in the tile and quickly assumed the game was going to be about a TSA agent.. now im disappointed.

  • ConceptNormal

    "awe F$&!". That's passion man. You gotta love Eli. LOL. Looks like you need a jet pack to get a jet pack, so that all starts with getting a jet pack where you needed, well, another jet pack to begin with? "I'd be pissed if I paid real money and missed that jet pack" lol Brad.