Here's some awesome news: the next episode of Walking Dead: The Game [Free] for iPad and iPhone should see a release within the next two to three weeks.

“We’re working on the iOS version of Episode 2 right now and hoping to get it out in the next two to three weeks. The App Store review process is a bit of a wild card as far as it relates to giving an exact date until they approve the content, so it’s harder to be more specific than this," a Telltale representative told us this afternoon.

Walking Dead Episode 2 - Starved for Help picks up three months where the last episode of the series left off. You'll resume control of Lee and continue forging relationships and dealing with the hardships of post-apocalyptic life among the undead. It'll run you $4.99 unless you purchased the game's season pass.

Walking Dead: The Game isn't a disappointment by any means. We're more than stoked to give this episode as soon as it hits. Gotta admit, though: this wait is killer.

  • bigrand1

    What are you talking about? This is a BIG disappointment across the board to lots of ipad, iphone, and of course ipod touch (even 4th gen.) users! STILL in their description, on the left, it says compatible with ipod touches, which it clearly ISN'T, and Telltale's unapologetic attitude toward users STINKS! You'd think they would've said something by now to address the situation, but instead, with their money-grab ways, don't even mention it, but announce their 2nd installment of the series! This doesn't even run smoothly on most devices! Lag, freeze, bad lip-syncing with dialog, crashes, control issues!!! Not a disappointment by any means? That's a joke, Brad! I'm actually surprised you wrote this,..........  

    • Nicole Hunter

      He's probably running it on the new ipad.  He can only talk about his own experience with the game.  

      • GamerChica

        I actually played it in the new iPad and it was still laggy, however I did like the game. I am definitely hoping there is an update fixing those issues

      • bigrand1

        That's all they gotta do and everyone's happy!

      • Barc

        Played it on a new iPad too and it was great! There was a bit of a framerate drop but nothing that I haven't seen on a ps3.

      • ohwussup

        he could mention other users' experiences

      • bigrand1

        Think you're right!

    • James

      The first and most prominent  thing i see is in the description is 
      **NOTE: Compatible with iPad 2 and up, and iPhone 4 and up - WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES**

      Ill pass on any personal opinons of right or wrong but, The app store doesnt allow proper filtering for the little stuff on the side which, is a bigger issue that needs to be addresed

      • Onikage725

        In my experience, it runs on my iPod touch 4 (slight lag during action scenes, but playable). Will not even start on my iPad 1. I understand the description says 2 and up, but is the 4th gen touch more powerful?

      • Clement Yeo

         the Processor ~GPU lol

      • bigrand1

        That's true. But it's still there, so people will buy the game and be disappointed and feel ripped off. (which they are!) Confusion will also happen with the wording in that description there, since the ipod touch is the newest device and equal time-wise, as the iphone4, (which doesn't play the game well, either). Regardless, IMO, it's the devs fault all of this is happening, and they should simply fix the game in a quick update FIRST, THEN proceed with the next episodes. Unfortunately, Telltale doesn't seem to care about users' concerns, as I know lots of people who have emailed them, with uncaring responses. Many people are requesting refunds from Apple, and all things considered, they will receive them. I personally just want it to work so everybody's happy. Love the series, watched every episode!

      • Ivo van Heel

        Many Telltale games have had problems with framerate. I used to rant about this, since playing a Sam & Max game on first-generation iPad was just not a very good experience besides actually having a Sam & Max game on iPad (which is awesome in its own right). I think these games, designed for more powerful platforms, are just very difficult to pull off on these devices. Graphics and animation are of superior quality to most other titles on the platform, in my opinion at least, and I don't really know how much further they can dumb these down in order to improve the performance on older devices. First-generation iPad has half the memory of the iPhone 4 (256 MB vs. 512 MB), as does the fourth-generation iPod Touch. This will be the foremost reason that this game (and others) don't run very well on these devices. A game like this wants memory, because it uses a lot of it to put everything that's going on in the game on the screen.

      • bigrand1

        That's true about the RAM, but there's many games that look better graphics and animation=wise than this, so I don't see why this can't play on the iphone4, ipod4th gen, and the ipad 1or especially 2. What's the excuse for that? It doesn't play good on those platforms, either! That just doesn't hold water, man.

      • 1Fcm

        I'm sorry that your having issues with the game, but for me it's been very smooth, no lag, no problems at all... And I'm using an iPad 2. This reminds of when I see reviews on the app store with great praise with 5 stars all over the place, but then there are a few sprinkled 1 stars because the game just won't work on a users specific device. It sucks when it happens.

      • bigrand1

        Heh! Or when you see a couple of people who know what they're talking about give 1 star 'cause it really sucks and you see  a bunch of ignorant fanboys giving it 5 stars because they're ass-kissers who don't know any better and/or have no idea how it plays on the other devices, then try to come across as some kind of gaming authorities.......... Gotta laugh!!

      • 1Fcm

        Hopefully they will fix some stability and lag with the ep2 release. I really want this game to play well for everyone because the story is just so good.

      • bigrand1

        There you go! Exactly!

      • Sylvain Bellerose

        Because rating a game 1 star makes one the true authority on gaming while 5 star raters are just fanboys. You gat it all feature it out. Thank god you're here to set everyone right.

      • bigrand1

        Read my email response.

      • Jieshi Cruz Landayan

        Surprisingly, it worked on my 3gs but a bit laggy. If you want the full experiance, play it on the console or pc. Cheers!

    • k.nitsua

      I can't speak for your experience with the game - but, for myself, The Walking Dead on my iPad 3 was one of the best experiences I've had gaming on my iDevice. The controls are perfect, the gameplay (although seemingly limited) is engulfing and keeps you on your toes constantly thinking and rethinking situations. Play time was short, buy hey, it's episodic. Much like the author of this post, I can't wait for Episode 2... No, literally, I couldn't wait. Ended up buying it on Xbox Live, but definitely will be playing it again on my iPad as the iOS experience had felt a tad bit superior than the XBL one.

      • bigrand1

        I understand what you're saying, but that's basically the only device that's not having any issues! Glad you're able to dig it, though!

      • nicodemus82

        Umm not exactly true as I've stated in the forum thread. I've managed to play through it perfectly fine on my iPhone 4 with only a slight bit of lag now and again on some cut scenes. I was also able to fully play through it on one of my 4th gen iPods although there was a little more lag than on the iPhone, but it didn't really get in the way of enjoying the game at all.
        I really don't expect Telltale to do anything about it not playing on some devices as that's a problem most of their games have had and still do.

      • bigrand1

        Well, I hope you're wrong on that. We'll see won't we.

      • Sunar Samtani

        I played this on my iPad 2 and hadnt experienced a single bit of lag, a fantastic experience and cant wait for the next episode. My iPad is jailbroken which usually causes lag, but not in this case, which was nice.

      • bigrand1

        Cool. Glad you got it to work for ya.

  • SmackDatButt

    Did you guys not restart your iDevice before playing the game? That's the main issue for games over 100MB for most people....

    • GamerChica

      I did restart the new iPad, it helped a little, but it was still laggy sometimes. I still enjoyed game though

    • bigrand1

      Yes, restarting, hard resets, removing background apps. None of this fixes it. They're going to have to patch it or otherwise fix it so we can play it without all the hic-ups as it sits now.

  • Michael Payton

    haven't noticed any lag. My only beef was that it takes forever to load because it's connecting to their servers for some reason every time I try to play. It's not a lot of data being used, but it doesn't seem to be used for any reason. That's not good when i'm not around wifi and have to use up my cellular data since there's no LTE here, and likely won't be until sometime after Verizon launches 5G service everywhere else. 🙂

    • SoyGreen

      Just to clarify your post - you CAN play without connecting to their servers. I JUST loaded it up on my iPad without Wifi on - and it worked no problem.

      My assumption is its loading their own ads and news?

      I will try it again later - when I actually want to start the game - without wifi into actual gameplay - but I don't think they have an "always on" requirement to actually play the game.

      • Michael Payton

        I would hope not. I checked my data tracker app. They uploaded 13MB last time I connected. That's a LOT of data for banner ads. 

  • Rafael Palma

    Just a note guys: It's low FPS, not lag

  • Faeryan

    I tried this game briefly on PS3 and call it quits not long after. Still, after reading comments about iOS version I decided to give it a go.
    After all My lifestyle allows me to play on iPhone every day and on the go while on PS3 I can only play every other day at best.

    Enough about that, got the game, played it and to my surprise loved it. I even have a season 1 DVD purchased.

    Here I'm ranting again about stuff that's like a-holes - everyone's got one and they all stink.

    Back to the topic at hand, the performance. On my jailbroken iPhone 4 the game plays rather well, just a little freezing here and there during some of the cutscenes, nothing big.

    The refund issue I don't quite get. Telltale isn't a company that should act like this. The least they could do is tell customers to seek refund through Apple. After all it's much more convenient than Telltale going on a refund spree themselves.

  • Lupus Croaticus

    I wonder how well this will run on my iPad 2.

    • 1Fcm

      It runs really well on my ipad2. No lag issues, stutter, crashes, etc. It's a very smooth experience for me. Although it does seem to be a bit of a crap shoot, because not everyone is having the same experience with the game. I hope you do check it out. At least play it on the Xbox or PC if you can. I have only played it on the ipad2 and I find that the touch and tap gameplay seems to be well suited for this genre of game.

  • DecafTable

    I really want to buy this game because I think I would enjoy it. My problem is that a game that experiences frequent frame rate issues is a complete waste for me that ruins the experience an immersion of the game. After playing games like Infinity Blade II with no lag, I expect no less from other developers! I've seen comments from users with issues on the new iPad (which I have) so I'll have to pass.

  • UnSurreal

    Glad I waited on this one... any talk of lag on the ipad is a pass for me. I couldn't get into Jurassic Park Ep. 1 at all because of it... 

  • Maggie Yau

    I am ok with my ipad 3. It doesnt lag as much.
    Maybe because i reboot my ipad before i play

  • Jared

    works great on my pc. no lag at all with full graphics. gameplay could be better but story is good enough to keep it interesting. only problem is it costs more.


    I just got me a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 and I was wondering if anyone knows if I can play the walking dead on it ...plz anyone ...ivory

    • Charlie Chapstick

      I don't think so :/

  • Angela Andaluz

    Hi guys. Can anyone help me? I purchased the WD bundle ($14.99) last September 8 but I can't download the second episode yet. What should I do? 🙁

  • Coralie Cowher

    can you play this game without wifi? asnwer please...