iOS always strikes me as an almost perfect platform for real-time strategy games, with its touch interactivity and especially on the iPad with its large screen. One upcoming new RTS that flew through our inbox happened to catch my eye with its really unique visual style. It’s called Little Conquest from Battlebit Games.

Little Conquest features 4 different factions to play - Greeks, Egyptians, Vikings and Normans - and 2 different campaigns that let you play through them all. Nothing entirely new for the genre, but I’m really liking the stylized look of the environments and different factions. The neat visuals come at a cost though, as the target platforms are iPad 2 and all retina display devices only.

Little Conquest will also boast online multiplayer with voice chat, and will be a Universal app. No word yet on a launch date other than “soon”, but there’s more detailed information about unit types and buildings on the Battlebit website and we’ll let you know when we hear any more details.

  • GiHubb

    Looks like yet another Galcon clone with more visual flair... Unless I am missing something.

    • ducksFANjason

      Agreed. I'd hardly call this RTS. Looks pretty good for what it really is though. I'll give it a look

    • battlebit

      well, the gameplay idea it's rather old (Galcon is also based on it), but our game it's augmented with several types of units reacting differently under various circumstances (there are attacking towers you can conquer, for example), there's a basic economic system for purchasing upgrades (no IAP at all), there's a magical unit to attack or protect your buildings etc. So in the end as much as is an honor to be compared with Galcon, it's a variation of the same genre 🙂

  • Jags

    God forbid if he played as the EGyptians in the trailer. Racism is a disease......similar to mental retardation but more evil.

    • battlebit

      Hi Jags, honestly i can't see the your racism point.  Our main interest is give you a bit of entertainment. You could also complain about playing as a viking in the second campaign, but the point it's just have fun with the game, no evil agenda here.

    • Maniacfive


  • iwant_todie

     This game exemplifies everything that has completely driven me away from iOS gaming.  When will we get a REAL RTS, and why do so many iOS games have this completely played out Cartoon Network art style?  You know it was well over a decade ago we were playing Civ II or Age of Empires on our PCs, all of which had no power at all compared to an iPad, and this is the kind of crap devs are giving us now?  In the year 2012? 

    Still waiting on an RTS that is actually good on the iPad.  I mean really, you're going to try and call this game 'immersive'?  This looks like a Flash game. 

    • George Legeza

      Have you played Autumn Dynasty? It's pretty light by RTS standards, but it definitely qualifies as a "real" RTS and it has its share of mechanics that make it stand out. I wouldn't hold it up against Starcraft, but for a mobile RTS it's good.

      • iwant_todie

         Thanks for the tip.  This looks like a pretty nice title, at least it has a map bigger than the iPad screen.  And look, quality, refined art design that didn't come from a children's cartoon show!  I'll check this out.

    • Maniacfive

      They may have had no power but they also had a full keyboard and mouse. Even Rise of Nations I played heavily reliant on keyboard shortcuts. That's not easily translatable to the all touchscreen environment.

      Personally this isn't for me, but it's attempting to play to the iPads strengths.

      Battle Academy does a mean job of strategy. TBS though, not RTS.

      • Amiss Skkkkd

        But you can easily add small icons you can tap on the screen as shortcuts. For each army group for instance you could have an icon on the lower left of the screen. How hard is that to implement?

      • iwant_todie

        That excuse really doesn't fly with me.  The touchscreen means there are nearly an infinite number of potential input methods.  You could assign multi-finger taps as hot keys, for example, or just add programmable 'buttons' to the interface.  Regardless, I would also argue hotkeys aren't that important.  Maybe in competitive multiplayer.  But just playing an RTS for fun it isn't necessary.

        I don't want to be too hard on this indie dev in particular.  The game looks fine.  It just sucks that there are dozens upon dozens of these basic strategy type games (in the vein of GalCon or Tower Defense), and so few if any full featured (or even approaching full-features) strategy games, even though this really is an ideal platform for those games.

    • HelperMonkey

      If games that aren't up to pc or console standards are "driving you away" from iOS gaming, it would have been smarter for you to stay away in the first place. Did the box for your iDevice say it was made to play kick-ass RTS games? How can you feel ripped off by something that was never promised?

      • iwant_todie

        I knew someone would make a comment like this.  I've had the my iPad since the gen 1 3G model launched almost 3 years ago.  I don't feel I was 'ripped off', and I never said that.  Nevertheless, the iPad is a promising platform for gaming, and I am simply disappointed that so few resources go into most of these titles and the simplicity of most games when the iPad (especially now) is capable of so much more.

    • Mack Argument

      Civ is a Turn Based Strategy (Specifically 4x), not RTS. If you want that, i'd suggest either Civilization Revolution, or Ascendancy.

      • iwant_todie

         Civ Rev is terrible and suffers from the exact problems I mentioned in my post (where yes, I lumped RTS and TBS games together, I know they are different).  It is overly simplified and suffers from crappy design choices. 

        I'll check out Ascendancy though, that one looks pretty interesting (although the space setting isn't my favorite).

    • Adam Waters

      There are a few of us who are trying to make real RTS games.  The problem is that it's very hard to do with small teams.  It takes a lot of art and programming.  Hell we've chopped out an entire faction, cut multiplayer for a later release, and we're still not in beta.  

  • Amiss Skkkkd

    Also, by listing only one game (autumn dynasty) you are not showing the platform as well defined or a good representative of the rts genre at all. I mean even the original ds had more or better controlled rts games like lock's quest that by the way could easily be ported to the pad.

    • HelperMonkey

      Don't go to a hamburger place and get mad that they don't make pizza. Sure they have a kitchen, but where do you get these expectations? Go somewhere else.

      • iwant_todie

        What a terrible analogy man, come on.  Our expectations are based simply on an understanding of what is possible.  And I am going somewhere else.  I love the iPad, but the reason I haven't and won't upgrade from Gen 1 is that there is NO REASON to.  If I want mobile style mini-games, I have my iPhone.  The iPad has been a great go-anywhere web browser, and will continue to be, and there are some great, fun games.  But until the platform starts getting taken more seriously I have no reason to upgrade.  And instead I'm buying a laptop so I can play more full-featured games on the go when I travel. 

  • DecafTable

    I want Command and Conquer! The very first was my favorite! I remember playing it on the original Playstation.

  • Amiss Skkkkd

    Any of you tried the retro rts on iPad called Z the game? How does it hold up?