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Upcoming RTS ‘Little Conquest’ is Looking Quite Nice

iOS always strikes me as an almost perfect platform for real-time strategy games, with its touch interactivity and especially on the iPad with its large screen. One upcoming new RTS that flew through our inbox happened to catch my eye with its really unique visual style. It’s called Little Conquest from Battlebit Games.

Little Conquest features 4 different factions to play – Greeks, Egyptians, Vikings and Normans – and 2 different campaigns that let you play through them all. Nothing entirely new for the genre, but I’m really liking the stylized look of the environments and different factions. The neat visuals come at a cost though, as the target platforms are iPad 2 and all retina display devices only.

Little Conquest will also boast online multiplayer with voice chat, and will be a Universal app. No word yet on a launch date other than “soon”, but there’s more detailed information about unit types and buildings on the Battlebit website and we’ll let you know when we hear any more details.