We don't generally report on Apple rumors, as that's a job much better left to our sister site MacRumors, but things are firming up quite nicely on the new iPhone front. This morning, iMore revealed they've heard that the "iPhone 5" and will be released on September 21st following a media event on September 12th where the next iPhone and potentially even the rumored "mini" iPad will be revealed.

Since then both AllThingsD and The Verge have "confirmed" the date. It makes sense it'd be happening soon, especially at the rate that things seem to be "leaking". Most recently a hands-on surfaced of what is thought to be the "iPhone 5" enclosure.

Give it a look:

What will be in the new iPhone is entirely speculation at this point, although things seem to be pretty firm on the taller screen. It seems reasonable to assume it'll be faster, potentially have a better GPU, and maybe even LTE onboard. The "mini" iPad is rumored to have similar specs to the existing iPad, but with a smaller screen. A number of mockups have appeared showing what people expect this new iPad to look like, such as this one compared to an iPhone.

  • zergslayer69

    Thank god they're not doing dual sided glass anymore. I felt like my iPhone 4 was ready to shatter anytime and had to keep it in a thick rubber case (case saved it from concrete drops a few times). And also glad they didn't go with the iPod touch's super super easily scratched aluminum back. The thing would have light scratches from your eyesight creating friction on the surface. If that made any sense...nope.

    • DecafTable

      Eyesight scratches...love this! lol

    • iHateU

      They will make the screen so thin it will shatter if you drop it on carpet. They will make the charger port tiny and fragile so you break your charger every-time you move it wrong. I love apple devices but they are money hungry pigs. I ran over my friends galaxy something a couple weeks ago in his driveway on accident. All it did was left a dusty tire mark on the screen, and some scrapes on the back. I was amazed. Lol

      • Nyan

        The Galaxy S III is more fragile in comparison to the iPhone 4S & HTC One X. :p

  • HBW

    Any new ipod touch?

  • t0xic

    Plz don't do it again change look this time I m tired

  • wingz

    I hope they also bring out ipod touch 5g, u kno since its been about 2 years since the 4th one came out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PCKid Stuart Nicholson

    IMHO the 3GS had an elegant design. For me the iPhone 4 looked old fashioned and boxy. I sincerely hope the designs we are seeing are nothing like it. I love the look and feel of the HTC One X and the Galaxy S III. It's just the operating system on them is clumsy compared to IOS. Otherwise I may hang on to my iPhone 4 for another year.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/rekzkarz#a0df5 REkzkaRZ

      I thought the 4 was cool.  All glass is fine by me.
      Didn't like the antenna flaw & the hand burning.

  • jay401

    If there is a mini-iPad in our future, any idea if it will be replacing the iPod touch in their line-up of devices? Maybe not immediately but within one year/cycle?

    • khaotikbk

      with the rumored price range (same as iPod touch) this could be a possibility, but let's see

  • Faeryan

    Just hoping the new phone will support European (and most of the world's) 4G frequencies and not just the US ones like the new iPad3.
    That one thing alone I believe is enough to lower european iPhone sales quite considerably.

  • wingz

    • 4-inch LCD same as iphone 5
    • will no longer have a mirrored back but its still aluminum
    • A5 chip not A5X
    • 512MB RAM

    These are all rumours but there very likely to be true.
    Its also said to come out later this year along with the iphone 5.

  • danielhiroto

    If it'll looks like this, I think I wait for the iPhone 6...it's doesn't looks like a new phone, it's looks like an old and heavy phone with an apple logo on the back...