Pocket Planes [Free] received some love via an update the other afternoon. Nothing too drastic has been added, but the patch's volume of smallish tweaks does appear to make the game a stronger offering for new players looking to learn about the game, and veterans who have been getting annoyed, maybe, with some of the game's less streamlined features. Of course, bug fixes are also a part of this update. Yay!

For the new user, a new game guide mechanic has been added bolstering the tutorial phase. Now, you can tap the "info button" and a game guide will pop up offering cool little tips.

As for the streamlining tweaks, there's a lot. For example, the city cap has been bumped up by two, iCloud syncing can now be disabled, and you can now refresh the jobs screen.

On the bug front, NimbleBit has addressed multiple, including the pesky achievement bug. A full listing of all the fixes (and tweaks) is available right here.

  • Akiratech

    Sounds pretty good too bad I get burnt on these games really quickly but my wife loves em'

    Which brings a question I wanted to ask she has been playing tiny tower for months now and hasn't paid one cent and has huge tower is the free to play model sometimes comes to bite devs in the ass when ppl are stubborn?

    • http://www.facebook.com/ian.vischansky Ian Vischansky

       I'm sure for every stubborn person that refuses to pay there's an person who pays freely.  Then there's a whole lot of middle of the line people like myself that give to a certain, reasonable, extent.

  • sgwilkerson

    They also added in the ability to hold down on cargo/passengers and it will load up everyone else going to that same destination. Nice touch. One of those things you didn't really think about they needed, but makes things sooo much easier.

    • vicsark

      Load/Unload All is the really big improvement in gameplay interface, moreover once you get the class 3 airplanes with 8 or more cargo. Greatly executed too. It seems however that the Bux jobs have become scarcer, not sure if that's related to the update (I understand that, Bux were a bit too easy to get imho, Nimblebit should make money of this great game dammit! 😉 )

  • b knight

    Fix the Starship, NOW!

  • chris(slave of Apple)

    A good update. Now add my gc tag
    Randy gash smasher

  • stormchild

    Decent update. Still quite a few things that need to be fixed (mostly UI design flaws; already posted at length about these on Nimblebit's Getsatisfaction site), but this is a step in the right direction. Performance is noticeably better, and the new tap-and-hold gesture for loading/unloading all jobs at once is really helpful.

    I appreciate the attempt to help deal with the notification banners that constantly get in the way, but the (x) really does nothing to improve the situation. It's so hard to tap that 9/10 times I just end up tapping the notification itself, which is much worse than just waiting for it to go away. Swing and a miss on that one.

    BTW, I got 30 bux for the Singapore event the other day, thanks to team #Toucharcade!

  • unsaferhurcules

    When I get a job on flight crew it still says zero

    • unsaferhurcules

      Please help me